Verizon outage

Hey, the good news is it's been a whole week since the last one.

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Yes, again


That Piece of Junk Gala Nexus Did this.. Everything was fine until the 15th...

Blazing! On My 1,300 mhz Droid Charge.. (Shh.. on WiFi) Waitin for KAL-EL BABY!

Im back on nothing, was just on 3g after 1x though in CT near NY... just saying verizon should stabilize their 4g network before expanding more though i do like the more coverage, just not if its not as consistent as their 3g phones..

Kinda makes me happy to be with Sprint even though their data seems to be slower even on EVDO and a smaller 4G network. OK....microscopic 4G network.

I used to have sprint and I rather deal with a outage once every two weeks rather then deal with sprints painfully slow data and pathetic wimax coverage.. I have no problem with them other then that but thats why I had to switch..

Oh wow. Your one of those that has to download angry bird add-ons in a minute or less so you don't explode huh?

Or load web pages, or stream movies or music, or use google maps, email, etc. I left Sprint for the same reasons, and will glady suffer an outage than deal with the shit passes for service and CS with Sprint.

Well I seem to stream my music via audiogalaxy over 3g just fine without buffering. I also can load web pages...some sites faster than others. As far as movies....I have a DVD player for that. But all-in-all, I can do what you do....cheaper.

so much for the myth of the "Reliable" network. poor Verizon customers cling to that myth to justify foolishly paying all of that extra money every month.

It wasn't a myth just 6 months ago! I'm sure the way Verizon handles these outages will greatly affect what their subscribers do in the next year or two. And if this continues, they won't be able to hold that premium over us any longer.

Until these recent outages, Verizon was the most reliable network, without a doubt, so your "clinging to a myth" spout is invalid.

it's always been a myth. but please continue to believe it if it makes you feel better. personally - i'll continue to bank and invest the savings every month rather than send it to Verizon.

That's not what friends say when they don't get signal inside of a grocery store and I do while 50 miles away in the woods camping.

puh-lease! I get signal with sprint just about everywhere I go. That includes inside VZW stores I visit when I get bored just to mess with the salesman.

Please use whatever carrier makes you happy. It doesn't affect me any...but you are absolutely wrong. I used to travel quite a bit through the west coast (Cali, Oregon, WA). I used a couple carriers prior to switching to Verizon in 2004. There were large stretches of highway where I would lose signal with my old carriers, not with Verizon. I would often vacation at Bass Lake in California. With my old carriers once I got in the mountains a couple miles from the lake, I'd lose all signal. I went there a couple months after switching to Verizon and was able to receive and make phone calls...from a boat in the middle of the lake! Perhaps in the area you live Verizon isn't the best. But take some of that money you are banking and do some traveling, and you'll quickly realize how naive you were.

I travel coast to coast for a living and I can say that they all suck equally at some point. It all depends on where you live (or where you are the most).

I've been on every major carrier and know that it is indeed a not a myth, at least not on the East Coast, I've traveled from Maine to North Carolina at one point on Verizon and their coverage is always consistent, I even had coverage out in the sticks in Pennsylvania, their voice and 3G network is second to none, t-mobile will go out on you any time you move into a rural area, Sprint is OK generally, but that's largely due to roaming agreements with Verizon, and the data speeds are horrid. AT&T is simply not as reliable as Verizon in my experience, though for shear coverage area I'll give them that they aren't bad, their problem is that when it comes to 3G their footprint is so lacking that you drop down to edge way too fast and traveling and their network is laggy.

I'll give you that Verizon's 4G network has problems, and I will agree that 4 outages in a year is too many, but given Verizon's record of stability up to the rollout of 4G, I do think the 4G network will eventually stabilize, and the most important thing that I need from my cell provider, the ability to make calls is still as reliable as ever.

I know everyone harps on how expensive Verizon is, but honestly I paid more to AT&T, and my base charges are 79.99 for
450 minutes of voice / unlimited verizon to verizon
500 / unlimited verizon to verizon texting
Grandfathered Unlimited Internet
is only $79.99

Virtually everyone I know is on verizon as well in NJ, so I save a lot of money given that I'd need a much higher voice plan and text plan if I wasn't on Verizon.

It's a wash for me, virtually all of the carriers are as expensive or more expensive than verizon. AT&T was a lot more expensive I was paying like $100 when I was an iphone user

I been with Verizon 8 years. I hate the high price. But I'm military and go to places were my coworkers don't have coverage. I use my 3g hot spot in places others wish they could make calls!!!

But it is valid...just kidding. VZ bit off more than they can chew by trying to be AT&T to have a large LTE network. I will take a small LTE network anyday over mutiple outages within weeks of each other. I do wish I had that Bionic...that device is major.

Voice and Texts are still working as they always do during data outages, and for me that is still the most important part of my phone. Simple fact is Big Red's network signal is better than any other competitor by leaps and bounds, and for someone that spends 20-30 hours a week driving, I need a network with the best coverage, and Verizon is it.

How about you bring some facts or experience instead of spouting foolishness. In my area over the past 6-8 years I have used Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and then back to Verizon. Verizon is by far the best. It is not even close. My friends stay on T-Mobile because they like to "bank" the extra money. It's hilarious when they have to use my phone to make a call.

Well ya know, banking the extra cash can get you some niceties such as "food" on the table. But why don't you do some fact checking yourself. I've been with sprint for 10 years and an in state truck driver for most of those and I, myself, have never had to use a vzw to make a call.

Interstates generally have decent coverage with all's out in the sticks the difference is more apparent.

I would never be in the sticks to know of that's true... I'll take your word on that. I don't do country life/living/etc...

If its a choice between paying for better service or food on the table, perhaps a smartphone isn't the best gadget for you. How about two cans and a string?

I wasn't talking about me. I was just making a general statement. Maybe literacy lessons will be in your stocking next year.

How about you bring some facts or experience instead of spouting foolishness. In my area over the past 6-8 years I have used Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and then back to Verizon. Verizon is by far the best. It is not even close. My friends stay on T-Mobile because they like to "bank" the extra money. It's hilarious when they have to use my phone to make a call.

I've had that happen to me too, I have one friend on t-mobile who needs to use my phone when he inevitably leaves t-mobiles coverage area.

That's with any carrier... I'm on Sprint and have my Verizon friends will ask to use my phone (in certain areas)... They all have dead zones.

Im surprised you get it in a building.. When I had sprint it seemed like whenever I closed a door my wimax went away lol.. Walls were not its stong point.

That's what happens when you buy 2500 MHz spectrum. A sheet of paper can block that. Rumor is that they are going to use the 1900 MHz for LTE. I can only hope.

Dynamic? Yep! Growing pains? Sure! When you work at being the best there are bound to be some growing pains. To what do the other networks and all their 20 market areas attribute their shortcomings?

Anyone can call themselves the best and use that as an excuse, but truth is if you're the best then you're not going to use excuses

Nothing in Cleveland, no 1X, 3G, or 4G.

I want answers, not this vague "we're experiencing problems with the network" BS.

I'll stick with a company who is at 190 market areas and over 200 million people with some glitches rather than slower speeds and fewer markets? WOW!

So you sick with a company not because of the performance in your market, but because of their performance in hundreds of markets you've never been in and experienced? Someone drank the red kool aid

So you stick with a company not because of the performance in your market, but because of their performance in hundreds of markets you've never been in and experienced? Someone drank the red kool aid

I have no verizon service in San Diego. I think this may be the first time ever my iPhone on At&T has service and my Verizon phone doesn't.

Wouldn't be such a big deal if I could switch to 3g, but when they have an outage you get nothing. Why have the 3g in my phone if when you have issues with 4g I can't switch to 3g.

Have you tried switching your phone to cmda / evdo only mode, in the two outages I was impacted by it fixed my phone and I had 3G, I think the reason 3G gets spotty when 4G is down is because often it keeps trying to connect to LTE

Minneapolis MN, 3G is mostly on for now. Was all the way down a little bit ago. 4G went down a while ago and has not come back up yet.

Verizon really needs to tell people what's going on with these outages. The fact that they're not saying makes me worry they can't do anything about it, or worse, that they don't know what's causing them. Just reassuring people they have a handle on the issue and giving a time frame for a permanent fix would go a long way toward shoring up customer confidence.

Yeah they should send a personalized text message to over 200 million people! With exact times that they expect to have a fix! A free coffee at Starbucks coupon too! They are the biggest and still the best, in spite of these little glitches! Just relax and maybe "talk" to people or text.....they will fix it as soon as they can, they have better network engineers than any of the other guys.

I haven't had a single data outage this month in NC. 3G has been working fine on my Samsung Fascinate.

AT&T is great in Atlanta ..... All my Verizon friends are pissed about all these outages, especially the ones that all traveling. I will keep my unlimited data on my infuse 4g anyday. Never had an out since I've lived here.

Yep, never had a problem with AT&T service here in Atlanta. I do know Verizon 3G is snail slow here though.

Dude you live in Atlanta? ? I love your work on xda for the captivate and Infuse. I got to buy buy you a beer sometime for all your awesome work.

lol reminds me of the time I had a line with AT&T not that long ago. They had an ad - a guy hanging of edge of the wall, and it said "fewest dropped calls in America". Every time I passed the ad my call would drop, no exeption. :-D

4g out in San Jose, California. GN plugging along on 3g.. which is odd because my phone never switches to 3g when i have a connection error...

wow... dont be a bunch of babies... its up now and was only down for a couple hours. its a bit annoying yes but does it ruin my day... no!!! you whiners live in too high a society...

Unlikely the cause as it's not affecting any other network in America, and Voice communications are still working fine.

still trying to figure something out about this. My 4g Rezound lost lte briefly. But nt my lte Xoom.

I guess that certain phone makers that Shall Not Be Named, which weren't in a rush to adopt LTE, aren't exactly regretting it right now.

I was wondering about LTE when I couldn't connect around the Charlotte, NC area. Fortunately, 3G is still available.

This is getting really old! Same problem for me. I love my Nexus but not being able to use Data is getting really old! I had to turn off LTE but it took over 10 minutes and a reboot to even get 3G to work. :-( I am in Monroe, MI just outside of Toledo, OH and Detroit, MI

This is getting really old! Same problem for me. I love my Nexus but not being able to use Data is getting really old! I had to turn off LTE but it took over 10 minutes and a reboot to even get 3G to work. :-( I am in Monroe, MI just outside of Toledo, OH and Detroit, MI

No Data at all here in SF/Bay Area. This is like the 3rd time it's gone down since i got my Galaxy Nexus. Kind of funny because I'm switching to Verizon for the better service. Still better having 4G almost everywhere I go as apposed to a little 4G here and there with Sprint. Hope they get this worked out though.

Vacationing in Tampa, FL. Was really enjoying the 4G, now I've got nothing. Rebooting to CDMA doesn't work, either. My phone's been trying to text two pictures for the past four hours (sigh.......)

Just got off the phone with Verizon. They said that the 4g activations are having problems but didn't have any other problems reported. I made sure to let them know that 4g is having issues in quite a few areas (thanks to Android Central and it's community!) and found that if I power the phone down, pull the sim then put it back in and restart that I now have at least 3g service. Your mileage may vary.

But, hey, thanks AndrioidCentral for the update! At least I know it's not my phone! (And no thanks to Verizon!)

Stop bitching everyone, you sound like AT&Tragedies.

Okay, so it is down this time, but at least 3G is still solid; which is more than I can say for bottom three national carriers.

Settings\Wireless & Network settings\Mobile Networks\Network Mode\CDMA Only (And, your battery will last twice as long on 3G).

Thank you for putting a POSITIVE spin on this with truth. We should look at every day as a gift....and a little wireless outage as an opportunity to gather our thoughts to good things instead of compaining! I am thankful I use the No.1 carrier, little glitches included!

vzw is #1 in customer service, by more than one of the major reporting agencies, @t&t is last. @t&t has 20 "faux-G" markets, vzw has 190. I stick with the company that is commited to its customers, so NO I am not kidding!

I don't quite understand how verizon can have data outages like this and i always hear people bitching about verizon, and it's voted best carrier? I haven't dropped a single call or had a data outage on ATT

I am looking at other options. This level of service is not even close to a reasonable standard. Perhaps the worse is a failure to provide good information on the verizon web site about what the issues are. They have a map up of the coverage areas they could just as well have a map up of outages and a blog detailing issues.

INFORMATION is no longer optional

Honestly, I too would like more information on what is happening.

However, what is said on the internet can be used against them forever. It is bad PR to say something that can hold you liable and responsible for something. We live in a sue happy age, sadly.

Or maybe they just don't know yet what is wrong. Either way, we aren't going to find out through official channels.

I do hope the downtime is being used to fix the overall 4G connectivity issues they have had day 1 with 4G devices.

For those that are "threatening" to leave Verizon, you won't because you don't want to pay the $350 early termination fee. I doubt you even noticed there was a data issue until you saw this article. I didn't.

I keep saying Verizon has serious reliability issues. If one day the sole national carriers are AT&T and Verizon and LTE has completely replaced 3G we can't afford to have half of the US without voice and data service.

Still no data in harrisburg pa. Even with gnex in cdma only.
At least ibwasnt affected by the last outage.

If you've got a Razr and already on CDMA Only mode but it's still hunting between 3G, 1x, no data, try turning Airplane mode ON, wait a few seconds, then turn Airplane mode OFF. This allowed my Razr to lock on a 3G signal reliably.

Had issues w/ internet a Cpl days ago but its fine now (ft Myers fl). as far as coverage, Ive been w/ many carriers (Sprint, att, Nextel, t-mobile, even helio). Some carriers worked better than others in different areas, but overall Verizon has been the best or just as good in more areas I frequent. Vegas, atl, south/east Ga, all parts of Florida from Tallahassee to Jacksonville and down to Miami. Verizon was the most consistent of all carriers. Although I wish their prices were more like t-mobile aka nationwide metro PCs lol, I'd rather pay extra for more consistent coverage.

Has anyone else seen the billboards that say AMERICA's FASTEST AND MOST RELIABE 4G LTE NETWORK. theres one in providence RI and there isnt even LTE there

Full 4G connection on my GNEX in San Francisco...

However, my coworker with a Droid Bionic has no connection... strange.

Checked in with a few other coworkers--all of them only have 3G currently. My phone is still going strong with full 4G for whatever reason...

Well, that was odd. My GNex just started ringing, and answered on its own. I heard that distinctive Verizon hold music for a few seconds, before being told by a computerized voice to "Please hold while your phone is being reprogrammed." Then another thirty seconds or so of hold music, and the call ends.

Still no data connectivity, outside of San Diego, CA.

This is disturbing. I have two DROID Bionics in the household, and one has completely normal 4G data right now. The other is dead as a doornail. No 4G, no 3G. WTF is up with that? These phones have the same versions and both are stock.


Still out in Boston, came back on but then back off. Yep this is annoying as hell. Wonder if they will give us a brake on bill, I'm going to demand it, this is just fuc---- ridiculous.

Still out in Central Texas. I've been hit every time there is an outage. 4g/3g both out. Occasional 1x here and there.

I just got off the phone with Verizon Lvl 2 support. I don't know why I bothered - the tech was very polite and sympathetic (he uses a 4G device too), but he's just as much in the dark as we are. I really just wanted to ask about the weird reprogramming call I received earlier, and mentioned in my earlier comment - he had never heard of such a thing, and had no idea why it would have happened. I also asked if he had heard anything about a possible solution to the larger outage issue, and again, all he could say is "Sorry, no."

If Verizon is going to continue to have major outages 10% of the time, you'd think that they'd at least come out with some sort of a statement on why and what they're doing to resolve the issue.

I had a long few hours at the MVD here in AZ, my GNex had no data and was bound to return it thinking it acting up with the weak signal issue in the big building. Glad I checked AC before returning it. I still went to VZW to get my extended battery, lol.

Still no LTE in Boston area. I really needed the LTE network tonight, there needs to be some serious explanation and also a plan so this is not a weekly event.

@GATOR352 and other people bashing VZW...I work for the "BIG ORANGE" and please take it from me...WE SUCK! As I travel across the country using my company issued cell phone & laptop doing my everyday activities I'm using VZW!!! NOT AT&T! My own employer doesn't give us "OUR" stuff because it only works in major metro areas (for the vast majority of the country). No one will ever change my mind about that because I go to RES/BUS customers premise all over these United States and conduct business on someone else's network! I have a VZW cell phone & my laptop uses a VZW SIMcard. As a matter of fact, the only people in this company that uses OUR network are people that work in cities such as Atl, Miami, NY, Boston, D.C., you know places where there are millions of users. Now I'm not saying that there aren't places in the middle of nowhere that WE don't work but overall VZW has MUCH BETTER coverage across the board. I spend a great deal of my time in GA & there are plenty of lil "hole in the wall" places that WE work but so does VZW. They also work stupendously in the large markets as well. WE on the other hand work well, at best, in cities/towns that have a pop. of @ least 100K & on major highways, as VZW works great everywhere. If "BIG ORANGE" issues it's employees equipment/tools from another carrier, IMHO think that's saying something!? If you don't agree, then so be it, but I have used durn near every carrier to date depending on how long I'll be in a particular location & VZW is my choice hands down. Please prove me otherwise so that I may gain some confidence in my employer! Thank you for listening.