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Today Microsoft expanded SmartGlass for Windows Phone, which promises to easily share web, music, movie, and game content to (and from) your TV through an Xbox. Though Windows Phone is predictably getting first stab at the service, it looks like Android phones running 2.2 and up have been able to try out the SmartGlass app since the launch of the Xbox Live beta in August. A full release of SmartGlass for Android is due early next year, according to a recent statement from Microsoft. Whether or not Xbox Music is following the same timeline is anybody's guess. 

As is, the My Xbox app already offers a bit of interplay between Android devices and the big screen, though like beta SmartGlass app, there's no tablet-optimized counterpart yet. Presumably SmartGlass will simply just be an update to that existing app. SmartGlass promises to offer quite a few handy functions, including music playback control, voting on the outcome of live sports, actors on-screen during movies or TV shows, and context-sensitive information for tailored video games. Dance Central 3 and Forza Horizon are some of the games that have been demoed using SmartGlass, though we can expect quite a few more in the future. 

One of the more subtle features I'm looking forward to in SmartGlass is being able to use the native system keyboard on my mobile to type into Xbox. Moving around a big virtual keyboard with the d-pad on the big screen has been an age-old thorn in the side, and I'm way too much of a controller purist (or cheapskate) to buy one of those hardware keyboards. Hopefully it's usable throughout the Xbox experience and not just within the few content silos described by Microsoft. 

For more info on the launch of SmartGlass and a few other new services, check out the Microsoft blog post or hit up the video demo below. Gamers, would you consider a switch to Windows Phone knowing that it would play more nicely with your Xbox than an Android device? Will the Android version of SmartGlass be perpetually worse than that on Windows Phone?

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Xbox SmartGlass second screen experience coming to Android in early 2013


FYI...if you need to type something out on your xbox and it is just a one time thing, all you need to do is attach a usb keyboard.

You're about 2 years late in complaints. At this point, you might as well accept it. If you're a Windows user, you can easily switch modes and if you're a Xbox gamer get yourself a PS3.

Hate is a strong word. I mean, i'ts not slicing your eyeballs by using it.

I think it looks great on the phones but yeah you're right on some level. Perhaps, Microsoft will accept this as another mistake much like Vista & ME.

Why a PS3 they started with a Metro interface its just sideways, and they dont know how to make a controller. But this actually pisses me off at Mircosoft they promised it would come this fall early next year is not this fall. Guess they want to push it on their devices first then the IDevices then android last when will companys figure out no one wins when they do this no one.

In game Menu's on the tablet. Would be nice to be able to just pick up my tablet and see the Game map

I've actually considered getting a Windows Phone 8 for my next SmartPhone. Wait, hear me out... I have a Galaxy Nexus which I love, and conceivably I can update it for the next couple of years no problem (either OTA or root it). So I was considering seeing how the other half lives for a while too. As long as I can swap a sim card back and forth (I'm on VZW) I should be able to use both phones interchangeably. It would be interesting to see which one I use more and more.

As for smartglass, this is a cool concept and I can't wait to see how it plays out.

Oh please thats like saying Android and iOS on a tablet is merely a tablet when you compare it to windows 8...

i have my Evo LTE and my girl has a Lumia 710, if it werent for the app ecosystem i would be in line to get the Lumia 920. I think i know where you're coming from though, cuz with windows phone you kinda feel stuck in your home screen cuz you only have tiles. but to be honest on my Evo i only have two widgets on display so i really wouldnt lose much going to windows phone 8, seeing as some tiles show you live updates, kinda replaces my widgets on android.

Oh yeah that is for sure lol windows phone 8 lacks that very badly, they're getting there though. Android is stll king for power multitasking thats forsure.

As long as I can swap a sim card back and forth (I'm on VZW) I should be able to use both phones interchangeably.

You do realize that you can't swap SIM cards on Verizon like you can on GSM networks, right? The SIM is only for the 4G LTE network. You still have to call them and transfer lines to different phones.

No, I didn't realize that. That would be a pain the butt. If that's the case the I wouldn't switch. I was considering changing things up a bit but only if it's easy.

How did I miss that there was a beta for smartglass? I've had had the fall dashboard beta since day 1...

I can't even find the beta app. I've searched the Play Store on my Android and on the Web. Am I missing something?

Pretty sure it isn't out there. People saw the install info page and jumped to conclusions. I have a feeling the beta could be out soon though!

yeah, i cant find it in the play store either. must not be there, but weird that there is that support page up already.

Yeah that's what confused me. If you follow one of the links it brings you to a Microsoft page telling you install the app by searching for it in the Play Store. LOL