White Evo 4G at Best Buy

We'd heard rumors of this one, and now here's proof: Best Buy is now taking preorders (for $50) for a white Sprint Evo 4G. You won't be able to get it until July 11, however, and Engadget says Sprint stores will be able to carry it starting Aug. 18. So much for the Evo just being another black slab, huh? [Engadget]

Update: Best Buy's made it official. $199 after contract. Press release after the break.

MINNEAPOLIS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Best Buy Mobile, the mobile specialty retail unit of Best Buy Co. Inc (NYSE: BBY), is proud to announce the exclusive launch availability of HTC EVO 4G from Sprint in white, an eye-catching sibling of the HTC EVO 4G that continues to create buzz in the mobile phone marketplace.

“We know that people turn to Best Buy for the latest consumer electronics, and now with our ability to exclusively debut great smartphones like the white version of HTC EVO 4G, they are turning to us for the best smartphones as well”

Beginning June 18, Best Buy is taking pre-orders for the white version of the popular mobile device, which is the first 4G smartphone in America. It officially launches in all Best Buy and Best Buy Mobile stores, as well as BestBuy.com/Mobile on July 11. It retails for $199.99 for a new or eligible upgrade with a new two-year agreement on select plan with Premium Data add-on.

As the only retail and online location to launch HTC EVO 4G from Sprint in white, Best Buy is showcasing a new way to bring smartphones, accessories, applications and other services to market for consumers.

“We know that people turn to Best Buy for the latest consumer electronics, and now with our ability to exclusively debut great smartphones like the white version of HTC EVO 4G, they are turning to us for the best smartphones as well,” said Jude Buckley, chief merchant and marketing officer for Best Buy Mobile. “We are proud to help HTC and Sprint bring such a unique, fashionable and versatile mobile phone to consumers. It is a true connectivity device and exclusively launching this product affirms the position Best Buy Mobile has taken as a preferred destination for smartphones.”

Like the original model, the white version of HTC EVO 4G from Sprint allows consumers to create their own mobile hotspot and share the Sprint 3G or 4G network with up to 8 Wi-Fi enabled devices. Consumers will also get the powerful AndroidTM operating system, including access to thousands of great apps.

Customers lucky enough to get their hands on the this white-hot smartphone at Best Buy will enjoy the added benefit of no mail-in rebates and can Walk Out Working with access to their email, contacts and favorite content set up by a Best Buy Mobile sales associate.

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d3xn2o says:

WTF!!!!! -_-

hampstenj says:

interesting... this must be a good sign that the EVO is very popular and is drawing some of the iphone crowd to have HTC make them white.

rugbyua9 says:

Wish they had a choice for the Incredible. Red and White would be sexy in my opinion.

sjcea says:

That is UGLY !!!!!!WTF are they thinking !!!

hampstenj says:

will admit it is ugly looking... that's for sure.

icebike says:

Maybe they want to appeal to more than just Geeky Phone Guys.

Women seem to prefer white. Why ignore half your customers?

Ecoteric says:

You obviously have no taste in product design! The white back would extend to the current greyish trim around the back of the phone. A very unique design in my eyes!

If the 30 days from June 6 would not up by the release of this, I would at least entertain the exchange of my black.

moises1204 says:

i agree.

Retrokid223 says:

wow i always tough the back of the evo was ugly but this just took the cake

Ecoteric says:

you are looney, the current back looks awesome

Hmm.... I mean, whatever floats you guys boat... let it float. But options are always good for the People, flat out. You guys may not like it, but there are some people that would like the white over the black/grey.

With that said, I'm keeping my original EVO :)

sjcea says:

This is a lame attempt to copy the iPhone and thats how it will be looked at making people think HTC has iPhone envy , its a bad idea and very ugly to boot

Ecoteric says:

It's called variety of aesthetic taste! How can the Evo have iPhone envy when the body styles are completely different, the OSs are completely different, and the Evo's specs has bested the iPhone in every way?!!!

JoshUng says:

White is faster, right?

Due to the protruding lens, I feel the need to use a case for my Evo, so it really doesn't matter what the back looks like to me.

Foxman says:

Nope, it's red that's faster! Check out the "Law of Chromatic Superiority" over at TvTropes. :P

Anyways, I love white, my Hero is white, but for the Evo... I'm just gonna say NOOOOOOOOOO!!!

csierra72 says:

Dirt magnet

biggbrother2 says:

Is the back going to be white? While the front is black? I though tu-tone went out of style... a long time ago..?

KingGrimlock says:

i was wondering the same thing. i can't tell but it looks like the sides might be white too. if it's only the back, then can't people just buy a white battery oem cover when it's available?

CeeDotSmith says:

Thinking the same thing. If the battery cover is the only thing that is white, then I would definitely look into purchasing the OEM white battery covers when they are available. Best of both worlds!

How about they make them without issues first then worry about colored ones.

tokuzumi says:

Sounds like you will never be buying another smart phone again, because last I checked, there wasn't a single smart phone on earth that has no issues. But I encourage you to prove me wrong.

trick202 says:

This is actually great news.
The bathroom sealant HTC use to fix the screens in is white, so when your screen starts to lift, it's easier to fix.

Or does duct tape come in white too?

lol. I actually think it looks quite nice, although a bit of a cop-out to only do the back. Typical HTC, a great idea with all the corners knocked off.

thekarens says:

More options will attract more customers. More customers is good for Android and Sprint, period.

DroidATX says:

I was the 1st to pre-order at m local Best Buy. They even had a demo on hand. It is better looking than I thought.

CeeDotSmith says:

Is it just a white battery cover? I wonder...

Tattrpuff says:

I knew they existed, because Vic Gundotra had one...he pulled it out of his pocket when he announced that everyone would be getting an EVO...thought maybe he was just special and had a white one.

batsai#IM says:

The white looks pretty slick. I wonder if these will have the screen separation issue?... At least for that, I have plenty of white caulk on hand... I had to buy black silicon caulk for my Evo 4G :)

Ecoteric says:

There is no perpetual "screen separation issue" and you know it. You read that bs Engadget article and just buy into it. The screen is not slowly peeling away from the housing of the phone. The light leakage is slight and not universal to all phones.

Ecoteric says:

I would like to see a metallic silver back with the black front!

dacp283 says:

Someone with a evo is the casing plastic or metal?

JayCudi says:

Maybe i'm in the minority, but I prefer the white Evo over the black one.

jason821 says:

Is it me or does it look like its just a white battery door?

Ecoteric says:

No, the greyish trim around the back battery cover is white as well. If you have your Evo, imagine all the grey touching the glossy black sides and front turning white.

organix says:

Generally, I prefer darker colors. I think I'd like the white a little more if it was all white (but not more than the current color scheme).

organix says:

And no people...it clearly isn't just the battery cover that you can just purchase.

Quietkvj#AC says:

thats not white! that's half black and half white. They're making us look bad. But if thats considered white, then i guess mine is pink because i have a pink snap on back cover.

xelhabb says:

White?! I could say soooo many things but Ill just settle for: HELL NO!

I had one of the Mac laptops in white and it did not fare well. After some use the thing always looked dirty and unprofessional. No amount of cleaning helped. The replacement Mac with aluminum finish fared far better.

On a handheld the white would look ratty after moderate use. I get the whole clean aesthetic, if you are a girl. But for a manly MAN. Black all the way. White doesn't even suit the modern metrosexual type. That would require a dark red or blue.

icebike says:

It appears 30% disagree with you in the poll.

What is your problem with choice?

Writermind says:

Not a fan of the White Evo at all, but I can see women going in for it. A great background to show off their nails, plus it's easier to see when they are on the phone which is always anyway. lol

spary says:

Looks good. But Droid 2 is looking reallly nice now that they took all that gold off

And it's gonna have a better processor (the TI OMAP one) probably.

king5697#CB says:

This phone was originally white to begin with...(Supersonic)