Epic 4G at Best Buy

They isn't the real deal, and they surely aren't activated, but if you have a hankering to get your mitts on an Epic 4G to see what all the fuss is about, try hitting your local Best Buy.  Thats where these lovely dummy units were spotted, just hanging out on their leash for anyone to fondle.  Our roving ninja Keith, (an Epic junkie if there ever was) says the dummy units feel pretty close to the real deal, minus the area around the space key, so you'd have a pretty good idea what the next two years year will feel like as you talk, text and play those 3D games.  

If you're out and about, take a look and see if your local Best Buy has the Epic on display, and let us know in the comments!  Look after the jump to see another pic, with all of Best Buy's pricing information.

Epic 4G at Best By -- pricing


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Want an Epic hands on a few days early? Check your local Best Buy


i've got a Captivate and I'm really happy with it.. and btw GPS works fine for me after a few tweaks.. screen is awesome..
put LauncherPro on it.. add a few necessary utilities
and hopefully sooner instead of later 2.2 and flash.. awesome phone.

too bad Sprint didn't offer a galaxy s without the keyboard ..
i mighta stayed with them.. keyboards are useless and annoying to me and make the phone fatter and heavier to boot so .. no way

and since i dont use a lot of 3g or minutes ATT saves me considerable money compared to verizon (15-25/month)... and the att 3g around here is consderably faster than verizon 3g as well when i do need it

I wonder why the Epic boots a lot faster than the Captivate? There is no way I could sign up with ATT to go back to monitoring my uage. With Sprint it's basically unlimited everything and the family plan is so cheap compared to ATT and Verizon.

I saw one today plus a couple other Samsung s phones. I prefer the X feels more a real phone.

Why in the world would anyone do that? Because the fascinate has a front facing camera, 4g, qwerty keyboard, and a cheaper everything plan?
Oh wait, it doesn't have any of those things that the Epic DOES have.

Anyway, they also had these dummy phones in the Radio Shack/Sams Club in my city.

because they don't want a fat heavy phone with a keyboard they don't need or want... and they'll probably never use flash or the front cam other than to see that it actually works

you already know some people can't help but be negative...I feel like this,,,ok,ok, we get it, you don't like it. Fine. Don't buy it! But it's crazy when people try to dissuade others with their negativity on a clearly awesome device. We have a word for those types....HATERS!!!!!

they're all the same basic phone moron.. it's a matter of features and network .. and my comments were highly positive towards the galaxy s in general. if you want a keyboard .. you need a ffc.. 4g.. etc.. get the epic.. you'll be happy with it

There are a bunch of reviews on the Web, every video I saw was impressive. Every article I read was positive. Check out some of the videos...I think it's a win for Sprint. Shoot! A win for Android as well...

If you are on Sprint its a real exciting time. With two of the best if not THE best Android handsets around...4G, unlimited data...I have the Evo now,,,and I don't mind the $10 premium data charge one bit. And that is without 4G. I use this device that much. Go Android and Go Sprint!!!!

I actually got to play with a working unit at a local "Shack" and it was a nice experience... It was really heavy though...which isn't a problem for me as im a evo owner. But it felt a lot more dense. The screen is absolutely amazing... And the phone was blazing fast... Definetly a five star phone.

The Epic is actually in stock at Radio Shack. But when they try to activate it, the Sprint system says you can't activate it till tuesday.

thats BS because i got my Epic 2 days ago at RS sams club and i activated it no problem... they just said that because they arent alowed to ring them up till tuesday.. i even sold 2 already to close friends.. its all bout who u know

I just left Best Buy and played with the fake model - Its not to big to me 1st impressions and I am so ANXIOUS for Tuesday @ 10am lol I feel like a big kid but I am READY for a new phone I had the HTC Touch Pro and didn't realize how much I LOVED landscape qwerty Keyboards - then I got the Pre and while its not "bad" im ready for something new and I miss the landscape keyboard....but all in all I don't say this often or care bout phones to much but the Epic has REALLY caught my EYE and I can feel this phone will do GREAT!I love Sprint! I wish them Well!

I only wish I could get Sprint phones at Best Buy around here. Never understood why they can't sell Sprint in WA. We've got The Shack, but that just isn't the same.

Best Buy down here in Vancouver, WA sells Sprint, that's where I get all my phones. I'm currently waiting for a replacement Evo, but if it doesn't come in soon, I may pick up one of these Epic's, they are looking kinda nice.

I am thinking about buy the Epic 4g at a Best Buy but I was wondering what is the difference between buying it at a Best Buy vs a Sprint store? Other than no mail in rebates, are there anything I should be aware of with Best Buy? Thanks in advance.

I'm on the wait list at Best Buy for the Evo. I asked those same questions. As far as a I can tell, there's no difference. Sprint sells their phones from their own inventory. Best Buy purchases all their phones from Sprint (or at least that's what I was told). Since Best Buy owns the phones, they can do what they want with the pricing which is why you'll see a difference.

You still have the same 30 days to return the phone as you do when buying in a Sprint store.

It's no wonder our society is failing. People mash-bashing over which is the better phone!? Forgetting that we all have a CHOICE? The iPhone is nice. The Droids are nice. As are the Evo, Vibrant, Captivate, Epic and so on and so forth. It's a matter of personal CHOICE. You're worse than children, really. At least they don't know any better until taught. But wait....how many 13 year olds do we have here really? Bashing phones they could never own without their parent's credit card or last years Christmas/birthday money. And if they are here, what are they being taught? It's actually quite tiring to read the same thing over and over again. If you don't like it, state your preference and move on. Please!

Vented and done. Please proceed.

Looks like the perfect device for the physical QWERTY lover. Doesn't look much thicker at all than my GSVibrant (Bell) and the keys are fricken' huge!

If you are considering one or on the fence I suggest going to local store and playing with one for a bit when they have live demo on display. I went to BB on release day for mine and as skeptical as I was of touchwiz that was quickly put to rest. Feels as much Android as the N1 I played with a while back with bigger brighter more vibrant screen. 56-59 FPS!!!

No GPS issues for me. Like was said. When driving with GMaps can fall a tiny bit behind but always catches up and with GNav is right on the money.

I love HTC's designs but they do have some catching up to do now. The performance of these GS's is going to be tough to beat especially when 2.2 rolls out.

Good luck to all you potential new owners and hope it is every bit of what you need and look forward to hearing your impressions when you finally put it down long enough to post here.

as soon as I saw this I headed down to my best buy, and BAM there it was. The Epic. And it was Epic. Except for the fact that it was a dummy phone. I finally understand what everyone is raving about with the keyboard. It was click-ish like my old blackberry (which was awesome for texting).

Oh, Epic, I'll hold you in my arms on wednesday.

I already own my Epic. it in my opinion is far superior to the Evo.. I also have another 6 available for sale at my store that arent preordered @ sprint in Staten Island mall...

Just curious...better than the Evo how? I considered the Epic prior to getting my Evo, but really wasn't feeling the sideways kb. But other than that,the Touchwiz and the screen, it sounds like both phones are pretty comparable in their basic features and abilities.

I actually really protest to that notion. I, working for Best Buy Mobile, have to shovel all the crap out of peoples bills all the time. Random charge here. Way over minutes there. We try to downsize the bill rather than tacking on useless feature after useless feature.

How Much are you guys seen the phone prices down here in Miami its 349.99 with a 100 dollar mail in rebate i think its a little bit to much i really want the phone thought i have a my touch slide 3g and i love its a real solid phone but i really really like this epic its looks like its going to the be the NUMBER one android phone for a while ... well atleast till tmobile rolls out that DUO core aka PROJECT emerald .