Verizon data outage

Looks like Verizon's data issues are growing. We've been getting reports from many of you today, and our data's gone kaput as well. 

We just got the following statement from Verizon:

Verizon Wireless engineers have been working to resolve an issue with 4G LTE service that is affecting some customers’ 4G devices.  3G data and voice devices are unaffected.  All customers’ voice calls and text messages continue to go through. In the past 24 hours, some 4GLTE customers have reported their devices are operating on 3G data service where they would normally get 4G.  Some have reported no issues, others that data access is either intermittent or unavailable.  We are working to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

That's the official line. However, like many of you, we're dead in the water on 3G as well.


Reader comments

Verizon says it's working on 4G LTE outage; 3G data, voice are unaffected


Hey Phil, you are such a funny guy. I have not left the house all day casue I don't have any contact with the world since my 4G went down yesterday.

Oh yes, maybe cause its raining here in NJ. :(

It has been up and down all day in Cleveland, all bands. I'm bouncing from 1X to 3G to 4G to nothing at all. Verizon ain't exactly winning my heart this week.

Been dealing with this sort of thing since last night here in the Champaign/Urbana, IL. area. This really sucks monkey butt Verizon (especially for how much you charge us loyal customers for your service)... best get your heads out of your asses and fix this pronto!

No 4G and 3G has been in and out. I've actually bumped down to 1xRtt several times today.
Lansing, MI

I lost 4G earlier today then it went to no data at all. I just got 3G back here in Southern Calif.

I was fine on 4G in southern California until about an hour ago. Immediately went to 1x and even that isn't reliable.

My Charge has no data - been out since 8AM EDT. It doesn't matter if I switch from 4G to 3G - its out. I live in Central PA.

Seems that my 4G is out and won't toggle to 3G. However, switch to 3G manually and it works fine. Samsung Charge Minneapolis, MN.

I'm on 3G on my TBolt in NorCal right now. Not in a 4G area right now but typically when 4G goes down it takes 3G with it and leaves me at 1X.

I usually have pretty good 3G coverage at work and the past couple days, it's spotty at best. It's kind of annoying.

Went in to the Verizon store, downtown Chicago...She told me a rep was just there and said the entire 4G network is down and its ONLY effecting 4G update on when it'll be fixed........side note, they had a Nexus and I played with it, EPIC (wouldnt let me take pictures, had two reps flanking me while I looked at it), they also reiterated the "delay" and said they have "no idea what the issue is"...she was just as impatient for it as we are.

Droid Charge, inconsistent data connections since about 4pm Tuesday in NYC and Lower Westchester. Did coincide with a new ROM which I thought was the problem.

I've seen issues with Sprint and AT&T as well. Does constant rain and cloudy weather affect cellular communication? Serious question, just wondering. Cleveland area btw.

Mines been out for an hour now in Socal. Sometimes it says I have 3G but even when 3G is showing, I can't connect to anything. as of this writing, I have nada

Mine went out just as I was checking it for this comment. I watched the "4g LTE" symbol disappear from my status bar. Saaaaad Faaaace :-(

Whelp I guess I'm having a full data connection problem here in Chandler, Arizona. I did see the 4G being spotty, but then the 3G went out as well. I had to restart my phone just to get the Wifi to work as well. I'm rocking a Droid Charge and sooner or later a GN

i was on the bus home from school today in central nj and my 3g kept coming on and disappearing leaving me with no data didn't even switch to 1x droid charge

My Xoom is down, no data at all. My Thunderbolt has 3G data, but I'm not in a 4G area so I'm not sure if 4G is available. Just got off the phone with Verizon, this is affecting some 90% of 4G devices.

For the Xoom you can change the setting to only hit 3g and it will restart the radio in only 3g and you will have connectivity.

Wireless & networks
Mobile Networks
Network Mode: CDMA.

That fires only the 3g radio.

Tulsa, OK: T-bolt, spotty yesterday, fine today until I rebooted because Twitter txts stopped coming in, now only 1X...friend w/Razr 1X also.

Yesterday I was Thinking of switching to verizon from sprint to take advantage of the double data for the same price.... but this is the fourth time Verizon's LTE has done this.

I approve that switch I did it on November 11th. I get 10gb of data for 50dollars monthly more than enough data. I never used more than 4gb with my EVO 3D whenever I was able to get an signal for 4G. Now I am waiting on my Galaxy Nexus soon and I will keep both my Htc Rezound and and upcoming Nexus

I learned that I could get a discount from my work and said why the hell not? Anyways how are the LTE speeds averaging out on a daily basis?

I switched from Sprint in September, had the 2 gig data plan, then changed to the 4 gig during the double data promotion ,and now have unlimited. Even with these hiccups my data is more reliable than when I was with Sprint. I live in a decent 4G area in NC, I was getting 34 mbs download speeds this morning before the data went flaky. It was definitely worth the switch for me.

Wow 34 mbs? Faster than my home internet service haha but I'm in a different area. I will definitely make the switch sometime this week. Thanks for the opinion!

I made the switch from Sprint to Verizon in early July before they shut off unlimited data. Even though this data outage sucks, the overall service both voice and data is much better. My bill is $7 more per month and I consistently get 10-17 mbps down and close to that up on LTE. I was with Sprint 12 years. They shut off the annual upgrades for Sprint Premier and their Wimax sucks, so I left. Even though they are getting LTE, it is still going to operate on a higher frequency than Verizon LTE. Building penetration will more than likely still be a problem for Sprint subscribers.

I've got some 3g service right now in Memphis, but it's been up and down all day. No 4G at all though, not since this morning.

I am in the Chicago area very close to Chicago right now where there is 4g LTE. I am not getting 3g nor 4g.

3g... 1x.... 3g.... 1x.... It goes on and on since 4am today. Thank God I have my Skyrocket on At&t.. My day went on but Verizon is still down at 5pm Wednesday....

Shut down here in SF about 2 hours ago. No 4G, no nothing. Luckily my phone is on T-mobile. The redundancy might be another reason to get the unlocked GSM Galaxy Nexus.

4G and 3G dead here. On the upside, I did learn that the Droid Bionic is still capable of 1xRTT. On the downside, 1xRTT is not available in my 4G area and I could only get it while I was out of town at lunch today.

Everything is currently out for me as well ...3g, 4g, and even 1x ...I have NOTHING in Jersey ...and as the great Gump once said... s**t happens! Yes it definitely sucks but It'll be back soon and all will be right as rain! No worries!

Sent from my Thunderbolt .....over wifi ....:-P

Tucson,az with Thunderbolt. I do not have 4g,3g or even 1x. Just voice and text. third or fourth outage is making me wonder if I should switch carriers. I never hear issues on other carriers

Both. Mine & my wife's DInc's are working fine & my brother & sister in law's Tbolt's are still working fine on 3G.

Reason I ask, It seems to affect only the 3G and 4G on 4G enabled devices. The older 3G devices appear to be unaffected.

Haha! sounds like a comment my brother would make! I just tell him, "I'd rather have LTE 99% of the time, then WiMax 100% of the time!" (and yes, I am still unlimited data! hahaha

Just to add to the geographical info about where data is out, I am in central Kansas and have no data at all for the last few hours.

My 3G and 4G have been working fine, no issue's at all, oh wait im on Sprints Network might be why, lol, j/k, had to throw that out there.

No 3 OR 4G on my Droid Razr in Jacksonville, FL... was cutting in and out all day, but at around 4pm, totally gone. Have turned data off and on, changed from LTE to CDMA only and back, rebooted, still no dice.

Northern Cincinnati is out around blue Ash Hamilton Springdale mason west Chester. Fairfield Middletown

I have been in a fringe area all day west of Atlanta at a work site where I know VZW has coverage issues. Got back home inside good 4G coverage around 5 p.m. Just went out about 20 minutes ago. Got 3G back by going the ##778# > call > Edit Mode > 000000 > Modem > Rev. A > Enable (changed from eHRPD) > Commit route.

Will check back here to look for news about restoration of LTE service.

Edit: By "out" I mean no data at all, not even 1X.

This has to be the reason they delayed the G-Nexus, no? Could you imagine the onslaught of people heading back into their Verizon store thinking they got a bad Nexus because 4G (or even 3G for that matter) didn't work. Not to mention all of the phone calls to their customer service reps. It would have been a massive headache.

I have the SIM authorization problem on my Droid Razr. Customer service wasn't much help beyond saying they're working on the problem. I actually just now got the SIM error again and can't dismiss it. But I was at least able to get the phone to stay online by disabling LTE. From the home screen, do settings > wireless & networks > mobile networks > network mode > CDMA only. It took a couple minutes to kick in but I've been online fine since then.

out in Silicon Valley (Milpitas, San Jose). Looks like Verizon is going to be offering some money off our bills now!...LOLOL

I was about to post that my 4G was good but it ended up going out. Now its showing 1x. This is stupid...

4g out on Long Island. 3g working now. The first thing that happened was a notification that my sim card was invalid.

Could be way off on this. Maybe this means the nexus is coming. I know when I talked to one of our reps at the store I work at about one of the last outages. they said the outage was from them loading new info for a new phone. like I said could be BS...

I'm 20 miles north of Pittsburgh and have been mostly without 2G, 3G and 4G since about 2PM. I'm on the HTC Thunderbolt.

Westfield, MA HTC Rezound, 3G working okay almost 3Mb up and .84 down according to speed test. Usually run WiFi most of the day so never noticed the outage here, if there was one. Not in a 4G area so would not notice if 4G wasn't working unless I go to Holyoke.

I keep getting a message popping up on my Droid Razr about my sim card not being authorized for 4g. I have to shutdown or make it go away and then it comes back about 15 minutes later. I can't send picture mail any longer but eventually my internet works again. Its really a pain and making me want to return my phone even though I love it :(

Rebooted my Charge just for the heck of it and viola! 4G back in service in Pelham AL (15 miles south of Birmingham) Woohoo!!

3g back on my Bionic in Albany. I live in a non 4g area so can't tell if that's up or not. Came back about 30 min ago

Intermittent 3g data outages and slowdowns here in central NJ forced me to just leave the phone until I could get home to wifi

4g has been out since this afternoon in SWMO and me and a coworker couldn't even get 3g on our android phones while another coworker was still getting 3g on his iphone :(