We just took a quick look through the Sony Ion in some images, but everyone really wants to see the thing in action, right? Well, check out the video above to see some initial thoughts on the device, and did we say it is slim, and fast?

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Acelx says:

Looks like a Droid RAZR mix with a Samsung GS2 device.. with UI features from both

planoman says:

Looks nice! Sony stepping things up! I like the dedicated camera button! 12 MP Camera!...and you know the sensor is good!

Definitely a successor to the X10 as opposed to the ARC line.Maybe because of the LTE radio? That camera/videocam + screen will be awesome.

I miss being able to call it a Sony "Ericsson" device.

eprisencc says:

Who would buy a phone now without ICS?

IceDree says:

Maybe ICS built wasn't ready at the right time to show it in CES , Remember Last year's CES , Devices Launched with FroYo