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At the Honeycomb announcement, we got a look at Words with Friends for Android (check out our hands-on), and it has now become available for download. If you've been dying to play cross platform with your iOS friends, the wait is over. If you're not familiar with Words with Friends, it's a competitive word game that pits you against friends and strangers alike to create the most valuable words. You can play up to 20 games simultaneously, and push notifications will let you know when it's your turn to go. It's available for free and is compatible with Android device 1.6+. Please find links after the break. Thanks, Stabicus!


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Words with Friends now available from the Android Market


Yah, the link doesn't seem to be there on the mobile (m. vs. www.) site. Gotta visit the WWW site to see it.

You have to scroll down a ways in the AM (Android Market) to find it.

NOTE: The push notifications seem to be iffy, and Ive only seen a vusual one, no audio one. Hopefully something they will fix soon. Also hope that they will come out with a paid version to get rid of all those darn pop-up adds.

I had that issue on my NOOKColor, and Uninstalled then re-installed and it cleared that up. Now Im running into a screen issue, where its not adapting to the size difference correctly, again a small issue, but one I hope is fixed in an update down the road.

Non that I have found yet. I have my phone on mute, and still get game sound. There is not an option menu that I can find for any in game settings either as of yet. I think we will see an update soon for this, they wanted to get it out and get it in people hands to start playing and you can easily do that.

It ports all your info, and games over from IOS which is another huge plus IMO.

Finally, I can put down that Ipod I've been carrying around for only this purpose only, Long live the robots!

I'm so addicted to this game. Was playing it on my iphone. I just switched to a htc g2 and glad I can still play it. :)

I think the better question is why would you not?

Being cross platform there is a bigger pool of people to play with, is good enough for some people.

I'm not going to, for reasons I mention farther down... mainly: no app2SD support and no customer service. Plus, WordFeud is an Android original, gotta show love to the devs that came to us first!

Totally agree. Wordfued feels much nicer to me. Plus the fact that you can select notification alerts & player icons, the only reason I will ever use Words With Friends is if I want to stomp my iPhone friends.

Totally agree. Wordfued feels much nicer to me. Plus the fact that you can select notification alerts & player icons, the only reason I will ever use Words With Friends is if I want to stomp my iPhone friends.

too bad it's a Zynga application, on principle I will never use application that they are owners of.

Works fine on my Droid X minus the push notifications. I get a visual alert in the status bar but no sound. As for turning the sounds off, use the volume rockers while in the app and turn the media volume all the way down. That worked for me.

FAIL! First of all, there's no app2sd support. So I email the support address listed for the app, and what do I get? An automated message saying that they will *NEVER* read my email and that I might want to try their online support documents. You guys all know how much is sucks to write an email to support, only to be told that your effort was pointless and you need to do more work. It's a terrible way to operate with regard to customer service.

I already had my doubts about Zynga but I will probably just stick with Wordfeud at this point, given the other issues people are mentioning.

Pretty hard to use on Nook Color. Tiles in your tray are sized wrong, so you can't use the last 2 without putting everything on the board to re-arrange them.

Also, their dictionary is pretty f'in liberal and iffy. firry (archaic), defi (French), etc.

I stopped using wordfeud because the notifications completely stopped out of nowhere, and after 2 updates still werent fixed. I'm happy to see this because I have alot of ios friends.

Seems to be working on droidx, except I'm not getting visual or sound alerts. Still better than wordwise for playing cross platform.

Ok, several things: I'm using a Droid Eris rooted to 2.1 using xtrSense ROM that includes Apps2sd.

I could not find WwF in the market, but got it via the link in the article. No problem.

It installed just fine to my SD card. No worries.

Last, the only advantages it has over WordFeud is it's a slicker interface and it's multi-platform. I prefer the gameplay in WordFeud. It's a little faster, and the scoring is better, IMHO. Chat is faster as well. And I don't like the shake to sort. It's very sensitive and frustrating.

All in all, it's great to be able to whoop my iPhone friends in scrabble :)

Is it just me or has anybody else noticed a definate decrease in battery life. I'm a kill apps like no other and it just didnt seem to do anything. Very buggy but its only been a day so i understand. Adfree needs to update for this, notification sounds need to happen, needs app2sd. And last but not least, my menu key needs to do something. That really bugs me. Maybe that could be the way to turn sounds on/off, have a random board (wordfeud) and other stuff. The whole shake thing doesn't bug me, but none of my contacts will sync. ohh well. I'll be waiting for an update. I am enjoying beating all my iphone friends badly. haha.

Sgs captivate running phoenix 2.5

please allow placing pictures on peoples pprofiles and you will run the Android market. Otherwise there will always be WordFeud!

tried it. so far, WordFeud > Words w/Friends. Its prettier but shake to shuffle words is tedious, no notifications and i dont like having to register my email address. Also i like the random board option on wordfeud. It'd be nice to have a win/loss record with both.

My friend recently got me hooked on this game! I love that I can play it with any of my friends anywhere! I also love that we can play at a simple, slow pace. This game is set up perfectly for what it is and for the people who use it. I highly recommend checking this out!..I also use the ANAGRAMMER to give me more hints..