Verizon Moto X

Black and white models available at launch; no pricing or details given.

Verizon has announced today on its official Twitter account that it will carry both black and white versions of the Moto X, along with "Moto Maker" customizable models later this year. AT&T dropped a bit of a disappointing news on us this afternoon when it announced that it would be the exclusive partner for Motorola's new Moto Maker service, which gives you access to all of those crazy colors, cases and engravings for the Moto X.

While the details of the exclusivity aren't known at the moment, we know that it will end by the end of this year and be heading to at least Verizon. Beyond this little bit of news on color options, Verizon isn't yet spilling the beans on what its pricing or availability will be. We can make a good guess at the former — $199 on-contract most likely — but don't have any idea on the latter.

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Verizon will have Moto X 'Moto Maker' customization later this year


It's funny how everyone is tearing into Verizon about this, but have overlooked the fact:

Google/Motorola is the one that agreed to this deal, not Verizon or any other carriers.

I'm pretty sure if they all had the choice, the customization would have been available across the board. Honestly, AT&T probably paid through the nose to have this feature exclusive for a while.

I know that ATT got the exclusive thing going but seriously, what is up with Verizon being so late to every party recently? I hold the One up as a perfect example.

Recently? Where have you been.. It's always late with the useless CDMA carrier.

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Only for people who hate the (better hardware/same price) flagships from samsung, htc, sony, and lg, but love android.

By the end of the year nobody will give a toss about the Moto X because there will be other, better phones on the market.

I currently have an upgrade available on VZW and there are just no devices at all that jump out at me. The HTC One seems to never be coming, the new Droids aren't interesting, and the Moto X is nearly identical to them at a ridiculous price. My contract is up in November and I'm seriously considering jumping to another carrier. So torn.

I agree with you about jumping ship. Verizon's network is by far the best in my area but I am tired of not getting any of the cool phones or deals. There is no question that I would be rocking a nexus 4 if I was on a GSM network. I think I have finally made up my mind to leave Verizon.

before you leave any carrier, test drive the others. ATT and Tmo may be so crappy that you are just hurting yourself.

At&t works pretty good and has service all around me. Its just nobody around here uses Verizon. So At&t 4g speeds test out around 5Mbps and Verizon 4g speeds tests out to around 35-40Mbps. Verizon is amazingly fast in my area. So I would be sacrificing amazing data speeds for options.

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And go 20 miles outside of most major metropolitan cities on T-Mobile, and you drop to EDGE (2G) or no coverage. Their own coverage maps show as much. "Useless"? I think you've got that backwards.

If you are that shallow to leave a carrier just because it doesn't have a "cool" phone then...all I can say is I'm sorry for you.

Feel sorry all you want, but at the end of the day I will get what I want and not what is simply offered.

My upgrade is due 8/19/2013 and contract end in December 2013.

But, I just added an S4 to the account and it is pretty smooth. I am waiting on the new Droids and possible Nexus this fall. That is, if my Galaxy Nexus holds up.

The S4 line was just switched from Sprint.

I hope for your (verizon & Sprint customers) that there is a N5 in your future, but I wouldnt hold my breath. I seriously doubt that it will happen. Maybe an N6

We are on the exact time frame and my gnex is falling apart by the day. Hope I can make it til November. I have to change, with no unlimited in my future at Verizon.

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I'm in the same situation with my Galaxy Nexus. I'm eligible for an upgrade but nothing Verizon currently offers interests me. Meanwhile, I'm closely monitoring news as to which carrier(s) will get the Nexus 5--as well as the 32gb Moto X.

My wife's iPhone and a relative's non-smartphone are also on my Verizon account; both devices are eligible for upgrades. I'm currently not in a two-year period with any of the phones.

I've been with Verizon for many years; after the Galaxy Nexus fiasco, however--and if Verizon doesn't step up to the plate with some good Android phones--it won't take much for me to jump ship to a different carrier.

I've also been sitting on an upgrade for a while. I went and bought a used S3 on ebay just to tide me over when my original Droid RAZR died. I hate the feel of the S3. I kind of agree that the new droids aren't that interesting, but are they really that different from the X? The internals are very similar (both use the X8 system on a chip)and the software features are pretty similar as well. I guess the reduction in bloatware is a big win for the X. I'll probably wait until Verizon releases the specifics of pricing and availability before I decide. Just trying to figure out why I don't just go buy a Droid.

Just buy a Note III and then run like hell laughing! My Note II has really been the best phone I've ever had owned since the original Sprint launch of their network.

I jumped ship. Moved to TMobile for the Nexus 4. Five months late I'm back on VZ with my S4. Phone options are great but coverage is numero uno for me.

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verizon knows their new droid line will outsell this overhyped phone. they also know something new will be coming out by fall/winter to where itll "blow away" the X which is prolly why theyre not so focused on having the X available so soon.

Didn't VZW twitter say they will have the HTC one also? Screw the X where the hell is the One?

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Seems they will or are using the same strategy to push their Droid phones on those waiting for the Moto X. Then they will stop supporting the phone a year later without any updates.

I just hope my gnex holds out.. been around the block and back.. I guess no wireless charging on either the x or new droids?

The Droid line offers a better all around device. The Droid Maxx sends the Moto X home crying to it's mommy.

MotoX: I have have a 2200 mah battery, and you can get me in pink or oak back.

Droid Maxx: Oh that's so cute, I have a 3800 mah battery. Carbon Fiber back and wireless charging 32 gig of ram. And I can do all the fancy shit you can do.

So go ahead and keep your pink case and pretty blue buttons (which will be hell for resale value). I intend to not have premature battery ejaculation.

But what about the fact that the Maxx has a 5-inch 720p screen? That's what's holding me back from the Maxx.

Am I wrong in saying that the moto x is closer to a pure android experience than the new Droid line? If so, this will be the closest thing to a nexus on Verizon and I miss my nexus. Sure I've got an AOSP ROM on my note II but there's a lot to be said about software that's optimised for the hardware. This phone doesn't seem all that bad to me.

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Don't know how it'll be any closer as motoblur on the current razr line is already just AOSP with a few exclusive widgets and apps. And both the new Droid line and X will be getting similar software, ie the always on voice stuff. I see the new droid ultras as bigger, better X phones.

Doesn't matter what Motorola offers ever again. I was a loyal Motorola user and had the choice of the GS or Photon 4G. I chose the latter. I had my Photon 4G less than four months when the next best came out and another three before Motorola said they'd never update the firmware again. Same thing they always do. The minute the next best comes out, they drop updates on their previous lines like a hot potato. So to heck with Motorola.

Wow moto and Google really screwed the the pootch on this. "Moto X, designed by you. (If you have at&t)" they just blew there biggest selling point with a huge market.

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Holding off for the ebony backing option. Hopefully that will launch when Verizon launches Moto Maker

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Dang, well hopefully the play store or motorola sells the Verizon version with customization option available. I'll be buying my next phone off contract

Do they keep up with anyone we get stuff 6 months after it comes to everyone else

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Does it really matter? On vzw, I'm much more interested in the Droid Ultra line than the X at the moment. Att gets the cool customization option to the X and vzw gets the Droid lineup. It's all about the exclusives. Droid MAXX trumps the X in my book. Similar/better hardware than the X and much bigger batteries with similar unique software.