The Nexus One crowd has had Android 2.1 from the get-go. The Motorola Droid just got it. Looks like the Samsung Moment could be any time now. And so we ask you the following question: What must-have feature is missing from Android 2.1?

And we're gonna try (in vain) to cut this one off at the pass: Features like the 3D app drawer and five home screens are individual phone customizations -- not features of Android 2.1. Doesn't mean they can't be on your wish list, though.

Let's hear it, people!


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What would you add to Android 2.1?


I just came into android with my nexus one so I don't really have any complaints. Only thing i really want now is flash.

While this will give you better access to certain websites, you do realize that your web surfing will be absolutely cluttered with flash advertisements, right? Something like 85% of all flash on the web is advertisements. So we're going through all of this trouble to get Flash on a mobile device so that we can have a ton of advertisements while surfing the web? No thank you.

I would love to have Hulu and Grooveshark available through my mobile browser, but the trade off of having a lot more advertisements on the sites I visit just isn't worth it to me.

The best way would be to have an option to stop Flash by default :)
Then we could CLICK to play the animation/video.

Wait wait, that was a premature announcement. Verizon still wants more testing. I may release around the launch of the N1

1. You will be able to turn flash on and off in the browser settings
2. A simple Hosts file or an app from the market for rooted users will kill ad requests, text based or flash based.
3. You'll only be able to use Hulu on WiFi - mobile ISP's are blocked.

Of course all this is based on the leaked versions of Flash 10, but I honestly don;t think anything will change

well idk if android plans on doing this but i know webOS is doing something like this, all flash content when a webpage is loaded is greyed out with an icon and not loaded and if you want to load it you just tap on it or something like that. This 1. saves battery 2. saves time and 3. doesn't overload you with advertisements. I think that's a very smart approach.

"Something like 85% of all flash on the web is advertisements."

Sorry, but that's a meaningless statistic. It's like telling a vegetarian that 70% of all groceries in the supermarket contain meat products.

Flash is important when the content you need is only available in Flash. I'm part of two subscription courseware programs whose modules are Flash videos -- embedded videos, not YouTube. AC uses Flash for its streaming podcast player, and features more than a few non-YouTube hands-on videos (e.g. in Viddle, Vimeo, etc.). The utility of Flash can't be dismissed as a personal preference until the entire supply side of the equation transitions to standards-based media.

I'm not sure it's a meaningless stat, but I know where you were going with it.

I agree that there are certain times where Flash is worth having. If you're looking at Flash as a whole though, a very, very, very, large majority of it is used for advertisement purposes, which I would prefer to not fill my browser with- that's all I was saying. Would I be on Hulu daily, probably. Would I waste time with lame flash games, probably (who wouldn't?) But would I trade Hulu and flash games for a 10x increase in advertisement on my device, no.

Viddle is about the only site that hasn't gone to HTML5 video. Both YouTube and Vimeo provide HTML5 video. AC provides their Flash podstreamer, but you can listen to their podcast in any one of a thousand podcatchers. Regardless, you're pro-flash/advertisement, I'm not, and there's nothing wrong with that; things would be boring if we all agreed.

So why not chase up the chumps that decided to produce their content only in a form that has limited accessibility/support? I guess when they decided to only provide Flash content they also decided to screw you over by forcing you to access it via limited means...or they didn't think of that, which is the more common and scary case.

Not to mention you can have 4 static icons next to the launcher. HelixLauncher is awesome. I don't know how I went without it, to be honest.

I wish the e-mail client was a bit more feature rich with IMAP idle support, message rules, and the ability to adjust the font size and colors. I know K-9 has idle support.



Inability to synch with Outlook keeps Droid from achieving true greatness.

Get Flash in with that... and it would destroy BB.

A nicer looking Phone/Call log/Contacts/Favorites interface would be appreciated. Colored Settings icons. The ability for non-rooted users to remove stock applications (I'm rooted, so it's not a problem for me, but I hear about people wanting to remove some of the stock apps all the time.)

I've had the Nexus One for a month now. I love the OS and coming from WebOS, I'm really warming up to Android as well. I truly have no "complaints" but would desire more polish and consistency. Some of the icons look dated, the Camera App looks dated whereas the Photo Album App for example is just gorgeous.

Again, no complaints, but as of now that's would I'd like to see. I read that it's UI polish and features are coming in future updates so that's cool.

Also, isn't flash all on Adobe and less on Google's hands? I could be wrong on this.

The camera app does indeed look leaps and bounds beyond outdated, agreed. I would like to see more features and a better GUI for the camera.

Here Here!!! Bluetooth voice dialing! My Moto E850, Moto Q, BB Storm 1 all did. Motorola advertises IN A WORLD OF DONT'S... DROID DOES. Well, Droid don't do BT voice dial!

I was going to post the same thing - RAZR reference and all. I've done some reading on this lately. Seems that the capability actually *is* built into the OS, but is disabled on the Droid and most (all?) currently available Android hardware due to poor performance. Motorola is apparently working on a fix, but nothing is available as of yet.

Bluetooth initiated voice dial
File browser with support for SMB and folder watching, syncing over wifi, USB, Bluetooth
Better Bluetooth support for car audio, audio control, keyboards, game controllers

flash... (duh, but google isnt the reason this isnt done yet...cmon adobe)

...other than that, nothing i can really think of...

If you want the 3d app laucher and five home screens download the clockworkmod laucher 2 in the market its only 1.99 and the 3d laucher works perfectly in landscape mode and its very smooth

When looking at email, I wish the emails could be moved left right up and down at the same time. My emails only go up and down, then you have to stop to move it left and right and it drives me nuts!

I'd go with Flash, but the only other thing I want is mass update/install/uninstall of apps. Just need a market update, not a system update for that, tho.

I second the bluetooth voice command dialing.

Also which i'm surprised no one has mentioned...... GPU SUPPORT!!!!!!! God if the droid/milestone or hell any of the Android phones with GPU's actually utilized the GPU like the IPhone does... This phone and all future Android sets would be unstoppable. Everyone wants the smoothness of the IPhone and these phones CAN deliver it. So why not make it happen Google??


Hey guys, check out HelixLauncher in Android Market (especially if you're on Droid 2.1). It has up to 7 screens with quick switching by double tapping on the screen ("cards" show up), it has a 4-icon taskbar/dock at the bottom. It has an app drawer icon that looks just like the N1 icon.

And it's faster than the stock home app too, and just as stable.

0. Longer battery life! Android is not that good in this area
1. Flash
2. Root access by default :) If not, ability to remove stock apps
3. Better contact caller id photo! Google Contact photo size is limited to 96x96 pixels. Come on Google, this is 2010!
4. see 0
5. see 0

Helixlauncher does not slow phone down at all! I promise. I treid launcher home + and it was way slow. next day read an article on this beautiful site about helix an it has been amazing to have 2.1 and this at the same time! No FC like on Home+

I wish that it had:

5 home screens (I know there is an app for that but from what I read, they slow the phone down).

Better cut, copy, & paste (dare I say more like the iphone?)

And last but not least, app storage on the SD card.

Other than that, I think the phone is perfect.

Helix Launcher does not slow the droid down at all. It is a great app, and provides up to 9 home screens, plus a persistent app dock for 4 apps you want to show on all of your screens.

Try it out. Helix Launcher (not Helix 2 Launcher - as that still is incompatible with Droid 2.1 and causes Forced Closes).

This might be lengthy, but here goes:

1. Better email client - not the gmail, but email that integrates with my work account.It's buggy and constantly tells me there's new email when it's the same one. Fix!
2. Lock screen and home screens - I know, you can get this in the market - I'm currently using Helix Launcher, which I love - but how can this NOT be standard on 2.1?
3. Better contact search - frankly, the stock contact manager is horrible; no ABC tabs and the only way to search is using the keyboard...try that while driving.
4. Better support with outlook - while I understand this is a Google device, there should be another way to sync besides using a gmail account.
5. Add a disable the vibrate option for the lockscreen and dialing pad.
6. Make it skinnable - you can only do this with ROOT access, but cmon, why not let it be standard?
7. Better voice for Navigate - anyone else have their streets and city name mispronounced by the stock voice? And you should be able to change the voice with a market download as well (turn by turn directions with Jessica Biel's voice?)

I have found that using googles gesture search us great for finding what you need quickly when you have a large contacts database.

You can disable the vibration for the lock-screen and the dialing pad.

To disable the vibration for the lock-screen, go to menu>settings>security & location> use tactile feedback(make sure its unchecked for no vibration.)

To disable the vibration for the dialing pad, go to
menu>settings>sound & display>vibrate touch dial pad(make sure its unchecked for no vibration.)

Thanks for the update, but you are wrong on both counts. Unchecking the tactile feedback does nothing for the lock screen, and there is no option called "vibrate touch dial pad"...if you are referring to the haptic feedback option, it has nothing to do with the dialpad. Don't know if you are thinking about another phone....know it before you post it!

Definitely true hands free bluetooth support ia my number one issue. I also would love to have flash enabled, but that isn't really a 2.1 issue.

let me pick my default browser, so I can use Opera. Also if it could let me pinch to zoom on Opera or any other browser.

Once Opera releases their full version (not the mini version out now), it will most likely have those options. If Opera can't do it, you might try the xScope browser (which is my #1 choice) or Dolphin browser instead. Both have pinch and zoom, and a ton more options than the limited Opera mini browser out now.

Hmmm...are you using an iPhone? You can choose any available browser as your default on any Android phone. Just install the browser you want and click a link - you'll be prompted to select the browser you want to execute the command, and you can check the check box at the bottom to make that browser your default.

Full native support for Exchange Active Sync provisioning (meaning PIN locking, remote wipe, device encryption, etc). Every other smart phone platform on the market (Blackberry through a BES, WebOS, iPhone, whatever Nokia uses, and of course WinMo) has the ability to do this except Android. Android is way behind, hey the apps are kewl!

While you would certainly be able to have many more apps, this will slow down application performance since the latency would be greater- solve that problem and I'm on board. Even if they threw them into RAM, it'd still take time to do that, so you'd get a lag at startup. Making SD applications an option wouldn't be bad though.

In no particular order...

Bluetooth voice-dialing
Better exchange activesync features (security)
Delete all option/empty all in trash for email app.
Email signature box for email app.
Helix launcher features "built in". ( customizable # of screens w/ doc bar) Not "needed" as I can just use helix as I am now but would be great if that was built in.
Google docs integration/google docs apps built in.

In general, I wish they would remember that it should be a PHONE first. (After all, it is the smartphone category.)

Therefore, I wish there was:

1. I actually wish there was a red and green phone button that would let me operate the phone even when it was otherwise locked. Green would either answer the phone or enable the dialpad (not contacts). Red would disconnect the phone.

2. If I can't get that -- and I won't -- An easy hardware button to ANSWER a ringing phone. (It could be the camera button on the Droid or one of the four buttons on the bottom of the phone when the phone rings.) The damn slider takes too long to respond.

3. Bluetooth hands-free support (as mentioned before)

4. Tactile response to the keypad for dialing in low light situations.

Flash for sure, I don't really care that much about the 3d app launcher since it's really just cosmetic. Just think about how much easier app dev will be when we can embed flash.

In priority order:
1. Complete Corp E-mail Client - It is BS that I need a third party client to accept meeting requests and more e-mails to folders on a modern smart phone.
2. More Home screens: Too many cool widgets and 3 is far too few home screens.
3. Integrated Twitter/Facebook. I know FB is in integrated but Blur is the right idea but visually too busy.

1.Have you tried routing everything through gmail? My bro-in-law wasn't very happy with the email client either (and he gets tons of emails a day), but has since routed everything through Gmail (and got used to the labels system) and loves it.
2.Try the HelixLauncher (not HelixLauncher2).
3.Droid-Dog does a really good Twitter app shootout on their website fyi.

email signature

fix the syncing issue between exchange and facebook and gmail (my new contacts never end up in my gmail contacts)

being able to accept calendar invitations

SMS limits. on my old windows mobile phone i could get messages and send messages over 160 char, it would just split them into multiple messages

facebook app update - allow for native picture viewing (dont make me open the browser for the newsfeed but open pics faster and better when i go to my friends info)

remove facebook from the rom and have it as a stand alone app only (part of the initiative to allow for quicker future upgrades)

support for digital copies of media (dont know how tho)

upgraded default music app

more screens, you really should just have an option to set how many you want within a set limit

Yes, it is quite ugly. Provide a better incoming/outgoing call screen would be nice. Anyone know of current apps that can modify the incoming/outgoing caller ID screen?

Features apart, what I would really like is that the Android team concentrated on the humongous amount of bugs that litter the UI and the default applications.

Android is a great platform, but is terribly unpolished at times. Sometimes I miss the polish and precision of the iPhone UI, although I enjoy the freedom Adroid gives me.

yes Google should really consider supporting Arabic language in Android. Adding Arabic language will open bigger potential market for Android as Arabic Language is spoken by Approx 280 million native speakers and 250 million non-native speakers. For God sake, Arabic support is the most starred feature for Android for almost a year.

1) Arabic language support
2) Better bluetooth features
3) The phone app could use some tweaking in my opinion
4) The email app works fine, but could use some more advanced features
5) A stock task killer
6) Vibrate option for the lock screen
7) App storage on SD card

Well I got the notification for upgrade. Very HAPPY and EXCITED. Clicked on it, downloaded the upgrade and then the phone never came back up. Call Verizon, They Fedexed 2nd day a new phone on Sat and its Tue and I still don't have it. For the first time in 10 years I've been without a cell phone for 4 days.

I want multitasking and closing apps to be more intuitive. Coming from the WebOS, I have been spoiled by the multitasking ease. Android is fully capable, but the limitation to seeing only 6 apps and long holding this button and that button could be made much easier.

What about long hold home, to pop up a display of all the apps you have opened. If each is displayed as an icon you could put a little "X" at the upper right/left to give you the option to close the app.

I guess I just want a little more polish on the multitasking.

Now THAT's a good idea. I've been reading this list… some are ok, some are good, others are lame, but this is the first I've read that was worth responding to. Google, if you're listening, PLEASE incorporate this in some way!

Now THAT's a good idea. I've been reading this list… some are ok, some are good, others are lame, but this is the first I've read that was worth responding to. Google, if you're listening, PLEASE incorporate this in some way!

1. better music app (hate to say this, but something similar with iphone's music app will do)..

2. full exchange support.

Download btunes for free from the market. It's a great iTouch-like music player, although I will admit it has less options. But it does give you the familiar look and feel I miss from my iTouch.

A better notification bar. When I get new email, scroll the from: and subject: (like when I get a new IM in Talk). Just things like that. I guess I want a notification bar with better notifications.

It has to be bluetooth hands free dialing. I just ordered my N1, possibly replacing my BB 9700, and I'm a bit surprised and shocked that the N1 won't have hands free.

Your comment made me laugh!

Just checking the entire feedback list, since my HTC Desire will arrive in a few days!!

1) Flash
2) Support for more Bluetooth Devices (keyboard, voice dialing, etc [mouse would be amazing])
3) Apps on SD

My Wish List:

1. I wish there was a way to hide/unhide the top notification bar.
2. I also wish it had workspace looping on screens(endless looping) like HOME++ be a standard option
3. 3D App Drawer

Everything that was said already. AND i thought that the weather and news widget looked more like the one on nexus one. not this cheap looking shit. It doesnt even have a clock

oh here's one I haven't see mentioned, how about having android 2.1 RUN ON THE MYTOUCH 3G AND EVERY OTHER ANDROID HANDSET LEFT BEHIND!! i am so close to returning my new mytouch for an HTC HD2, i can care less if its a windows phone, I love android, and i love Tmobile they have great customer service, i know how they were the first to adopt android before anyone else did, but I'm tired of this fragmentation shit, I can't afford a nexus one damn it! lol. oh and app2sd that would make it so much better

Travel direction facing top instead of north always on top on google maps :)

That would make google navigation ultimately like a regular car gps :D

I want to type in landscape mode and see something besides the keyboard and the text entry box. Obviously more of an issue with virtual keyboards instead of a physical. It would be nice to be able to text/gchat in landscape and be able to read an incoming message without turning your phone sideways first. Even the Evo will have this problem with a HUGE screen.

Apps to SD without rooting the phone. Most android phones don't have huge on board storage and rely on the SD card so would be great if you could save and install apps to the SD card without invalidating your warranty :).

Oh and also just a Google thing make the market place available to everyone world wide...

Flash is Adobe's issue, not Google's.

My wishlist:

1.) Ability to choose # of homescreens, from 3 to 9, with looping capability so that 9 brings you back to 1.

2.) Ability to skin/theme the GUI including the notification bar.

3.) Better media player with greater set of codecs.

4.) GPU support.

5.) Mobile Chrome browser with Google Bookmarks integration.

6.) MOST IMPORTANT: I would like to see Google approach 100 of the most visited/utilized/commercial news, sports, entertainment, dining, banking, tourist venues/websites/companies and convince them, or help them, make apps for Android. Apple may have 150k apps, but we all know only about 1k are worth downloading. Android needs apps from Citibank and Chase, not just BoA. It needs NYTimes and Wash. Post, not just USAToday. It needs some heavy-hitter apps under its belt to launch it into that next-tier of winning over the masses.

7.) I would like to see Google provide Froyo and Gingerbread downloads from a central website, not carrier-dependent, but one from which anyone could wipe their phone and install the new OS. Even if you have HTC Sense, but wanted a new OS, you would have the option of overwriting the Sense integration in favor of the new Android stock.

8.) Do no evil.

End of line.

Android need true hands free bluetooth support. This BUG needs to be fixed soon (before I get another ticket for using my phone while driving!)

Ok, let's see...

1. Notification capabilities that don't assume I'm in a perfectly silent room, staring at the phone waiting for it to emit a feeble sound+vibrate when I'm due for an appointment or something. Give me the ability to have the phone repeat the alert sound/vibrate N times (so I am more likely to notice in noisy environments), repeat the alert every N minutes until I take a positive action to either dismiss or snooze it, and if I snooze an alert, make it visible (keep it in the notification slider?) so that I am aware that I have an alert outstanding that will be bugging me again when the snooze time has passed. I've run my *life* via various electronic means (Palm, Psion, etc.) for years; without this capability I just can't trust Android will actually help me!

2. ActiveSync support that *works* and that integrates such that I only have *one* email client and *one* calendar client! I had to pay extra for an exchange client when this capability should be a native part of Android.

3. Do a comprehensive "fit and finish" pass -- there are many minor bugs that pop up throughout the UI; seeing them doesn't engender a great deal of confidence that Android can be trusted with the tasks I give it.

Ability to set notification tones per contact for SMS/MMS*
Ability to send ringtones to others via MMS*
Bluetooth voice dialing

*native ability instead of having to download an app from the market*

I am selling my Nexus One so I can purchase the New HTC HD2 , flash is not an issue and windows 6.5 has its own built in app market , I know its not very big at the moment but the 4.3 screeen and all that phone offers is to much for me to resist, I have had many windows phones beofe androind and loved them , this could only be even better

A native file browser, wget and rsync clients built into the OS

Logs written to the SD card vs a temp file

something that would be nice for a future version of Android:

If they could use the turn by turn voice and incorporate it into the search. If you could use the search button differently (double tap?), to ask a quick question and get a vocal response:

some example questions:

phone based:
How many new messages?
How many new emails?
How many new voicemails?
How much battery remaining?
How much storage remaining?

location based:
What time is it ?
What zip code ?
How far am I from ?
What's my distance traveled ?

search based:

How many pesos to a dollar?
When's the Yankee game on?
What does _ mean?

etc etc..

Flash is coming, be patient :P Google really has no control on when it's going to be released. Having Adobe AIR will add so many new options for the phones, it will be awesome!
I'm sure some of these have already been said:
1.A better Market, both online (which is currently worthless) and on the phone. The online market is worthless. has a better handle on it.
2.A better stock camera.. period. The UI is terrible, settings are too limited, and it's way too slow to take a picture after hitting the button.
3.Better use of screen space. There's tons of room in between the icon rows.. an option for a 5th row or even larger icons would be nice.
4.A better stock launcher. Why the limited amount of screens? For now, HelixLauncher takes the cake.
5.Better contacts/phone/call log/favorites interface. This interface is not very user good. And why does it have to go to the Call Log AFTER EVERY CALL?? That is so annoying.
6.More/better options for ringtones, notifications, & vibrate. ie; I want to set a different notification ringtones for different people or different numbers.
7.More calender options & better widget options. A widget option to show the whole month instead of a single day would be nice.
8.Ability to remove stock apps and app storage on the SD card instead of the phone.
9.Mobile Chrome browser and the ability to since with the desktop browser.. or even sync options with anyall of Google products!

I never thought I would care to have the two extra home screens, but I think that's what I would have liked to have gotten the most from what we didn't get.

I can survive without the 3D app drawer, though it would have been nifty to have it.

The music app definitely needs a facelift it is plain and rather ugly. If they can overhaul the photo gallery, they can surely do that for the music app. Also, please give us more on board memory! 256MB is good, but 1GB would be even better!

I would like a way to zoom the cursor in between letters when typing. While I have gotten used to more or less where the cursor is placed on the screen when I touch it, it would be nice. Might streamline the process a bit

I know it can be done using the physical keyboard, but I got to tell you...I think I have used my physical keyboard once on my moto try it out when I first purchased it and that was it.

Further improved messaging would be nice. Its simple but the thing I missed most on my blackberry is you can spell check anything. SMS, email, notes, everything has the option to spell check. And yes I know there is predicitve text but it honestly just adds to the infuriating experience of a touch screen. I'd rather just hammer out a text or email and spell check afterward. And that new swipe tech would be a cool standard thing too. But I'm guessing that's going to be a Samsung thing for a while.

You COMPLETELY read my mind. The lack of spell check is a HUGE issue for me, especially with the physical keyboard. The hard keyboard is the reason I got this phone over waiting a few extra weeks for the N1 or the Incredible.

I would love to see REAL bluetooth handsfree dialing. The workout is going to get me a ticket for using the phone while driving. It is something needed for cities and states that have no use of cell phones while driving unless using a handsfree device.

I'd like to see Helix 2 built in (since it is better than Launcher 2); and the ability to create screen shots without being rooted; and oh, why not, the ability to over-clock. I know flash will come, so I am patient on that.

THere are not a lot of compelling reasons for me to want to root given what I have already with 2.1.

1. Native 100% backup: Any system that takes so long to set up, holds key parts of my life, and wants my hard earned dollars MUST allow me to make backups. What sane company would create a modern computer (or smart-phone) that you can only partially backup? I can backup my 6 year old Palm TX, nuke it (hard-reset) down to nothing (factory-defaults), and then restore it to 100% **EXACTLY** the state it was when I started in less than 10 minutes. WHY is this basic function not part of the Android OS without having to perform arcane rituals ("rooting") to do it? "The Cloud" isn't good enough until I can backup **EVERYTHING** to that cloud, for free, -and- restore an equal off-the-shelf phone to the same state I saved in less than an hour. (I'd really rather have the option of 100% backing-up my phone to the SD card. Its faster, cheaper, more secure, and I can archive the backups to my PC or a CDROM if I choose to do so...) **

2. Better PIM software: Other than for Google's always-on synchronization and the notifier-bar, the native Palm PIM software GUI beats the pants off the native (and HTC) PIM software apps. (And, Palm after-market software beats them both.) **

3. Running apps from SD cards. (Nuf said...)

4. Using the keyboard on my PC as a proxy keyboard for the phone: I spend almost 8 hours a day at my computer. While the software keyboard on my phone isn't bad, it can't hold a candle to a full-sized PC keyboard. Having a simple way to link my desk keyboard (with the PC's copy/paste capabilities) into my Android phone would be fabulous. (Wireless via the net preferred...)

5. Fix the inconsistencies in Android task management: I want ONE way that works with ALL apps to close an app that doesn't require opening a 2nd app to do it.

** (And before anyone says "If you think Palm is so great, why don't you go back where you belong...?", I carry both my Palm TX and my HTC phone. The Palm TX because I can't backup the HTC phone 100% and the Android PIM software seriously(!) needs a rework from a human-factors GUI specialist. (example: Try counting all taps and swipes it takes to do a really simple operation like going to the contacts list, finding someone, and adding a note...) On the other hand, a lot of the apps my phone can run don't have any Palm equivalents. So until Android (or HTC) fixes these problems, I'm just going to have to carry both...)

A few more...

6. Allow taking screen shots from the phone without rooting.

7. Fix hands-free (Bluetooth) support. (both answering & dialing)

8. Fix the Google Voice app so I can answer/make a GV call using just my Bluetooth headset.

Changeable default font sizes for built-in apps especially email.

We all don't have 20 year-old eyes anymore!!

I think these are pretty modest requests:
• Animated gif support (in Browser) so you can pull up NON-FLASH radar sites...
• Show my GMail Groups in the phone's client
• Cut, Copy text from GMail messages
• Folders for bookmarks in Browser; but this can be alleviated by
• More home screens

I'm still stuck on 1.6, but my list would be:

1) Should be able to click on phone numbers on websites to dial them instantly. It's stupid that I have to write the number down, switch to phone, then type the number back in.

2) Should be able to click on addresses in the browser or contacts to see them come up with a navigation to them from my current location.

3) Stability needs to be improved a LOT. My phone crashes all the time and I haven't rooted it. That shouldn't happen.

4) I'll chime in for Flash. It's a pain not to be able to see most websites.

5) Desktop synchronization tool like iTunes. Google really needs a response to that space or Android won't succeed.

GPU and "polish" are both weaknesses of the Linux kernel that Android uses. I absolutely love Linux (use it on my desktop exclusively), but these are both it's weakest points...the "latest and greatest" linux distros (Ubuntu, Mint, Fedora, etc) do look great but don't come close to the polish and smoothness of Windows on the same hardware. GPU acceleration has the same issues...even with the latest drivers (Nvidia or ATI), it's never as smooth in Linux as watching the same videos on a Windows platform.

I hope the developers at Google work these issues because it will take overcoming these "built in" roadblocks to truly make the Android OS all it can be.

No particular order :)

1) SMS and MMS Signatures (not a requirement, but they can be fun lol).

2) Custom ringers for SMS/MMS (per contact).

3) 5 home screens without downloading a launcher :D

4) A lot of polish, rather than drab black (although it does save a lot of battery life on those of us with AMOLED screens). Sort of like the new Market.

5) Various improvements to the Gmail app.

6) Improved caller ID screens, with bigger pictures!

7) Music app needs a face lift!

8) Some type of Android only messaging system (like Blackberry Messenger!) :D

9) The ability to install apps to the SD card.

10) Better back ups.

11) Better multitasking (make a universal way to close an app, like pressing the back button enough will permanently close it).

I don't think I sound TOO demanding lol. XD

i would like to see a built in task killer that would be easily accessed by pulling the notification bar at the top down. also it would not show vital applications in it, such as the alarm clock.

The next update better have support for multiple email account calendars sync...

currently, only our main gmail account calendar can sync...
i have an email account for all facets of my life,
i would like my calendar to recognize these different accounts.
so frustrating...

they just need a better calendar app, like the webos one.

and they should redo all the standard applications on the phone so they are more like the polished and beautiful gallery in 2.1

1.) Flash

2.) Native app installation to SD card

3.) Aninated GIF support

4.) Full Exchange integration

5.) 3D app swticher, a la webOS card system

I would live to see them add a neat little feature like MAKING BLUETOOTH DIALING WORK!

Since day one this phone has not supported the ability to properly place and receive calls via a bluetooth device.

It is a simple function, one that even the most basic phones have included for years, and a major safety issue.

Please go "star" this issue which is #1 on the issues list and being completely ignored by google: Type Status Owner Summary Stars

I know that flash is technically not Google but I think 10.1 will be a major turning point for this OS.

Bluetooth support for voice dialing of the phone is a must, many states now make hands free operation mandatory .

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Here are some ideas.

1. GPU support/development. - To open greater games & video content.
2. Video/Rental Store - Android needs a native video content & delivery system for movies, TV shows, & video podcast.
3. Music Store - Android also native music content & delivery system for music, audiobooks, & podcast.
4. Games Store - Android needs a distribution conduit for developers beyond the Android Market.
5. Chrome Browser with multitouch.
6. Apps with an exit option that terminates the program.
7. Have Microsoft open the Zune Marketplace to Android devices.
8. Have Microsoft support an Android version of Microsoft Office & the web version.
9. Google needs to work more closely with doubleTwist to perfect a content syncing program.
10. Have Microsoft & Android manufacturer's work on native Windows 7 support for Android headsets including Windows Media Player support.
11. Better bluetooth support.
12. Extended life batteries for every Android device & power management overhaul of Android.

I would like to see Blackberry Connect added or have RIM create an app for android since my job choose to go with Blackberry devices. Would love to use my N1 for everything. That mean adding filtering of my contacts. Damn government and their Blackberries!!

1. FLASH Support!!
2. Expanded # of Home pages...but Helix Launcher does a great job.
3. Ability to delete apps not used/desired from system Memory (without rooting). I could easily manage my Palm memory with TRG's FlashPro, moving to SD or deleting programs from Flash. Miss that.

• Alt Tab like functionality to switch between apps
• Ability to show the date in the notification bar
• A free built in Task manager.
○ Googles own apps don't have a way to quit them so once you start them, they never stop, and kill the battery. This is why everyone has to install something like Advanced Task Killer. This sort of feature should just be built into the firmware
• Market Place function to "Update All". If I have 4 or more updates to install, it is a real pain to do it one at a time.
• Faster browser performance
○ 3G shouldn't be this slow
• All android apps should be removed from the firmware and added to the market like they did with Maps
○ This way these apps can be updated without going through the headaches of approving and rolling out a new firmware
○ Also should allow people to remove the apps
• Option to disable the dock functionality. Most of the phone holsters out there have a magnet to clasp the cover which always triggers either the dock or the car dock. I want neither to trigger automatically and have the option to just run them when I want.
• A more responsive camera. It takes so long to take pictures
• Ability to share video, like you can with photos
• A permanent bottom bar, like the iPhone has so I can use my phone and my 3 other most commonly used apps on any of my home screens
• Overhaul the music app. It's just no fun to use.
• View options in Contacts so I can see just my contacts pictures, allowing me to see a lot more of my contacts on screen.

Better security. The pattern lock is a joke. Unless I wipe off my phone after very time I enter the unlock pattern, people will be able to see it.
We should be able to use a PIN.

try wavesecure. it backups & restores sms, contacts,& call logs. it also has a 'lock down phone' option that you can unlock with a pin, and a 'wipe now' option that allows you to erase contacts, sms, call logs, pics, videos & memory card. it doesn't backup online like mybackup pro or have automatic scheduling but it can be done quickly during the day (i use both)& gives you the PIN protected security. i hate that pattern thing. if my screens dirty it doesn't work & people can see it.

I would have liked more homescreens, but since there are apps to achieve this I, guess that isn't a big deal as long as they work well and don't mess up the performance on the phone.

I was really hoping that the phone would now be capable of .gifs with the new update. I don't understand why this phone that can do so much can't do this simple task. Every other phone I have had supported .gifs except this Droid. I would really like them to fix this issue.

I would also like to be able to use voice commands with the bluetooth as well. Even with the new Motorola h17txt bluetooth headset, it can read your SMS messages to you, but I would like the phone to be able to do speech to text back via bluetooth for when I am driving.

Flash will be nice, but that is an Adobe issue not an update/phone issue.

Other than these things, I think the phone is great.

OK, since a lot of people are asking for features that are certainly not related to the Android OS, I'll ask too: I'd like the Tricorder feature to be activated so I can heal myself and others, kthxbye.

Android OS specific features that would be great:
- API to access USB port (and to run the device as a USB Host)!

Google Mobile Application specific feature request/freedom of information request:
- PROPER documentation regarding the Google Voice Search service! Like what EXTRAs are possible for the intent!!! It's a sad sign that this information isn't already!

gapless audio is a must! I can't believe its not available yet. I thought this was old technology and would never have to ask for this again.

***NEW FEATURE*** Blackberry Messenger type App that allows people to communicate between Android phones around the world without getting charged sms charges.

I cannot stress enough, the two most important features of any PIM device is:

Search of the entire phone (not the internet), search through all your personal data, thru the contacts, notes, calendar, spreadsheets, memos, to-do lists, word processing files, SMS/MMS, thru every native apps, thru every 3rd party app data, anything and everything on your phone (not the internet) quickly and completely the way Palm OS did. Fast information retrieval of your personal data and databases is the most important and single most useful thing on this planet, second only to the internet. Not links to twitter, not cool little icon creation tools, not fun cutesy little play things, but real world useful things.

The ability to copy and address out of a text message or email, (not the entire message, only the portion you need) and paste it into a contact and then past it into Google maps. Or Copy part of a to-do list item and paste it into a spreadsheet. Copy a total amount out of a spreadsheet cell and paste it into an email.

Store, retrieve, and manage/manipulate personal information, that’s what Personal Information Managers (PIMs) are for. Not for doing animated gifs.

This is something the Twit(ers) writing software today don’t understand, not everyone has the luxury of laying around drinking soda pop and twittering each other all day, most of us needs to actually get some work done in the real world.

I would have switched from Palm OS to iPhone a couple years ago but the iPhone had no universal search or universal copy/paste which made the iPhone worthless game machine to me. So I stayed with Palm. Now that Palm OS is being replaced with WebOS, I see now that the “new blood” writing the Palm WebOS software left out the two most important things, the very things that made Palm great to begging with. So I bought a Droid Incredible, it falls flat on it’s face as a PIM, now I am back to carrying two devices a Palm OS for an actual working PIM, and a Droid for all the other “cool” stuff. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Droid but it would be nice to get them back into one device again. The industry sometimes goes backwards instead of forwards. Now I see that Apple finally caught up to Palm by including a universal search and copy/paste into the iPhone finally, Android needs to catch up to Palm OS also, in a hurry, otherwise I may have to sidestep to an iphone when my one year contract is up.

I almost forgot the third most important thing:
3. A desktop application to sync with, to back up all your PIM/Phone information to your PC and vice/versa (without being forced to use Outlook). Not syncing to “the cloud”, I don’t want all my personal info spread out all over the internet for who knows who to snoop through, I my personal info on my phone and my desktop PC only. To be able to do the bulk of your data entry from your PC then syncing it to your phone. To type out and tons of personal data, such as useful formulas, extensive notes about people, long letters or ebooks you want to cut and paste into your desktop app so you can sync it to your phone so you can read it on the road at your leasure without trying to type all that data into your little touch screen pad. To be able to look up info data stored on my phone, not having to wait on a slow connection as it stores and retrieves from the cloud. To backup my data or retrieve it without being dependant an internet connection.

Primary PIM Apps to include in the Desktop App as well as phone app to sync to are of course
* Calendar/Scheduler/with very flexible alarms (i.e. repeat every third Thursday etc.)
* Contacts/Addresses/People that will show the long names on the screen when you select it.
* To Do List (KISS applies here, just need to easily slide line items up and down on the priority list and/or give it a changeable priority level, and to be able to attach longer notes if need be)
* Memo/Notes/Flash Cards to store anything and everything you think to write down to take note down, any thought, idea, note, comment, list of items, what someone said – Any and all inputs instantly retrievable by the “Universal Search”.
* Media/Pictures/Video/Music sync between desktop and device.
* and maybe a third party app handler.

All items intergated in one interface, all of course search able by "universal search".

If and when iambic ports Agendus to the Android OS it will be a great day for Android users, but we still need universal search & copy/paste across all apps. When I was a palm user I didn’t see the need for Agendus (a very robust PIM) because it seemed redundant on the Palm, but I could see the need for it on other platforms such as Windows devices, iPhone, BlackBerry etc. Now that I am a Droid user I see the need for Agendus for the Android. Agendus is starting to sound like a great Idea, a robust PIM application that can be ported to any new phone platform that comes out, that way you learn one app and keep it with you across platforms as the phone market keeps changing.