The Walking Dead

Telltale Games has announced the studio will be developing Season 3 for its Walking Dead series of games. Unfortunately, while details are non-existent as to what will be contained in the game, as well as a release date, it's pleasing for fans to know that Season 3 will be coming to supporting platforms.

Numerous sources are expecting a 2015 release, simply because Telltale Games has both Borderlands and Game of Thrones to get through this year. Also, before we see Season 3, there are still two more episodes to hit this year for the current Season of The Walking Dead, so we'll have to play through those before seeking a follow-up.

The Walking Dead Season 2 by Telltale Games is available on Google Play. We'll keep you updated as to when Season 3 hits participating platforms and stores. Are you excited for the next instalment?

Source: IGN


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The Walking Dead Season 3 confirmed by Telltale Games


Sweet. Not a big gamer, but I really like these games. Well put together and a good campanion game for the TV show. Different story line, but familiar terms and scenarios.

There is only 1 episode left of Season 2. Episode 4 came out on Tuesday last week. Super excited for the 5th episode.

Great to hear there will be a third season, the story is very well written.

I just wish they would either lengthen the episodes or double upin theamount ofepisodes instead of having the 2 month period wait in between episodes