Alleged Nothing speaker leak reveals a weird, boxy design

A leaked render of the rumored Nothing speaker.
(Image credit: 91Mobiles)

What you need to know

  • A render of the rumored Nothing speaker has been revealed.
  • While it does display quite a boxy-shape, the speaker may provide a subwoofer and tweaker speakers.
  • Its specifications are still currently unknown.

Nothing's next leap into an audio could see it making a sidestep from previous TWS releases. A render has leaked of the London-based startup's upcoming speaker in a tweet by Kuba Wojciechowski (via 91Mobiles).

The single render seems to show the front of this proposed device with slight glimpses at its sides. While the speaker could launch in the shape of a box, its power, volume, and other functional buttons are to the side.

Quite an interesting design choice is the lone red button on the left side of the device. It's nothing new and remains quite consistent with the same red button featured on the Nothing ear (1) and ear (stick). The render also shows what looks to be a handle for the speaker.

Regarding the front, it's been assumed that the two white cutouts on the main body could be sub-woofers for deeper sounds/bass. There are then two black speaker cutouts above the suggested sub-woofers, which may be tweakers. A tweaker speaker's purpose is to produce high-pitched vocals and instrumentals. At the base of the proposed speaker, there appear to be two rubber pads, most likely to help keep the device in place when it's set somewhere for listening.

This isn't the only audio device from Nothing we've seen leaked recently. In late January, the Nothing Ear (2) had its renders leaked along with some interesting tidbits about its potential ANC advancement. Unfortunately, the specifics of the alleged Nothing speakers aren't yet known, nor is there a release date floating about.

But perhaps Carl Pei is gearing up his Nothing startup for some interesting times in the future. It was revealed at MWC 2023 that the upcoming Nothing Phone (2) would be strengthened by a flagship Qualcomm series 8 chip, as well as a U.S. launch. As speculation would have it, perhaps this rumored Nothing speaker is something the unique brand's enjoyers could in for, as well. For now, it's all whispers in the wind.

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