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You can toss this one onto your Google calendar -- Verizon will sunset its 2G and 3G CDMA networks nearly a decade from now. After recently announcing at CTIA MobileCON that it will launch its 400th LTE market 2 months ahead schedule, Verizon is talking about when CDMA will finally go the way of the dinosaurs.

The network report from FierceWireless expresses that this decade-early heads up on the CDMA sunset is important mostly for machine-to-machine (M2M) applications, and not necessarily for consumers. Verizon has been pushing LTE harder than any other carrier lately -- and already plans to start rolling out VoLTE as soon as possible -- so we'd expect most customers to move to LTE well before 2021.

Source: FierceWireless


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Verizon will sunset 2G and 3G CDMA networks by 2021


Not much of a shocker.. will be awesome to have only LTE in the future. I wonder when we get to see VoLTE start becoming more mainstream. I also wonder how SMS/MMS will work.

I'm pretty sure it will either work through LTE like everything else, or by then it just may be eclipsed by sending holograms instead.

I'm wondering how much data VoLte is going to use with families on tiered data when it starts next year. Kind of douchie for vzw to make people pay $40 for smartphones with unlimited call and text, then pay data tiers on top of that, and then calls will be using the lte data stream. So why will people need to pay $40 for unlimited calls and text if its over data? Will they be separated, and can they still have free nights and weekends?
Sounds like just another way to jack up bills for data, glad I still have unlimited, for now.

I'm interested in what tech will follow LTE. Think about when we all get older and the next generation starts talking to us like LTE is so slow.

Was there never a viable, cost-effective 3G voice technology? I don't understand why /2G/ hasn't been deprecated by now. I mean, 3G has been around for as long as anyone's been on any kind of contract with time to spare, yet 2G is still /everywhere/. I'm sure there's a reason, I just don't know what it is.

its very simple actually, for those kind of places that only still have 2G, it would have been money better spent to spread the 3G (or now 4G)around to more populated areas. as many people dont even have to think about it, just in the past year, 3G just got out to where my father lived! and every where else, they are fighting for every bit of bandwidth they can get, and while it may not make that big of a difference, i'm sure in heavily populated areas, it keeps a lot of #g bandwidth cleared up and available.

if it wasn't cost effective for them to do it, they most likely wouldn't do it the way that they do.

What a pointless and ridiculous announcement by vzw HAHAHA

**In Abraham Lincoln's voice** "In just under a decaaaade.....WE WILL HAVE NEW TECHNOLOGY!!".... *CHEERS CHEERS CROWD GOES WILD*

for the love of god -__________________-


STFU Verizon. Do you really expect us to believe that you have any clue what will be happening nine years from now? It was only three years ago that Verizon sold off all of their landline divisions and become a purely wireless provider, and they didn't even start building their LTE network until two years ago. Even now, Verizon is already hedging and saying that they'll give their M2M customers "several years" beyond the 2021 date to get their acts together.

Dear Verizon, I have no problem with you killing off 2G/3G a decade from now. I just hope that by then your coverage map has NO WHITE in it. I mean LOOK at West Virginia, Idaho and Nevada. Even if you don't care about potential customers that live in those blanked out areas think about the customers that DRIVE THROUGh or VISIT those areas.