Mystery box of AC swag

It's the weekend, the bosses take the day off, and Michelle and I have cooked an awesome little plan where we're gonna give away three boxes full of random Android Central swag!

There may be a t-shirt, there may be stickers, there may be a coffee mug, pens, sticky notes or any manner of great AC stuff crammed into a box and sent to your door. We've got a big pile of it, and the best thing to do when you have a pile of cool stuff is to share some of it.

Want to try and win one of the boxes? That's the easy part. Make sure you registered at AC with a real email address. If we pick you, we need to know how to get in contact with you. If you didn't and we pick your name, we'll never know where to send your loot and we have to give it to someone else. That would totally suck, so make sure it doesn't happen. 

Once you've done that, just leave a comment below. At 11:59 PM Pacific time Sunday night, we'll shut it down and pick three winners at random. All that's left for you to do is check your email and see if you were one of them.

Ready? Set? Go!


Reader comments

Win a box of AC swag!


Free swag! Sign me up for that!! I've even updated my e-mail address for this!

I never get cool stuff in the mail, just bills! Maybe my luck will change!:-)

You guys are my ONLY source for Android information. It stands to reason I should win something!!

I just realized that the AC swag is for Android Central and not an Air Conditioner which I need for Florida.

Smart, smart staff you have here. "Offer free swag and they will come," signed up hope I win

Can't think of a clever way to say I want some AC swag, so I'll just say I want some AC swag.

I want!!! I want!!!!! Pick me!!!! Lol

No but seriously that would be awesome :)

I'll take it. If you have any review units I'll take those too. I'm not a fanboy so any flavor will do. Thanks.

I really wish the new comment box was at the top of the comments list! But I still love AC either way :)

I'm watching shark week and getting my nerd on @ AC.

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winning will be awesome since i'm coming back from a 2 yrs exile with a iPhone(biggest mistake i ever did) so anything android will nice

just switched from IOS to Android.

this site is the best place ive encountered for news, etc.

would love to win :D

My wife is mad at me for always playing with my phone.....if I don't win this time, she will never have sex with me again! She said "only if you win". I told her that she could have first dibs on the goodies in here! Help a bro out!!!!!

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If I pull the Secret string there had better be an embarassing snapshot of Spongebob at the Christmas party!!!

Howdy from Cowtown...

Calgary Alberta Canada

I would love to win it ...great idea, eh???


I haven't given up on these yet, though I have become a bit disheartened. Oh well, bring it on!

An Android Central Box of Swag might even be more freakishly awesome than a Bag of Crap.

If I enter enough of these giveaways, eventually the probability of me NOT winning becomes smaller than the probability winning. So here's my entry!

Unboxing, without really knowing whats inside. Taking it to a new level of awesomeness.

I wouldn't mind a box of swag. I can even promise to use the contents in a public setting (as long as its appropriate).

I'll even take pics...(even if its not appropriate ;D )

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New fan of the site :)
Would love some AC swag to show off!

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It would be cool to put some Android gear in my new daughters room to get her on the right track.

Would love to go back to school with some Android Central swag.

Posted via Android Central App

Pick me, it will make us both happy!

Posted via the totally awesome Android Central App

Baby I'm addicted, I'm outta contol
you're(AC) the only reason I'm tryng
Thanks for the chance to win this "AC swag" Jerry but you know it would be real great if I won something once in a while :P

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