If reports indicating that the T-Mobile G1 is permanently stuck at Android 1.5 and won't receive further software updates like Donut and Eclair are true, it'll break the hearts of many Android users across the world. According to Android software engineer Dave Sparks, there'll be a time when developers "wont be able to fit the latest [Android] release on the G1's internal flash."

You've got to be kidding me. The T-Mobile G1 isn't even a year old and it could potentially be out-of-date already? All over some memory issue? That's just a terrible excuse.

Luckily T-Mobile jumped into the fray to squash the reports because they've said, "We plan to continue working with Google to introduce future software updates to the T-Mobile G1. Reports to the contrary are inaccurate."

But the seed of doubt has been planted. We're not sure if T-Mobile is defining 'future software updates' as the Donut and Eclair updates to Android or as mere security updates. We're not sure if all the features of Donut/Eclair will make it to the T-Mobile G1. We're not sure of anything anymore because we used to think that the T-Mobile G1 was still a great device that would only get better as Android got better.

Hopefully, Google and T-Mobile still think the same.

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Will the T-Mobile G1 Continue to Receive Android Updates ?


I sure hope they figure it out, or they will have a lot of angry people ready to drop them and get an iphone! Why do they make me feel I made a mistake buying the G1 instead of the iPhone? ARGH!

I Have an HTC Dream from Rogers so I think this article affect me in the way that The dream and the G1 is the same ****phone BTW why T-mobile always rename the phones they get lolll.

I've bought the phone because of all the promise I've heard about HTC Dream Future. I'm Working for Rogers and My HTC Representative told me this phone will be very cool.

I'm little dissaponted. Thing i'm gonna root it and get Superhero Rom......

This is really upsetting, I really want to buy an android phone (hopefully the sholes) and one of the main reasons is because I was under the impression that the android software would continue to improve and evolve throughout the life of the phone, like any good smartphone (that's right windows mobile) should. If this is true and it sets a precedent for older android phones to get left behind new ones on software then I may have to consider something else.

I'm pretty sure going forward Android devices will have more spare ROM for upgrade path. The G1 was the first Android device from HTC, so they probably didn't forsee the limitations. Even then I think they can juggle some things around to make updates fit on the G1. If all else fails, root the device with some modded ROM images and you can even get the sense UI!

What Google needs to do is program Android to run apps off the SD card. After that, they could send out a new update that would instruct the G1 to use all the internal ROM for the Android OS itself. This would leave a lot of room for future updates to Android on the G1. Even though this would cause the ROM to be wiped clean, it would solve the problem, and T-Mo would just have to send out notices to G1 owners to back up all their data and apps to the SD card well before the update.

How does, 'there'll be a time when developers "wont be able to fit the latest [Android] release on the G1's internal flash."'


'the G1 "could potentially be out-of-date already"'???

Are you TRYING to put readers off? Get a grip.

I think this is stupid. This makes me wish that i never bought the t-mobile G1. And that i got another phone that i liked. I mean? Its kind of a waste! I hope they figure it out. Because a lot of people are going to drop the G1 in a heart beat.

As someone said above there is no reason (assumming that there is a memory issue) why part of the OS can't be on the SD card. Now having said that I would be happy with just security updates and better applications! For now I really like my G1, its the best smart phone I have ever had.