The new Sonos Sub Mini is a curvy, compact subwoofer delivering 'cinematic' sound quality

The new Sonos Sub Mini.
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What you need to know

  • Sonos announced its new compact subwoofer, the Sub Mini.
  • The Sub Mini is said to pair well with other Sonos products for "cinematic" sound quality and incredible lows while streaming content.
  • The Sub Mini begins preorders today for $429 and €499 respectively, with its expected shipping date of October 6.

The Sonos Sub Mini has been a highly-anticipated device from the audio company, with rumors about it possibly being delayed only heightening the anticipation for its arrival. The wait is now over as Sonos finally launched the Sub Mini on Tuesday, bringing a small, curvy subwoofer with the ability to provide powerful bass.

Sonos' new one-foot tall Sub Mini is here to finally bring you the lowest lows with bass that'll pit you in the midst of the action of whatever you're streaming or listening to. The Sub Mini will enhance your streamed content and music  "with surprisingly rich, clear, and balanced low end."

The new Sonos Sub Mini (white) in a home.

(Image credit: Sonos)

The Sonos Sub Mini features dual custom woofers along with advanced processing with generates deep, dynamic low sound while eliminating buzz, rattle, and distortion. The Sub Mini, due to this advanced processing, has the capability of producing sound as if it were a larger subwoofer by enhancing its acoustics and by offering fully-tuned low frequencies.

The new curvy subwoofer's balanced sound feature ensures the Sub Mini can produce its higher-quality lows while understanding the abilities of the devices you may pair it with. 

According to Sonos, the advanced digital signal processing will maximize the bass response and will handle those lower frequencies when paired with the likes of the Sonos Ray or Beam. In the process, those paired devices will focus on their mid-range and high-frequency sounds to bring about a richer sound experience alongside the Sub Mini.

Sonos says that sound everywhere is improving, from creators and platforms looking for more premium sound to video streaming services focusing on "bigger, better" content.

With the Sub Mini, you can enjoy streaming your music, podcasts, radio, and even audiobooks. Through Sonos Radio in the Sonos app, users can find free curated playlists, original shows, and live radio stations. You're also to stream music from Spotify, Pandora, Amazon Music, and iHeartRadio, along with several others.

A white Sonos Sub Mini sitting beside a book shelf.

(Image credit: Sonos)

Sonos' new compact, powerful subwoofer is easily set up with a sole cable and a few taps on the mobile app. Sonos explains that users simply need to plug in its power cable, open the app, and follow some quick instructions to get the Sub Mini connected via Wi-Fi for a wireless experience, along with pairing it with any other product.

The volume of your entire sound system has also been streamlined. When the Sub Mini is paired with a Sonos soundbar or speaker, the volume is automatically adjusted for you. Users can open the app and manually adjust the bass levels and EQ to their own taste. Sonos encourages mixing and matching the Sub Mini with some of the best Sonos speakers to find the perfect sound system for your home.

The Sonos Sub Mini, designed for small to medium-sized rooms, begins preorders today for $429 and €499 in North America and Europe. The estimated shipping date for the latest compact subwoofer is set for October 6.

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