Are the Pixel Buds Pro water and sweat-proof?

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Are the Pixel Buds Pro water and sweat-proof?

Best answer: Yes, but with limitations. The Pixel Buds Pro are rated for IPX4 water resistance, which means they can withstand light splashes, while the case they come housed in is IPX2 water-resistant, which means they can manage with a bit of moisture. This means they will also be resistant to sweat.

What does the IPX4 and IPX2 rating mean?

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As noted, the Google Pixel Buds Pro meet the Ingress Protection (IP) X4 rating for water resistance. This means that, while you can't take a dunk in the pool or go swimming with them, they can withstand a light splashing of water on all sides. 

Typically, testing involves splashes of about 10 liters of water for about five minutes. Thus, you can comfortably wear them in the rain or while working out as beads of sweat fall down your head. 

With an IPX2 rating, which the charging case that comes with the Pixel Buds Pro meet, you'll get a small bit of sweat resistance. So, if the buds have a bit of your sweat on them and you pop them back into the case, or you touch the case with sweat on your hands, you should be fine.

Keep in mind that neither the buds nor the case are waterproof, so you can't have a shower with them, go swimming, or wear them during water sports since they aren't rated for direct sprays or jets of water. It's also important to note that even the water-resistant capabilities can decrease over time due to normal wear and tear.

To prolong the life of the buds, you're best off wiping each one down with a dry, or even damp, cloth, should they get wet or sweat on them. You should also do this with the case. After all, who wants to put dirty, sweaty earbuds that have been sitting in a case for 24 hours back into their ears the next day?

If water and sweat resistance is a top priority for you, you might want to consider some of the other best workout earbuds & headphones on the market that offer higher water-resistant ratings, with some up to IPX7. 

Or, if you want something you can wear while swimming, check out the best headphones for swimmers, which boast fully waterproof casings so they can be fully submerged for longer lengths of time.

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