5. The LG G3 has frickin' lasers

Camera module

This year many of the top Android smartphones are competing on camera focus speed, but LG's got a unique trick up its sleeve — LASERS! The G3's autofocus system fires out infrared lasers (of the friendly, not deadly or blinding kind) in a cone pattern, and you can actually see them blinking if you turn the phone around while the camera app is open. LG says this new method is faster than the regular contrast detection used by most phone cameras. According to the manufacturer, this lets the G3's rear shooter locks on in 276 milliseconds, compared to 300+ for most phone cameras. (Though if the laser-based setup fails for whatever reason, the camera can fall back on a standard contrast detection method.)

Frickin LASERS

And there's a fun backstory behind the G3's laser autofocus module. LG's head of smartphone planning, Dr. Ramchan Woo, tells us the tech was adapted from the company's range of robot vacuum cleaners, which use a similar system to judge distance when they're navigating around a room.