That's right, we're giving away my original Nexus One. It's in near-perfect condition and has served me well throughout my journeys for Android Central, but it's time to send it on to a better home. And that's where you guys come in. Here are the details:

  • Film yourself explaining why you should win my Nexus One. Extra credit for creativity and originality, agility, dexterity, use of props, nudity, etc. (OK, maybe no nudity. Let's keep this PG-13 at most.)
  • Upload it to YouTube, and e-mail me the link at phil at androidcentral dot com.
  • We'll accept submissions through April 30, then present them for you, our loyal subjects, for judging.

This is the T-Mobile 3G version of the Nexus One and served as my daily driver for quite some time. So it's not brand new, but it's in great shape, and I've got all the original packaging. It's rooted, and we'll flash whatever ROM -- custom or otherwise -- you want.

Good luck everybody!

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Sam says:

What if I live outside US?
Can i participate?

Yep. This one's open to everybody. And the phone's unlocked by default. It worked just fine for me in Barcelona.

ai4281 says:

Whoa, Phil looks totally different from what I expected him to look like. You are a good looking fella! Lol

Djangelic says:

lol im def gonna enter! :) what phone are you gonna get?

atrpm says:

why are you giving it away by the end of the month??? do you know something that we don't???

Lorin says:

I might just enter the contest :)

DreamSTi says:

Of course he knows something we dont.

gbhil#AC says:

LOL. We cell phone geeks are a suspicious bunch.

Anonymous says:

this is clearly an april fool's joke, right?

Dropp says:

I think Im in man!!!

You guys with all the questions obviously haven't been listwning to the podcast. He got a at&t nexus so he can have 3g.

megagamer44 says:

+1 ha we smart ppl actually listen

Darn swype.

*my screen name.
maybe I should just use the physical keyboard. Its the one thing the cliq has going for it.

BB-Guner says:

Can we make an animation/cartoon for the entry?

Anonymous says:

is he trading in the phone for a gym membership? he looks a little squishy and sweaty

You forgot ugly, lazy and disrespectful. :p

megagamer44 says:

NICE 1 phil

jd says:

I guess us Verizon customers are up sh*t creek.

BS.... We do not need Charity and we dont need more the stupid N1

Well I'm going naked in my video so I better win it

BBS_10 says:

CHarity!!- Charity!! I need Charity!!
P.S.- I Recycle! LOL

encarnaci0n says:


jimgoun says:

If I can't get Droid Incredible this could be the next best thing!!!!

Junk_0 says:

sorry,guys, I can't write to Phil.
can somebody send him this link

jlgraham says:

I'll be sending in my submission tonight! Lets hope I win.

dee1jee1 says:

JIRO please.....

dev#AC says:

Jiro for the WIN, I vote for Jiro.

pepperest says:


dev#AC says:


richy says:

I vote for Jiro to win the nexus ONE phone.

justmine says:

Jiro is winning the nexus one mobile.

mari#AC says:

I vote for Jiroooo ....

mari#AC says:

I vote for Jiroooo ....

jiro#AC says:

Thanks guys for voting for me....i really appreciate your supports. Please forum, VOTE FOR JIRO :)

love1another says:

I vote for jiro... He really deserve this Nexus