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Is 2021 going to be the year you ditch Samsung?

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra
Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra (Image credit: Hayato Huseman / Android Central)

It's no secret that Samsung is one of the most prominent brands in the Android space. Whether it be its mainstream Galaxy S flagships, bleeding-edge folding phones, or anything else in between, the entire market pays attention whenever Samsung makes a move.

Samsung continues to make incredible smartphones, but if you take a look around certain parts of the internet, you'll find that not everyone is thrilled with the direction the company is headed.

With the most recent Galaxy S21 losing features like expandable storage and MST — along with there being rumors that the Galaxy Note brand is dying this year — some fans are concerned about the company's future. Here's what a few of them had to say in our forums:

I see many Note 20U users saying they are unhappy with Samsung's decisions, not just with the S21, but actually the unrest has been growing. I am included in this group. Once it is time for a new device, generally I pick up a couple a year, what is next? Any ideas of what models, companies have you attention?


I went from Samsung to Google for the Visual Core, the tech support and the fact that rooting isn't something the tech support people care about. (I had to send them a debug dump to fix a problem, but the phone was rooted. The technician just asked me to unroot and take another dump, so he wouldn't have to wade through all the additional things in the dump.)


I'll probably just use my N20 Ultra for a few years if I'm not happy with what Samsung offers. Sadly none of the other OEMs interest me right now, I might actually jump to Apple one day depending how things go.


What a great thread! To be honest, I've truly loved my S10 and don't want to give it up! But when my phone eventually quits, I'd either stay with Samsung or go back to Pixel. I really loved my Google Pixel 2 and wouldn't mind giving the Pixel 5 or even the Pixel 6 a whirl in the future. The thing is, Samsung phones are just getting too big and unwieldy for me. And I miss the camera experience...


This got us to wondering — Is 2021 going to be the year you ditch Samsung?

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  • I have used Samsung devices for about 8 years now. Love them. But I would really love to go to LG since they have expandable storage and still have the headphone jack. But with them rumored to be leaving the smartphone market and their horrible marketing and horrible software updates, I stick with Samsung.
    When I went to buy a V60, it was 2 months before you could get a second screen. Why sell a device and your big selling point is a two month wait. And forget about software updates. I wanted so bad to go LG.
    Samsung has the best trade in program. I paid $850 for my S20, and Samsung gave me $700 plus $260 worth of goodies, and a $54 Rakuten rebate on top of that for it on a trade for an S20 Ultra. Money talks.
  • Exactly! Got my Note 20 for $600,no trade in. My wife's S21 for $250. Haven't seen deals like that from other manufacturers.
  • I'm with you. I'd love to see LG succeed. Samsung puts too much bloatware on its phones. But other than Samsung, I don't see myself switching brand anytime soon.
  • Which bloatware are you referring to? Those days are long over, Samsung has the cleanest android UI, period, and to those (and even a lot reviewers) who are constantly busy with the 'vanila' android on the pixels, go tell them that the so called 'bloatware' on samsung UI lands on andoird's next version.... I won't end with examples, starting with dark mode, ending by chat bubbles and all others in-between. At the time when samsung release those features, it's called 'over complicated bloatware', and on the next android version on a pixel phone, it's called 'pure 'vanila' android...
  • I haven't seen any major marketing from LG since the LG G5. It's a good thing for them that they're leaving the smartphone market.
  • For what? For Google"s uninspiring, cheap looking phone? Or even a China brand? Or, God forbid, an iPhone? Nope!
  • I think this is the year that many switch from Apple or Google. You have 80M+ people that are royally pissed off about communist censorship.
  • Didn't take long for the Trump idiots to show up and start whining, while the subject was samsung and not 45.
  • People are dropping some companies due to the on going censorship, its a fact. Censorship on this site started as well. As far as leaving Samsung...nope, agree 100% with what you said.
  • Companies are dropping people because they continue to support insurrection. That's not censorship. That's accountability.
  • Everyone did it the last fours years so why not!
  • Apple and Google are censoring Communists?
  • They're not being censored because I still see their crap all over the place. You can put the hyperbole away.
  • Oh no! People complained on the internet! I better stop using Samsung. ::eyeroll::
  • Why leave the best...certainly not for a Pixel. Only thing I would consider is a OnePlus. But just ordered S21 Ultra so not happening anytime soon.
  • No. I just hitched them in 2020.
  • I had planned on switching to the iPhone 12 but after using it for two weeks I was very disappointed in it and returned it and upgraded my Note 10 plus to a note 20 Ultra. I've been using Samsung since the S7 edge and the Note 8 and actually Samsung gets better both hardware and software every year. Also use their earbuds have a TV, computer monitor one of the new smart monitors and other Samsung hardware. With there high trade in, interest free financing and giveaways its hard not to be in with Samsung.
  • Lol no. I'm going back to Samsung with the S21 Ultra and trading in my iPhone 12 Pro. Now that the second gen ultrasonic FPS is usable, I have no need for Apple anymore. Besides, Face ID in a pandemic where we are all required to wear masks is just not a good option to have. I couldn't care less if Samsung ditched the microSD card slot or Samsung Pay. I haven't been using a phone with a microSD slot for years and I never used Samsung Pay.
  • Ieplan on holding on to my S10e until it stops getting security updates. Size, SD card support, and headphone jack were big factors in my decision. I like OneUI, too. I'd like to stay with
    Samsung, but the changes this year make the Pixel look like an option, comes the time for change
  • I sold my Note 9 for an iPhone 11 Pro Max(that crappy Exynos Note 20 Ultra was the incentive). Still holding onto my greatly liked Note 10 Plus. With a lot of cynicism I'm awaiting the Note 21 Ultra. If there's none in August I might even hold onto my Note 10 Plus another 6 months and then consider the S22 Ultra.
  • I don't see any difference between Apple and Samsung, anymore, except for Apple's continued OS support, far more value over life, far better privacy and security, entire computing device spectrum support (Use an Android tablet or desktop? Rely on MS for Your Phone continued support?? Really???), useful tech innovation, and Apple treats you like a valued customer after the sale instead of "We got your money, STOP BOTHERING US!" liabilities. I've got an Apple store in town, and the polish of that compared to the slum of the Android 'kiosks' is not even laughable. All that, and the scale of Samsung Unnovation in the Note line just to push people to FAR more expensive foldables makes me certain where my $$$$ are going from now on. I'll move to Apple and complete the line of devices I need under their umbrella, especially as they rid themselves of Ive's more idiotic design fetishes.
  • Did you know that Android Messages also has an app on Windows so you can answer texts on that too? Samsung now updates their devices for 3 years and Samsung has more tech innovation than Apple. Apple doesn't even have foldable displays or 120MHz displays. Before coming after me, I have an iPhone 12 Pro. It's kind of annoying what apps Apple tells me I can use and how much they limit the 5G capabilities. I'm paying for 5G access. I want it all.
  • My 2 cents. Long time android user who recently went over to the 'dark side,' iphone 12 pro max mainly for the camera and quite satisfied. The jury's out on my evaluation and isn't intended to change minds because everyone has their own requirements. There's pros and cons to both ios and android, although I like android's more efficient user interface and functions. I am not a power user so for now I am getting what I wanted out of the iphone. The size of the phone takes getting used to and may be a limiting factor in future purchases for me whether ios or android. Negatives on ios which is easily fixed by uninstalling bloatware and using 3rd party apps. The worst feature is itunes as the defacto portal to transfer stuff onto your phone, which I gave up on.
  • Thankfully Apple got rid of the iTunes transfer several years ago. You can back everything up to iCloud and download that onto your new phone. I did that on my iPhone X, iPhone XS Max, iPhone 11 Pro, and now, my iPhone 12 Pro. I'm not much of a power user either but Apple's iterative hardware updates between the X to the 12 Pro haven't been all that much. Sure, the sides are now flat, but it's still the same basic shape with the same notch. Boring. I miss making a phone mine, meaning I can customize it any way I want it. iOS has come far in the last few years (widgets!), but it's still not enough.
  • I would never switch to an iPhone due to the lack of Gboard. Their keyboard is hideously archaic.
  • You can have any keyboard you like on iPhone? Gboard, SwiftKey etc etc
  • Samsung gives such great trade in value during their pre-ordering of new phones, it makes it hard to go with another brand. Also, what other mainstream brand are here to choose from? I'd switch to LG or Motorola if they had a technologically superior phone.
  • I stuck with Samsung because of MST. Without it, there's really no reason to stick with them. I will be looking at other phones this fall when I am ready to get a new phone. Whether or not I stick with Samsung, depends on what is available.
  • Samsung making these decisions are just plain dumb! How much interior space would it take to include room for the SD Card? How much more would it have cost them to retain the MST technology? Why upset their core Power know the ones that truly are the most vocal online & the ones that stick up for them. Just stupid!
  • As a yearly Note follower alot of what I decide to do will be based on what they do with the Note Series, no interest in foldables or a Ultra with a gimped case for s pen support. I'm looking elsewhere and have been since the ending of the Note range rumours.
  • Whoever decided to possibly end the Note series is a F#($%( idiot! This pissed me off royally. The SD card and MST is bad enough, but getting rid of it all together? Let's hope the backlash is as bad as microsoft doubling the price of their gold membership. Some people get the perfect thing going and for no understandable reason they blow it. What freaking idiot thought note users would like this move? They're going to pay dearly for this decision and I hope much sooner than later. Anyone who is stupid enough to make this bold a decision without taking into consideration their base is asking for disaster. I hope they fail badly for this. They've been sneakily tip toeing closer and closer to no SD card for years and we've seen this coming.
  • Thankfully Microsoft listened to their customers and dropped the proposed price hikes for Gold. The power of millions of voices actually worked in that case.
  • Unless something changes, my new S10 (which I just bought in December 2020) will be the last Samsung phone I get (I'll still support their tablets, unless something changes there too). Between getting rid of the headphone jack, the external SD card, and MST for Samsung Pay, they offer me no reason to stay with them. Plus, they seem to be getting rid of their health hardware (their heart rate and SpO2 sensors) which I also use regularly. Getting an iPhone is not even an option, and will never be an option. I like the LG phone we got my daughter (the LG G8X ThinQ with dual screen) since, unlike the Motorolas, it's actually IP68 rated (the Motos are only sneeze proof) and apparently it has the MST technology as well. But, it looks like LG is leaving the phone market, and they get zero OS/security updates (neither of which I knew when we bought the phone). I have a few years to figure out where I'm going to migrate to, but I will be sad to leave the Samsung Universe as I do enjoy and regularly use those features. Someday I may be forced to adapt to no 3.5mm jack (not that I want yet another device that needs to be charged), but no external SD card is a non-starter. There is no excuse for removing it.