White Galaxy S II

Not to be outdone by the rest of the British telecom providers, T-Mobile UK also has a landing page for a white Samsung Galaxy S II online.  It's the same 1.2GHz dual-core CPU, with the same beautiful Super AMOLED plus screen, but the shell of the phone has been done in white -- which is sure to attract at least a few people.  No specific date has been set, but T-Mobile lets us know it's due September 2011,

If your interested in details about the release, including the pricing, sign up for information at T-Mobile UK -- see the source link.  Samsung, please bring this stateside!

Source: T-Mobile UK; via UnwiredView

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Well if it comes to the states, I want it!

JNM says:

Anyone else think it kinda looks bad in white?

Samsung is walking on thin ice. I'm pretty sure Apple has a patent on that color.

frozencloud says:

Jerry Jerry tsk tsk....why do u constantly taunt us with these european gs2 news? We want US gs2!!!!!

Duggald says:

Definitely prefer my black one :D