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Your credit card benefits can significantly offset the annual fee on a card — but that only applies if you actually can make use of the perks. For instance, one of the many upsides to having The Platinum Card® from American Express is an up to $200 annual Uber credit. The credit is split into monthly $15 increments, except for December, when you receive $35 in credit.

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That Uber benefit — along with other great perks such as lounge access, an up to $200 annual airline fee credit, and hotel and car rental elite status — substantially offset the Platinum card's $550 annual fee (see rates and fees).

However, with coronavirus paralyzing travel and with millions of people staying at home social distancing, using your expiring monthly Uber credit may seem slightly tricky. Here are three options to make sure your Amex Platinum Uber credit doesn't go to waste.

Use your credit with Uber Eats

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The monthly Uber credit that comes with your Platinum card doesn't just work for rides — it works for food delivery too. More specifically, the credit applies to pickup and delivery through Uber Eats. That $15 monthly credit can be used to score a meal delivered from your favorite local spot.

Even better, with most restaurants closed for sit-down dining across the country, the only way to support some small businesses is through pickup or delivery. And Uber Eats announced it is waiving delivery fees for local restaurants. (You do still have to pay a service fee.)

If you're one of the millions sheltering in place, this seems like the ideal way to have a meal at home, support a local establishment and make use of that Uber credit. Winning all around.

Try asking Amex for a statement credit

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If you have no plans to use Uber and don't have Uber Eats available in your area, American Express may be willing to give you a statement credit for your unused Uber credit on a case-by-case basis.

There have been a handful of reports that indicate some Amex Platinum cardholders have been successful in requesting a statement credit. In fact, I used Amex's live chat feature to request this and was given a $15 credit almost immediately.

Several members of our Facebook community group, TPG Lounge, reported the same outcome. However, some members of the TPG staff weren't so lucky. Hopefully, American Express will implement a consistent statement credit policy in the days and weeks to come.

Donate your credit to an essential worker

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While now might not be the time you want to travel around in an Uber, there's probably someone out there who would appreciate a ride (or a meal). Another option for using your Uber credit is to give it someone else. You can't actually transfer your Uber credit to another user, but you can request a ride or delivery for a person you know.

Some of us are fortunate enough to be able to work from home, but many others are essential workers on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic. Perhaps you have a close friend or next-door neighbor who would love a ride to work or a meal after a long day. You could offer to call them an Uber or order food delivery to slightly ease some of their current burdens — while also using your credit.

Bottom line

You might be stuck at home, but don't let your Amex Platinum Uber credit go to waste. Even with nonessential travel and transportation halted, there are still ways to use your monthly credit. The credit works for Uber Eats or can be used to call a ride for someone who would seriously appreciate it. You could also try asking American Express for a $15 statement credit.

For rates and fees of the Amex Platinum card, please click here.

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