The Linux mascot

PC World reports that Coverity (a company that sells software to find code bugs and anomalies  in commercially released software) has found 359 software "defects," 88 of which are critical in the Linux kernel version that runs on the HTC Incredible.  I say they probably didn't find them all.  The Linux kernel -- like all software -- has bugs, some more harmless that others.  What we all need to think about is what Coverity isn't saying -- these bugs can be found and fixed because the Linux kernel is open-source, and comparable bugs can be found in any software, including the software running on whatever smartphone is in our hands at the moment.  Like everything else, tacking the word "Android" onto something makes it news.

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Kernel bugs are bad, but they certainly don't equal any type of real world exploit, and unless you hand your phone over to someone with a development computer and a USB cable, you're probably safe.  [PCWorld via Android Central Forums]