Improved navigation, live updating and photos section all included

The popular WeatherBug app has just undergone quite a redesign in the Play Store today, bringing in a completely new interface. The overall experience better follows current Android design guidelines, with a tabbed interface that makes it easy to get between current weather, forecasts and detailed information with just a swipe. Further functions and navigation are handled behind a slide-in panel from the right, and the overflow bar at the top takes care of the rest.

On the content side there are "tiles" in the interface that stay up to date with the latest data, a new photos area where you can view shots of the area and different background themes for the whole app. It's a big visual refresh that certainly looks nice to our eyes, and drastically improves usability of the whole app. You can take a look at the free version of WeatherBug from the Play Store link above, or grab the paid version right here as well.

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MobileNick says:

Just updated. Looks superb!

almahix says:

Do not like it at all. Installed WeatherUnderground. It gives me all that WeatherBug doesn't anymore.

BasPilot says:

What's that? (Said another way) What is available on that app that ins't available on WeatherBug?

Surface weather is pretty sufficiently covered. Of what would you like more?

The update looks nice, but I'm disappointed that the widgets haven't been updated.

Yeah me too

Spork1673 says:

looks nice but ill stick with my weather on my HTC ONE

Update is looking great and the functionality is there. Glad to see Weather Apps making a push in the Play Store...FINALLY!

junglejunkie says:

Long overdue, now they need to update their widgets.

IBM Kid says:

Says it isn't compatable with my Note 2. :( Maybe it is the custom rom I am using but it is still wierd.

Must be your ROM. Mine is working fine.

BasPilot says:

I'm stock and running the app just fine.

Ready to root and multi-window more.... but not ready ready.... ready...

rits2011 says:

Eye In The Sky is the best one for me. Great widgets too.

rookiegenius says:

nice. Looks like Im gona switch back to this

Gearu says:

Weatherbug... Isn't this that virus we had to uninstall from Vista?

I thought Vista was the virus. It was just too badly-written to reproduce.

Really interface play a key role to attract the peoples.Stunning step to upgrade Weatherbug two thumbs up!!!

Patricia Sweeney work at in Dubai

deadlock4400 says:

@Andrew Martonik

Thanks for the post.

It's a really light weight and cool apps.

Thanks in Advance

Barry Crosby says:

does look nice ..(good update) need the widgets updated .but its all about eye in the sky

Chondog says:

Too bad my version from the Amazon app store hasn't updated yet. I so regret paying for apps with Amazon.

Wobblin30 says:

Free app of the day for me. Let's see how long it takes until the update hits Amazon.

webby_s#AC says:

Great update but we lost the radar widget or am I not finding it? That's why I bought this app how many years ago, RADAR Widget where are you?

Looks much better than when The Weather Channel updated their app recently. That update was what switched me to Weatherbug.

RoseWaring1 says:

Cool update,great thing is that all important things are included in the interface, that makes quite user-friendly.

Rose Warning worked at app oriented company California

bumpandrun says:

Have used weatherbug since I got my first Evo. Love it and the new update.