HTC One with a dbrand skin

We have a really special giveaway for you guys this weekend! The team over at dbrand has sent us an HTC One with their awesome skin in Ferrari red and black carbon fiber already installed, and one lucky Android Central reader is going to win it! We'll get to the contest in a minute, but first let's take a look at the dbrand skin on the device.

Win an HTC One courtesy of dbrand and Android Central!

Made from 3M vinyl, dbrand’s skins are precision-cut to match the cut outs and shapes of each specific device. With a range of textures including titanium, carbon, wood, and leather, and a variety of colors for each finish, you're sure to find the perfect look for your device.

One reason I personally like to use a skin on my device is for that added layer of protection. Many people don't want to cover up their beautiful phone with a bulky case, but no one likes to get scratches or dings either. While skins can't do much against drops, for daily wear and tear on your phone skins are a great solution.

HTC One with a dbrand skin HTC One with a dbrand skin.

While I don't have experience installing the skin on the HTC One, as it came installed on the device we're giving away, I have installed one on my BlackBerry Z10. It's not a complicated process, and if you take your time and follow the instructions dbrand provides, you will be assured of a perfect fit on your device. The skins are durable and will stand up to normal wear and tear so you don't have to worry that it's going to start fading or coming up at the edges. However, if you do decide to remove the skin, you will be pleased to know that the 3M vinyl won't leave any sticky residue behind.

All-in-all, dbrand has a great product for a reasonable price. A skin like the one installed on this device will run you $20, but since they are so durable and carefully crafted, it's money well spent. Also worth noting, you don't have to purchase a full skin. The pieces are sold separately, so you can mix and match the colors and coverage however you like. You can check out all of the options over at their website and keep up on their new products and other announcements on Facebook. You can check out our review of the LG Nexus 4 dbrand skins as well.

Win an HTC One courtesy of dbrand and Android Central!

Now, about that contest. As I mentioned, dbrand sent us the HTC One you see in the pictures above, with their skin pre-installed. This is the Google edition of the HTC One, so it's not tied to any carrier.

To enter, leave a comment below. Just one comment. If we catch you spamming and leaving multiple comments you will be disqualified from the contest and probably banned from future contests as well, and nobody wants that. The contest is open world-wide, but it's up to you to make sure this version of the HTC One will work on your carrier. The prize is just the phone, and the winner is responsible for any service and accessories. Good luck everyone! We'll announce the winner next week.

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Fahad Ahmed2 says:

HTC ONE!!! wooohooo

TeyataOmGate says:

Very nice in black and Red, could be badged Ferrari !

Raviiiendran says:

HTC ONE Ferrari Edition :) i love its skin

Nomack88 says:

Huh, looks awesome.

xljetmedic says:

Would love one!!!

I want it lol. HTC ONE ftw!!

Ferrari huh, hmmmmmmm. I wonder if I changed my name to TUBBS would I win.??.

karsdroid says:

wow, that looks cool.....i'll take it :)

frettfreak says:

I LOVE the 3M CF look!! Sign me up! Would love this phone please!!!

ronzkie21 says:

Sweeet! Me likey very much.

MC_A_DOT says:

I'm furthest to the right.... PICK ME!

Posted via Android Central App

Please, it would be very nice if you were to choose me as the winner.

By the way, didn't the Ferrari belong to Sonny Crocket, not Enrico Tubbs? That is if you are referring to the character Tubbs from Miami Vice. MichaelMonroe, DO NOT reply to this question by leaving another comment or you will be kicked out of the contest. If PM is working, and you wish to respond to me, make sure it is via PM and NOT by the contest comments.

HTC_One_User says:

I replied cuz IDGAF who are!

HTC_One_User says:

Replied twice just for kicks!

JackalGod says:

Wow I really hope it's me!! :)

ThaSik1 says:

Sign me up AC! Would love that sexy phone to replace my S3!!

Posted via Android Central App

Ill take the one over the GS4 any day

Clearly it should be mine!

Daaaaaang, that looks fantastic.

dapo2008 says:

Ditto!!! Awesome Skin!!

TpJmmy says:

It's contessst! I hope I wiiiin!!!

tc4001 says:

Might as well try. I'd take the whole package happily.

Hugiewugie says:

I wanna be one with the HTC ONE! ★◆♥

Yes! I so want this phone too

Posted from my GNex

jeff22tan says:

I want this! A premium phone with a sexy skin is two thumbs up!

takpro says:

Oh yeah...BTW...Please list the name, address, shipping method and delivery date of the winner. ;-)

Kilrah_il says:

Me too!

So New York trendy Wow

Posted via Android Central App

So New York trendy Wow

Posted via Android Central App

juve1974 says:

True, thats why should go to a Juve fan. Meaning me of course...

olorin says:

Hmmmm... Ferrari!

iRTech says:

My boyfriend wants this phone. I would love to win it just to see the look on his face! :) lol

Gieco West says:

I really want it. It looks really nice!

ahhChu says:


moKibble says:

Would love it.

grnmons says:

Looking forward to picking this up on Monday

erikiksaz says:

Count me in!

rpras says:

Me too! Great skin on a great phone!

bmish24 says:

I'm down! Already have one why not one for the wife?

Posted via Android Central App

Peter Polizo says:

Me too!

thisisnocrap says:

gimme gimme gimme

Hey, consider me IN on the contest. Thanks!

jacck951 says:

Looks surprisingly really nice! Definitely count me in on this one.

Josh Zho says:

Count me in too

Posted via Android Central App

Sanket Panda says:

Oh My God. Right when this phone is freaking amazing, it gets better with Carbon Fiber and AOSP. Oh My God.

garvar says:

I want it bad

Sweet piece of Hardware. HTC one has hit the spot with wow and even more wow.

Dodger442 says:

I love Android Central!

Vlad d-eVl says:

Yeahaaaa! Excellent HTC One!

lothaen says:

Could do with a new phone. My current one has been failing :-(

An already sexy phone, just got sexier!! :)

scmcc16 says:

I'd like it to try it out. Looks pretty cool.

Cyrilmak says:

Thank you A/C for the opportunity to win the phone!

SMWordy says:

count me in! thanks!

kbp08tls says:

I want it!

thaghost says:

Love at first site!!

Afterlife737 says:

Really stoked for this !!! :)

benpottier says:


Orion Petrie says:

Good luck

davidbonatz says:

wow a little harsh if you post more than one comment, eh? Banned from future contests may be taking it a little to far but nevertheless, i want this phone! I NEED new phone. To make a long story short , my brother dumped my iPhone in the toilet. What an ass

Cymro says:

Looks like a nice finish for $20. I'd be happy carrying this around with me!

canuduh says:

Time to replace my galaxy nexus!

Making an awesome phone even better!

BT312 says:

This One's for me.

Chiller3333 says:

Awesome idea!
I'd like to have it aswell ;)

Totally want this Hotness. You can count me in big time. This is at the tip of my list. This would mean a lot.

sethjk says:

love it!

Jflores83 says:

This skin looks amazing!


Love the colors

Goattee says:

I have been coveting the HTC One ever since the company let me try one at their popup booth in San Francisco just before carriers got hold of them. What a display! What amazing audio! And with that dbrand wrap, I'm salivating


gullerful22 says:

Awesome!! I love this phone!

Really is amazing

ZiiimZooon says:

Yeah..! I was stunned by the design by default, but this one just made it even more stunning! :O I would love to have my hands on that One!

snoapa says:


I'm in love...I would love a new phone...Count me in this contest!!!

Jpkilla001 says:

I want this HTC One!

beryleo says:

yes please

Spankeaz says:

Beautiful. I love it!

bluefalcon13 says:

Right? I would totally drop sprint for this guy. Makes it easy to eat an ETF if you have a good free phone :-)

chargerguy64 says:

Mine please. Very nice!

ccb101 says:

HTC one yes please! :-)

Me too!!

thomas giard says:

The best htc

NavyVet420 says:

Hmm, I'd like to own the HTC One, to compare to my Note 2... Peace & Pot

LHJarsenal says:

HTC ONE!! Awesome phone with an awesome skin to it. High quality and leaves no stain when removed. Google edition. What more can you ask for?

*Supporter of the Nexus-esque os!
*User of a GN - Galaxy Nexus (High time to change a hp, hint hint)*

Rendy Tobing says:

Big fan of dbrand! And free stuff!

Bunzaak says:

I always thought the One was the best looking android phone around, but those dbrand skins help take it to a whole new level

robotphood says:


joem5636 says:

My HTC Ace needs an update!

HL indahouse says:

I really need this, my nexus s 4g barely works anymore

Yarok says:

I need you! You have to be mine HTC One. Vamos!

beepFTW says:

Wonder if it works on T-Mobile. I want one anyway!

Coliva73 says:

I'd take it

jonny772 says:

My Wife Just Shattered Her Phone So This Would Be Great

Crashinator says:

I want one!

AZR123 says:

This is the winning post.

I've never been such a fan boy over anything I ever wanted to own as much as an htc one. In contract I can't upgrade for another year so I would love to be considered for this contest.

Thank you

joelsgotmail says:

Love that Carbon Fiber HTC ONE!!!

zachjen says:

I'll take one

rjack22 says:

Love the color scheme of this phone!

Dhevi1 says:

Amazing looking.

Mliss01 says:

Ooooohhhh...carbon likey!

I want one so bad!

Fatima Haq says:

good luck everyone

m0dified79 says:

Wife told me if I buy another phone she'll divorce me! PLEASE!! PICK ME!! I know I'm pathetic. I want to jump ship from the iphone SO bad but my contract doesn't run out until Dec 2014!

urcelay says:

Looks awesome!

Renshii says:

I bought my HTC One about a month ago. How sweet would it be to own 2 of them.

steelrabbit says:

Looks awesome!!!!!!

Posted via Android Central App

lnx1138 says:

Oh yeah!

samba says:

Htc1, please be mine.

kimminer12 says:

Thank you, Android Central!

KhanChengaiz says:

This phone is awesome. And covered with dbrand it's even better!

nanto77 says:

very nice!

rawdeadfish says:


I sure like it

icantwait says:

And in such a great color too! Love it :)

That's a very cool skin. Does anyone know how this stuff compares to ghost armor?

eli783 says:

Oh thats sexy

Myers23_07 says:

Yes please

Dave Lay says:

My wife just got an HTC One and I would love to have one.

MUTigerJosh says:

Yes please.

Everyone here is retarded, that is ugly as fuck.

jmurk says:

Here's hoping for a new phone.

psesinkclee says:


bejank says:

I want one!

Tugs4Life says:

Love the htc one!

Best device ever... No questions about it.

teckkoon says:

Lovely skin

Jake Howe says:

Hopes it me!

bb06mobile says:

This device is epic!

Had one for a few days before being pickpocketed taking my cousin to a concert Small bummer, great time

Giddy up

tom maganas says:

Looks like a winner to me!

gibsongr says:

You pick me, I send you cookies out maybe something better. Bribery works right?
Thanks for the offer.

I want ONE

Zymm says:

Nice phone. Would like to own it :)

andy22n says:

That's pretty dope.

Eric Cook2 says:

HTC won! That's what I wanna hear!

sawrzilla says:

Looks really nice! Would be a great upgrade from the amaze!

Is it too late to comment? Pick me


CMeys says:


Tim Day says:

Do want.

Lukas Wenzel says:

Best Phone ever..

lwa391 says:

Would very much love to win this phone.

My wife and I both have this phone, it is an amazing phone.
the metal case puts it above the rest out now, the htc ui is awesome.
I would definitely use this one as well & let my son have the one I've got.

Leif Tesorio says:

it would be great to have one. especially in this Google ferrari edition. hope to win this one.

Jason Stover says:

Oh please dear god. Or deer good. Which ever gives me a phone first

Alchemy#AC says:

Winning would be great!

bukojuice says:

htc one

Noble One says:

Looks nice


cmorty72#AC says:

HTC ONE... yep, I want ONE!!

burnie022 says:

I want one!

Randall 1 says:


mabocoglu says:

Give me my HTC One :)

Greg Hemrick says:

Nice phone, have been looking at the HTC One as a replacement for my LG Spectrum.

DJ_IMC says:

Gorgeous ;)

Wondeful phone with a wonderful skin :-)

chasden says:

Thanks for the contest!

Simon Kwong says:

My aging Samsung Galaxy Nexus is dying on me, so an HTC One would be an awesome (and much-needed) upgrade :)

adnanmalik88 says:

Looks cool

phuongvn01 says:


Poohatur says:

The HTC One is still the sickest looking phone out there, even better wrapped in carbon fiber!

csharpe72 says:


I would like a ferrari, but i would settle for this phone with that Dbrand skin

recumbentbob says:

I want one

Posted via Android Central App

Cool phone, I want it!

tke693 says:

Hopefully I'm not to late

skate4life3 says:

great phone !!!!!

lusivius says:


lusivius says:


jurellz says:

Woohooo :P

Romney Reyes says:

Pick me

charles peat says:

Looks good!:) has the winner been announced yet?

Kyle535 says:

okay an htc one plus that amazing cover... want one (:

ghundiraj says:


I love htc

I love htc

i want one so bad

King Ravi says:

beats audio just makes me rock and ferrari panel is just awesome............these features make htc one as most impressive phone ........hope i would win it....

miknxn says:

Thank You! Good Luck to all!

v¡a ACapp njo¡!

shoii says:

Yes I want one!!

Cody Monson says:

HTC + Google = Happy Times Caused by Google! lol

icu says:

That's actually not bad looking at all. You had me at Google Edition.

Posted via Android Central App

metal addict says:

I'd be a dream come true.

harryac says:

Awesome skin!

suavemezie says:


Posted via Android Central App

Adamsville says:

Dear Android gods, please steer my name towards the winner's circle.

newmexican says:

Need to dump my crappy Samsung Relay 4G. Worst smartphone I ever owned :~(
This would be such a treat as a replacement

Love Divine says:

ONE comment (get it?)

gameworm says:

Awesome phone.

Nikhilh says:

HTC ONE. The phone that really is the winner of the best device of 2013! Underdog!

klokateer123 says:

Oh wowee! I want.

Sent from my stock LG Optimus G

BBJoe2011 says:

This phone is awesome and so is the skin. Pick me oh mighty computer of fate!

Wobot Walph says:

Nice skin

NexusKoolaid says:

I normally put cases on my phones, but there's no way I could cover up a phone as good looking as that! That phone would be a great replacement for my aging Galaxy Nexus.

bettiol says:

I could use some more Google in my life.

mr.wizard says:

Sweet! Great review, I'd maybe get one for my next phone

Posted via Android Central App


Posted via Android Central App

damirp says:

Yes I want one!

Posted via Android Central App

That is one GPE that I Have To Capture for myself!

jdot104 says:

Oh my…I hope I win!

Milli5410 says:

HTC one with awesome skin hope I win

hackacrack says:

Thanks AC for another chance at a drawing. GL to all. :-)

Will this finally be the contest that I win?

Max Ng1 says:


Nick Fazzio says:

Nice good color combo! This would be a perfect replacement for my gs2!

Posted via Android Central App

besweeet says:

Here's my entry!

jeysiny says:

I have always wanted a Ferrari

Jeysin Posted via Android Central App on a GNex

abaishya10 says:

I would love one, no pun intended!

Posted via Android Central App

doomstang says:

I love free stuff

kilen71 says:

Yes! This one's mine!!

return_0 says:

:o yes pl0x

Maoriz X says:

Awesome phone with an awesome skin.

ses2017 says:

I *heart* my HTC One!

Posted via Android Central App

rchartier says:

Pick me! Thanks AC for the giveaways!

SamTime says:

I will win. Guaranteed.

That's real nice :X

Posted via Android Central App

dragonsamus says:

Pick me!!

Threpac says:

Love dbrand

red.foxx15 says:

mine plz

Jesse Jenks says:

An HTC One is what I need to go back to an Android Phone again! :D

TheLachosa says:

wow that is one sick HTC One

andymyrick says:

I'm hoping to get this for my girlfriend because she's in desperate need of a new phone.

sesar707 says:

Dbrand is awsone

WhipeeDip says:

Would love a HTC One!

Thank you based god! HTC!

kirot says:

I've been considering a skin for my Nexus 7.

tzones says:

yes I can't wait to win this...and good luck to you'll as well!!

bberry45 says:

Love dBrand and the HTC One....hope to win!

I wanna htc one with the sexy ferrari skinnnnnnnnn

The One is such a great phone

abaca93 says:

I could really use a new phone. Planning on switching from Windows Phone to Android here.

BF Wilson says:

Could really use a new phone. This would be great. Cheers to who ever wins.

Posted via Android Central App

NickLippert says:

Red and blacks always good.

Posted via Android Central App

MJM128 says:

That's an awesome skin! Hope I win.

Arend Mayes says:

I will totally Make this the One for me :O)

dscahfer82 says:

i would love to have an HTC ONE......I am so not Windows Phone user, and really miss Android Phones!!

Good luck everyone

saadular says:

1 HTC one isn't enough

shaymojack says:

I replaced a broken Nexus 4 with an iPhone 5. Let me come back to Android!

where do i comment?

Michelle5354 says:

I'd love to win this. Good luck to all.

fifthbus says:

Had my Galaxy Nexus stolen, this would be a great replacement. Thanks for the opportunity!

rpl318 says:

I never win anything :-(

campjrod says:

Pick me please!

Posted via Android Central App

cssplat says:

Yes, yes, yes!

kupco says:

Wow, looks cool!

ebuks97 says:

The One is absolutely gorgeous. It would be a fantastic replacement for my Galaxy S2. I would definitely join HTC's camp.

takuma089 says:

This is my dream phone!

jring920 says:

Awesome phone

Posted via Android Central App

yocubed says:

I would absolutely love to rock this phone with that skin. WOW!!

Every once in awhile I like to leave comments on stories such as this one.

Posted via Android Central App

Thomas Su says:

Please pick me!

Posted via Android Central App



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Pick me, pick me.

maridi1 says:

I need one like the fatty that I am loves cake! LOL!

agileconnor says:

It would be great if I could win this. Especially for app development. Good luck to all!

Shaq Dizzle says:

Thanks for the phone,ill collect later

hawss says:

Perfect color combo for the F1 race at Monza this weekend!

CyD13 says:

Definitely my favorite phone on the market right now. I love products built with intent and care, and the HTC OneOn and dbrand vynl skin are definitely those products.

Posted via Android Central App

jeremy81 says:

Thank you

arzbhatia says:

ME! Choose me! Please! Please me! Plleeeeassee!!

Looking sharp! I'll have to check into dbrand and see what else cool they have. Thanks for putting on the contest!

mz001 says:

Definitely an improvement over the standard look.

Alex_Lee97 says:

Love the combination of the sleek HTC look and the industrial yet clean and B-E-A-utiful skin ;) Would be awesome to win, but whoever does end up winning is going to get a top-notch device with a great looking skin that complements the phone nicely. Good luck to everyone (including me! Haha)

bogie0369 says:


johnroepke says:


kash260 says:

You guys are awesome! The phone looks amazing!! I would love to win it :)

victory0901 says:

Awesome, me want!

flapjacky says:

Yes please!

psipher says:


Bjonuho says:

Here here me me

Comineeyeaha says:

Have any of you guys seen The Campaign? Will Farrel and Zach Galifianakis. Not a horrible movie, but also not particularly great. The few beers I had probably helped.


ghostryder12 says:

That's a wonderful looking skin combo. In buying one for my One tonight.

Posted via Android Central App-It Just Doesn't Get Any Better

bobtheasian says:

Love the red and the black skin!

Does not look bad at all...

Posted via Android Central App

velvetelvis says:

I would love to replace my gs3 with this really good looking phone.

ccleanerfan says:


sgpdude says:

A New phone would be cool

Tigger76 says:

Really liking the red and black carbon fiber look. Thanks for the opportunity once again.

dgtal36 says:

I find their custom skin to be really high quality! Had it on my nexus 4 and loved it.

Ringo67 says:

Cool skin!

pmrl says:

What a hot piece of a s/phone! #HTCone.
Can't wait to get'cha!

deegan87 says:

I wants it.

boprice2012 says:

I would feel the need to run everywhere because it looks so fast!

kwright817 says:

Very nice. Thanks for putting up the swag!

Posted via Android Central App

dextrose says:

I'd be okay with winning a phone....

Gotta say I like the skinned look a hell of a lot better than the regular One.

No_One776 says:

HTC ONE! Huge upgrade from my 2 1/2 year old phone! Free!!! Yes, Yes, Yes!

hquintana78 says:

It would be great to win it today that my Soccer National Team won another point to go to the World Cup. It would be an excellent companion through the matches!

chamathpali says:

HTC <3 Android <3

chamathpali says:

HTC <3 Android <3

ozpain says:

Please please somebody PLEASE save me from this WRETCHED iPhone! I miss android SO, and need to be FREED from this tyrannical grip that is appl*SHHHHHH!!!!! He who's name we do not me Andy-wan-kanobi. You're my only hope.

huldaebak says:

Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I hope I win!!

You guys make it so easy to win stuff, love it!

Posted via Android Central App

Smitty_82 says:

I'm in

Posted via Android Central App