Android 2.3 Gingerbread

The question on everybody's lips going into this week is "Will we finally see Gingerbread?" Our answer:

Maybe. Let's recap:

  • Google's Andy Rubin is speaking Monday at All Things D. And there's a pretty good chance he'll finally give us some actual news.
  • Notion Ink -- which has had a tablet in the works for a year or so now but hasn't yet produced -- says on its blog that Dec. 6 "is another big day for Android and you will find out how fast Notion Ink can work. [Eden is extremely compatible with 2.3]." (Eden is the name of the UI of Notion Ink's "Adam" tablet.)
  • And as our French pals at Frandroied point out, a Saint Nicolas cookie is a sort of Gingerbread cookie. And Dec. 6 is St. Nicholas Day.

So we've got Andy Rubin speaking, a manufacturer that has yet to bring a tablet to market and French cookies. That's good enough for us! (We're rolling our eyes as we type this.)

Actually, nobody wants to See Gingerbread more than us. But remember that even if it's announced tomorrow, it's not going to magically appear on most phones for quite some time. The Nexus One is likely to get it first (or maybe the not-quite-official Nexus S). As for everyone else? Before the end of the year is extremely unlikely -- and a lot of you are still waiting on Froyo.

So sit back, relax, and let's see what Uncle Andy brings us tomorrow.

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Exited to see Gingerbread on my X, but scared to see what the powers that be do to bastardize it before it makes its way to it.

Ooh, me too! I can't wait!! Here's hoping!!

weehooherod says:

I hope Google releases the Gingerbread source as quickly as possible. I'm excited for CM7.

cporier91 says:

hopefully they will, i've been waiting for gingerbread since it was talked about back in july. C'mon Andy you know you want to scream about 2.3 off the top of a mountain.

NexusNole says:

Great, Gingerbread is comming out and I don't even have Froyo yet. Come on Verizon get it together, I love my Fascinate but I wanna update this thing.

iPwn says:

I'm in the same predicament. Really, unless Verizon is really close to releasing Froyo, I'd rather want Samsung/Verizon to start working on a port of Gingerbread for the Fascinate, so that we won't have to wait a ridiculously long time for Gingerbread.

jgarza1004 says:

its Samsung that would put out the update and supposedly Samsung is waiting to go straight to the gingerbread update...i hope thats really the case!

It will go to samsung first cuz that new nexus phone is samsung...

jelly roll says:

Do we even know what gingerbread does yet?

callderek#AC says:

I've been wondering the same thing!

hopefully it adds whatever DRM/security netflix requires

Saiyajin says:

Well, this will be a welcome announcement. I've been lucky enough to have Froyo on my DI for a while now, and it is great! I always look forward to seeing how much more they can do with this OS.

dannyp78744 says:

Maybe they should skip 2.2 on the galaxy s phones and go straight to 2.3.

recluse says:

Does this apply to the uk?

Had Froyo on my EVO for months now. Waits patiently for Gingerbread. **Sticks my nose up at Galaxy S owners**

bod1ggity says:

If it comes out on the 6th, it should be on my G2 around new years or just after... go gingerbread... run as fast as you can!

Flip says:

Can't wait to get it on my EVO!!!

crxssi says:

>"As for everyone else? Before the end of the year is extremely likely -- and a lot of you are still waiting on Froyo."

Phil, I think you meant "extremely *un*likely"??

KwietStorm says:

I was wondering why nobody pointed that out


swimdude2113 says:

So gingerbread will for sure be on the EVO?

crxssi says:

I would say it is highly probable that the Evo will get 2.3, and probably within a reasonable time frame. HTC is generally very good (unlike Samsung) at keeping their high-end phones updated, and Sprint has seemed to go along with it. The Evo is still Sprint's flagship and extremely popular, which will add to the pressure to keep it current.

rem_kujawa says:

I hope so, I just would like to see the new sense on the EVO that the my touch and Desire HD has.

Its nice to hear that Gingerbread is near release, but I am fine with Froyo for now.

Clow says:

Should I trade my x for incredible? I know its the wrong thread but I need fast advice

uansari1 says:

You have a bigger screen and better processor. I wouldn't make that trade if I were you.

Why not wait to see what's coming (Nexus S and eventually other new phones w/gingerbread). I guess if you're not renewing a contract you should trade. You may prefer HTC's GUI (Sense) over the X's. If you like it, you'd probably have the best of both w/the 'incredible HD' whenever that comes out

rem_kujawa says:

I like my EVO, so the dinc is more like it.

oversight says:

The EVO is a great device. Certainly one of the best that Sprint has ever offered. Hopefully they can continue releasing strong handsets next year.

sandtiger says:

But Phil, when gingerbread comes out then you will get 100s of emails asking when is gingerbread coming to (insert device name), I bought it 2 weeks ago and the Rep told me gingerbread was coming out for it, and I really love this Sony Expedia X10, I hope its not obsolete.

Side note: I have a nexus one not an X10

noszero says:

EVO will get it early. Just like it did with froyo. Its still the flagship IMO.

Josh_k91 says:

im excited to see what happens today