ZTE Grand X on T-Mobile

A revision of the ZTE Grand X (read our review) has just passed through the FCC, undoubtedly destined to land on T-Mobile. Not only does the device have FCC clearance to operate on T-Mobile's 1700/2100MHz AWS frequencies for HSPA+, but also has a nice bit of T-Mobile branding on the back. Other than the new radio and branding, we're likely looking at the same device that was released internationally a few months back -- a 4.3-inch qHD (540x960) screen, Tegra 2 processor, 5MP camera and stock Ice Cream Sandwich.

T-Mobile regularly picks up some of these less than mainstream devices, and usually ends up offering them at pretty compelling price points. The Grand X is no slouch by any means, and should be a solid mid-range offering for many customers.

Source: FCC; Via: PhoneScoop


Reader comments

ZTE Grand X passes through FCC with T-Mobile radio and branding


Hope it's Free on Contract. In an age where we have high-end phones going between $100 and $200 this device should be free on contact.

YAY! then maybe i can flash a stable android 4.1 to my craptacular LG GX2. Still only 2.3 :(

FYI, both have Tegra 2 with 512 ram and there is 4.0+ but not stable... full stock 2.3 barley became stable a few months ago.