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No great surprise here, but less than 24 hours after Google released the Ice Cream Sandwich code for the Galaxy Nexus, we're starting to see ports. Here it is running on a PandaBoard -- think of it is a hacker-friendly playtoy -- and output to a television. Pretty sweet, and it's just the start of things to come. Check it out.

Thanks, Jordan!


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Yep, that's Ice Cream Sandwich running on a PandaBoard


I'm running the sdk port on my NS4G and it uses the hardware buttons exactly like GB (no on screen buttons at all). That may change with an official release but I don't really know why.

ICS detects whether you have physical buttons or not. If so, it disables the on-screen buttons.

can't wait till I have ics on my nexus s 4g. hopefully by mid 2012, galaxy nexus makes it to sprint lte. ics should hold me down till then.