In case the images and eye candy weren't enough, here's a few minutes of the shiny new Sony Xperia S in action. Enjoy!


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Video hands-on with the Sony Xperia S


I've never owned or even played with a Sony smartphone, but I really like the looks of their new phones! I don't mind custom software if they do it right. I always preferred sense roms on my Incredible over stock android (although not for the launcher, always used ADW EX). But I'm not missing either right now on my Nexus with ICS.

Sony should fire those knuckleheads who show their phones. In order for the camera to open while using the designated camera button you have to hold down the button for a couple of seconds, this protects the camera from opening up while in your pocket. That is a bad ass phone, the phones just keep getting better. This is a great time to be a tech geek.