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With Mobile World Congress behind us, and all of the wildness dying down, we are left wondering what your favorite thing was from this years event. With tons and tons of new phones announced, innovative ideas flowing, and news beyond what we could comprehend it was a wild few days. Was it the Samsung Galaxy Beam, HTC's new line of phones, or the Carrier IQ information they announced?

Hit the break with us and check out some of our very own favorites, and be sure to sound off in the comments and let us know what your favorite was!

Jerry Hildenbrand - Texas Instruments shows off ultrasonic stylus that can work in three dimensions

As someone who spent more time in front of a SolidWorks workstation than any normal man would want to (or should, for that matter), I can appreciate 3D modelling. Using a product like the ultrasonic 3D stylus in conjunction with a slimmed down 3D drawing viewer on an Android tablet would would be a nerd-engineer's dream.

Simon Sage - Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

Based on my experience with the Galaxy Note, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't use a stylus on a day-to-day basis, but it's clear that there are a lot of people who would, and to that end, my favourite device at Mobile World Congress was the new Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1. The tablet form factor is much better suited for stylus input, plus Samsung has refined their pen so that it has a bit more grip to it. I'm eager to see who ends up buying these and what they use it for.

Richard Devine - HTC One Car Dock & App

I spend about 20 hours a week driving so the car dock and app with the Bluetooth dongle for the HTC One X impressed me the most. Looks like the best in car solution I've seen in an Android device so far and is something that I would genuinely use every day.

Alex Dobie - HTC One X

Since no-one else has, I'm going to pick the obvious choice -- the HTC One X. OK, it's lacking a removable battery, and it's made of polycarbonate instead of deep-fried aluminum, but for me this device represents an important return to form for HTC, with top-tier hardware and the best version of Sense yet. 

What was your favorite thing from Mobile World Congress? Let's hear it!


Reader comments

What was your favorite thing from Mobile World Congress?


Definitely the HTC one x. I agree with Alex dobie, in that it represents a comeback from HTC. plus, HTC sense 4 looks pretty darn good too.

The One X looks really nice but has HTC addressed the abysmal battery life on their phones? Especially now that they are non-removable?I didn't see anyone one comment or ask HTC about this?

My Inc2 gets great battery life, and my old iPhone 3G, which is headed towards it's 4th birthday, is still going strong on it's non-removable battery. Honestly, I'm not too concerned about removable batteries. As long as the battery life is reasonable, which I think most are today, I'm fine with it being non-removable. I'm pretty handy with a set of micro-screwdrivers, and we all know batteries CAN be replaced. So if I need to crack the thing open to replace the battery after 4 to 5 years, that's fine. After 4 or 5 years, chances are I won't even bother.


Honestly, I didn't hear about anything that would truly knock my socks off. I'm not entirely convinced yet that HTC's new offerings are going to match up to what Samsung is likely to do with the SGSIII. And despite what they say they've done with the camera, they have such a long history of crappy cameras that I'm skeptical until we have an independent review.

What I wanted was a quad core phone designed around ICS (button free, for example), with good battery life, plenty of memory and storage, a high end screen and camera, etc. Did I miss it, or was it not there?

Seconded. I've held the One S -- it's pretty easy to hold and very fast for all but gaming (the One X wins there, of course).

One X and my renewed hope that T-Mobile can have some of the best phones. Hopefully the one S isn't the only HTC device coming to T-Mobile or I will most likely switch.

I wanted to vote for HTC and their One series but the size of their non-removable batteries really makes wonder how long they'll hold up in real world usage. Want to see more from Sony's Xperia ION. So far everything's been about the Xperia S.

I can't wait take a picture during recording video when my Son playing soccer
Great Job HTC One X . It's coming on time for me

You know what loses? Every Samsung tablet.

Your answer to the iPad 3 (so far) is a slightly warmed up Galaxy Tab 10.1 with a pen that you don't even have a holder for? That and the pretty frugal Galaxy Tab 2 models don't exactly inspire confidence. Either Samsung's waiting for Apple to go first, or it decided it didn't *really* want to be in the tablet market.

The Acer A700 was beautiful in screen quality and performance and looks pretty darn cool too. Want it when it's released. I also will be keeping my eye on the Sony Xperia Ion on it's UK release and see if anything changes to it :)

HTC One X... glad they are bring the snapdragon S4 to the US... hope they bring a version to Sprint.

Looking forward to a 720p ICS phone with a more battery efficient LTE radio then current gen LTE phones and I want Sense since it comes with a good mail app for non gmail accounts.

I'm also partial to the Snapdragon S4 over the tegra 3... sounds like performance is about the same between the two but I trust the stability of the snapdragon more so than the tegra 3.

I'm keeping my eye on the GSIII, but I'm beginning to think the rumors about the GSIII getting the a15 based Exynos 5 may have been... overly optimistic.

My favorite thing was th...
Dora: I liked that too!!!
Me: :,/
But seriously though I like the HTC One series. Glad to see one coming to T-Mobile.

What about the Nokia 808 pure view?
Don't here wrong, its not a quad core powerhouse, like the HTC, but it does have capable hardware and it trumps every other phone in the camera department.

Actually I'm anticipating the PadFone most. Yes it's like Always Innovating, but it's a great idea anyway. I like the way everything is combined into one - especially the innovative pen. If it has a next iteration I'll be getting that.

I would have to wait for a review, but the Padfone looks very promising. If it had the Wacom digitizer like the Note and an HD screen, it would've been perfect.

I'd have to say HTC's camera software was a a winner and the one s. But I think I am looking forward to more in the Sony xperia p

Asus Padfone.

So far with my HTC Inspire crashing every so often (and sense is what crashes, not an application) I don't feel like going with them.

I've also been wanting a tablet, but don't want to pay another $25-30 to stay connected. The keyboard and stylus are icing on the cake for me.

So Jerry is/was an engineer who used to drive SolidWorks. Since I'm sitting in front of SolidWorks right now at work (trying to figure out what's new in the 2012 upgrade we got over the weekend ... or at least pretending to while reading AC), I'm interested to know that.

My favorite thing was the Asus Padfone. Phone + Tablet + Keyboard Dock + Stylus that doubles as Headset = SEXY!!!!!

(edit: if only the phone was 720 HD)