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We all love Google's turn by turn navigation system, but many times we're looking for a solution that works off-line.  Enter NDrive -- the world navigation system that stores map data on-device, ready to work with no data or WiFi connection.  But off-line maps is only a small portion of what NDrive offers -- wait until you see the video after the jump!

The good people at NDrive have reached out and are offering full license and USA maps to 20 lucky Android Central forum members (a $500 total value).  To enter, see the rules and official contest thread in the forums HERE, and after the break is that video overview of NDrive that we promised, check it out!

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NDrive and Android Central giving away 20 NDrive licenses [contest]


Does seem to play nice on my Incredible running Cyanogen. Checking their sight for compatibility, the Dinc isn't listed. The Nexus One is listed, so I would have thought I'd be good.

The Droid X isn't listed either...now that would be the perfect GPS Phone.

Steve in CT

Why would the DroidX be more "perfect" as a GPS phone than an Evo, or one of the new larger-screened Samsungs?

$500 DOLLAR VALUE?!?!?!?! It better do my taxes too for that kind of money. There are many, good, off-line Navigation programs for far less money.

I can't watch the video from work, but come on. Can "adventure mode" be that cool?

I'm hoping that the app and the maps can be saved to the sd card. Can anyone verify? I dont see any documentation about that on their site.

I have tried both and IMO Co-Pilot Live is a much better value. NDrive has a huge download to get the maps and so does Co-Pilot Live but at least Co-Pilot Live has a PC app for downloading so you can get maps and then transfer to your phone. Just my opinion from using both programs but Co-Pilot Live is a better fit for me.

Co-Pilot Live is $29.99 for North America in the App Market. They both save maps to the SD card since the maps are over 1 Gigabyte for North America.

I won a similar contest over at Android Forums. The United States of America map (in app) is 20 Euros - about $25USD. The $500 dollar value is TOTAL value of the 20 prizes to be awarded. Of course this may vary depending on where the winner is located (I believe the prize is the smallest/cheapest map that covers your area - information you provide once you have won).

The prices on the web site don'e seem to agree with the in-app prices.

Strangely, the US Map is 20 Euros, the Canada map is 10 Euros, and the North America map (which adds Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands) is 40 Euros.

Correct. I looked back over my notes now that I have a moment here. The value of the 20 licenses is $500, according to the developers. Sorry for any confusion.

Does anyone know navigation app besides NDrive that works in background? While music player is open or home screen is visible? NDrive is the only one I know of.. The only downsides of the program I found Is horrible download times for maps (had to restart 4 times) and when program anounces directions it does it without muting music.

I like how in the video they show Windows Mobile and Symbian as "professional" and Android and iPhone OS as "trendy" :)

Hmm, according to nDrive's feature/platform availability on their website there is no "text to speech" function for the Android version. Can anyone confirm? Seems strange if Google Maps Navigation can do it.

Omg I'm glad I have unlimited data package. Ill set it godly when I sleep 3gbs is alot of data. Think Godiva have a Droid X

Is there a faster way to download the file? After 3 hours I canceled it 2 gbs is a lot. Not sure if I want to eat up 25% of my sd card for one app. Think I might stick with Google it's free and it's less memory. The app did look cool though

went to the website and the Eris isn't compatible but the Hero is? Isn't the same phone? Oh well like I said I stick with Google maps for free.

I am on the road every day all week. I use my GPS all the time. I would love to win a copy of the license.(crash0515)

Its great to have the option to save maps on the phone when traveling to areas with spotty or no data coverage. I can't wait to try it off road.

Even on wifi I am not sure the 7 day trial will be enough to download the app/maps AND give it a once over. Looks cool though.

After I cleared all that space off of my SD card, I'm gonna let the download finish (now at 39% after nearly 4 hours over Wifi). My recommendation was going to be regional maps for the US just based on the 2.6 GB size, and that was before the download even started.

Update: after about 7 hours, it just stopped cold at 58%. Not sure if I have the patience to try again...

My first attempt at downloading a map failed (I cancelled it after it stalled for 30 minutes). Second attempt went fine. I wouldn't plan on starting a map download without a charger and power source nearby, or without planning of your phone staying put for several hours.

Wow, after 3 hrs downloading USA map only have 33% of the 2GB file. Ran a speed test right before that for my wifi connection which was 10.9 Mbps....go figure.

Uninstalled. This app had chewed through 31% of by battery one hour after I installed it (HTC Desire). Very very poorly written. Seems like it's constantly polling your GPS system. The phone was really hot too by the time I uninstalled it.

There needs to be a PC/Mac option for downloading maps..6 hours of WiFi download time on my Droid X. The overall feel of the app is very user friendly. Knowing that this is not a full blown GPS, it does the job nicely for a phone app. So far no heat issues on my X. (TC22)

Yeah been downloading US maps since 11pm last night. It's now 6:30am meaning I've been downloading for 7.5 hours and I'm only 36% done and I'm hooked into WiFi......39KB/s. I thought surely after awhile it would speed up but honestly where are these servers and why are they taking this long. The map file is 2,677.10MB total....at 39KB/s. At this speed it should take about 19.5 hours to get all the maps.....no thank you.

I started the install.. then ran into the slow servers or whatever the problem is. On WiFi, fast line. Hell, I figured my 7 days will be up by the time it is installed :-). Fix this problem and maybe I will try it.


Eight and a half hours downloading on wifi and only at 60 percent. I wonder how many customers this drives away? Nice looking program but I dont think I'll waste my time on this contest and I certainly wont be buying this.

Definitely a veeeeeerry long, huge download. I stopped it after a short time so that I can get to my wifi and charger at home. Starbuck's wifi is not very reliable.

I cannot seem to get the app to do anything productive at all. I was able to download the zulu voice (don't ask me why) but I cannot access any type of navigation. Also when I try to set up my home address I can't type in my address and have it entered, never mind saved anywhere.

The app looks like it has a lot of potential. The idea is really a great one and since the guys here at AC are pretty high on it I would really like to try it. I am going to wait until I download the monster North America Map and see if I am able to navigate anywhere. Then I will give my true opinion.

Any input from the developers?

Ok, update. I gave up on the U.S. Map download. My download kept freezing over my wifi at home. 3 GB ota or over wifi is kind of ridiculous. I agree with many of you that a PC download would make this worth it but otherwise it's just another app.

I cannot even comment on how the app was since I could not download anything worth using. I feel bad because I really wanted to try this but I just cannot bring myself to go through all the effort to use it.

I downloaded the app. Seems like the UI is a little slow on my N1. I then tried to download the US maps 3GB file. I tried downloading it on 3G and was only getting like 25-30kbps, so I tried my work's wifi and then the wifi at my house. But the wifi wasn't much faster. I can only determine that the servers hosting the map files are either overloaded or using dial up. In the end, I was unable to download the necessary maps to properly test this program. From what little I have been able to test, I would say this program isn't even worth a $1 let alone the steep price for the US maps. I am not entering the contest. It's a shame cause I have been looking for something like this for quite some time now.

Wow, they really need to make the maps available (trial & buy) from their site via PC download. The unbelievably slow download of the maps would only be tolerated by we freebie hoping Android heads. They will lose business if they don't. Haven't even had a chance to check out the app with maps since I'm on my second nite of trying to download the USA maps.

I finally got the whole download to work. When I restarted today, it tried to resume the download and would immediately crash to the home screen. There is no way to delete the map or restart the DL from the app, so I uninstalled AND deleted the folder on the SD card (it doesn't do that by default). After reinstalling the app, I was able to start a new download and it finished in about 6 hours. I'll give it a try tomorrow and see if it was worth the trouble!

This has to be the worst navigation app I've tried... two days to download map, graphics too small to read while driving! Co-Pilot Live is a much better navigation app that allows you to download maps to pc then USB to phone. Much better graphics.

Tried it out today and was really pleased with the performance of the app itself; exited out of it and turned off my phone (at about 95+% battery). Four hours later, my phone was dying - and NDrive had been responsible for 57% of my battery use. While it was "off." Now, I understand how Android app management works, so this seems like a developer issue to me...