Verizon to crack down on heaviest users of unlimited data

If you've managed to stay on an unlimited data plan on Verizon, you might soon notice that your speeds beginning to slow down if your using a lot of data . A limited set of customers will fall under the umbrella of Verizon's so-called "Network Optimization" policy, which Verizon says is not throttling. The shift impacts customers in a very specific set of circumstances, according to Verizon:

Starting in October 2014, Verizon Wireless will extend its network optimization policy to the data users who: fall within the top 5 percent of data users on our network, have fulfilled their minimum contractual commitment, and are on unlimited plans using a 4G LTE device. They may experience slower data speeds when using certain high bandwidth applications, such as streaming high-definition video or during real-time, online gaming, and only when connecting to a cell site when it is experiencing heavy demand.

Are you affected by Verizon's policy shift? Let us know below in the comments.

Source: Verizon

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Verizon to put some limits on unlimited data


I'm actually surprised they took this long, quarter after quarter with record profits and growth, Verizon seems not to be affected at all with all of their greedy actions, I'm a customer of thiers and is the service which keeps me tied, the day they force off unlimited, I'll start looking for a different provider but Sprint and T-Mo just don't work for me.

Which would be about the same price with less coverage in my area, so that's why I'm kinda stuck with Verizon, I've been able to upgrade my lines one by one and keep unlimited through Best Buy, yeap they can do alternate upgrades and keep unlimited as long as you have a dumbphone line where to transfer the available upgrade to, so I'm okay for a while ;)

So your threat to leave Verizon is baseless? Seems like they can do what they want and you'll be forced to stay. Lol.

To bad that most people use their WiFi connection to keep their data usage low, which in turn makes Verizon charge more for less because on average most people don't use that much data.

It's amazing how normal people complain about the stupid things they do to themselves.

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According to your scenario, that would mean that the top 5% of users that get throttled don't actually have to use a whole lot of data.

I'm sure that varies a lot from market to maket... VZW's throttling has at least made far more sense than AT&T's IMO. No dog in the fight tho, I'm on Sprint, often using 10GB a month, works great in my area.

Impulses I feel you.
My data usage a month averages out to a little over 30Gb.

I do about 10Gbs a month just downloading podcasts so I can put my phone in airplane mode while at work.

Posted from my "KNOX-FREE" 4.3 Sprint GS3 Maxx...!!! (PREPAID)

So what you are saying is that Verizon would charge us less for more data if people used more data on their network instead of wifi?

No. Don't think so. Simple rule of economics: if demand goes up, price goes up.

There is a reason unlimited data isn't offered by the two biggest carriers. Like John Legere said:

It is because:
1) They can't (network, pricing, whatever reason why..)
2) They won't
3) Both of the above

That's why they charge more for data. That's why they got rid of unlimited. That's why unless people flock AWAY from AT&T and Verizon, consumers will see the same dang thing going on from those two year after year.

First they raise prices, then raise activation fees, then get rid of unlimited data, then have shared data plans for high prices, then (at first) launch installment billing plans that don't give you a discount on service, and now throttle their unlimited users.

It won't stop unless consumers stop giving money to them. Simple as that.

yes sir u are correct. ppl know this an still complain when they do have other carriers to flock to. i just feel sorry for the areas customers dont have a choice really in the matter. for those of u who have a choice what are u waiting for??? make the switch take ur number with u and say bye bye to being booty raped with no condom and vaseline.

I'm pretty sure Verizon has been doing this under the table for awhile now. Over the past year, I've noticed my data speeds getting knocked down to almost nothing when I go over about 4 GB of data or when I stream a lot of stuff all in one day.

Screw you Verizon. It's things like this that have me dumping your network at the end of this month

Im on unlimited as well and the past 6 months I've noticed my phone dropping to 3G at my home when it has a decent 4G LTE connectivity because i'm 5-6 miles away from 2 different 4G towers. It never did this with my Samsung Galaxy nexus, but does now with my GS3

It's only if you're in an area of high demand. Once you leave that area then you won't be throttled.

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Do you actually believe that? This is Verizon we're talking about. Their release is vague they can do whatever they want. And how would any user ever prove otherwise?

We won't know for sure until October gets here. If you're in the middle of nowhere and you have full signal but notice slow speeds then complain but until then we can't do much.

OK, who exactly wants to be in the middle of nowhere, and WHO is going to be in said location like, "yeah! Check out my signal man! I can totally insta this nothingness! Alright!!"

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/Raises hand/

I often have to travel to BFE to oversee production startup of new product in rural factories.

2 or 3 evenings in a small town hotel when the factory whistle blows at 2:30pm... Luckily, I can average 30 to 50 Mbps on VZW because their network extends across the country.


How long does it take to run through 2Gbs of data at between 30 to 50Mbps?

Well I found out.

Using Network Monitor Widget Pro and Wi-Fi Direct, I was averaging 35 to 40Mbps transfer speeds.

It took about 10 minutes to transfer the the new Transformers movie from one phone to the other.

Verizon and their 10 minutes of data!?!

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Pretty sure its already happening. In the past, I never had issues with YouTube and buffering.. Recently, I cannot even watch a 3 min clip without it pausing and buffering. I average around 9 gigs a month. So I best believe my speeds are being throttled as I speak.

I had posted the same issue on another post. The one about the new YouTube App. Ppl said it was because of network overload... I disagreed. Rather I was being throttled BC of 4+ gig a month usage

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T-Mobile throttles all of their plans except the very top truly unlimited plan. The rest of their plans still have unlimited data, but are throttled after X amount of data.

If they do I don't notice it. On tmobile you only get throttled after you hit whatever plan you have. On unlimited lte they don't throttle. I hit 30mbps at work every day. If they are throttling as long as I keep getting that speed I'm ok with that.

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How can you know what is a high demand area or not? If Verizon dos it all the time, how could you prove them wrong if they claimed you were in a high demand area?

High demand area, I live in a big city. The entire city is in high demand.

>I'm the kind of guy who stops a microwave at one second to feel like a bomb defuser.

Lately I have noticed my data speeds fluctuate at home, so it seems they are already throttling the speeds. At work I am in a XTE zone and speeds are the same.I fall into the >5GB per month, unlimited data, and not under contract.

And if you're under contract you don't have anything to worry about. I'll admit that I took advantage of the unlimited data glitch last September and got unlimited until next year so I don't have anything to worry about. But at the same time its another way to get everyone off unlimited data and onto shared data plans.

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There was a "glitch" last year that allowed people to sign up for an unlimited data plan through Verizon's website. Many people took advantage of it before it was taken down. If I remember correctly, Verizon promised to honor those new contracts, even though they pointed out that the plan should not have been listed as an option on the website.

I don't plan on ever not being on contract so I don't care about this. I still love Verizon

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Same here coverage for me in middle TN is awesome

Posted from my Nexus 7 2013 running Android L or Samsung galaxy S5

Theyll remove the loophole where you move the upgrade to another phone to stay under contract and keep your unlimited data. Just wait...

Good thing I transfered my upgrade this afternoon and ordered a g3 on my wifes line.

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I'm fine with Verizon. I don't need unlimited. I don't have a problem with paying for home Internet service. I have plenty of access to wifi between home and work.

Not everyone does, though. Even if if they do, it's not always a good option. I have WiFi where I work, but the speed is so bad you can't even stream a song without it re-buffering every 10 seconds.

Exactly, I work in a car for 8hrs a day.

>I'm the kind of guy who stops a microwave at one second to feel like a bomb defuser.

And why is that? Because there are a lot of people using it to unnecessarily stream HD video and crap all day long and probably without any "network optimization policy". It might otherwise have very decent capacity. So that is EXACTLY the same thing as a cell tower with dozens of "unlimited" users streaming stuff and everyone on the tower getting crappy speeds even doing something like trying to get a simple website to load or get directions somewhere.

Yes, they could spend more money on either system to increase the bandwidth, but there is never any limit to that- it will just get eaten up again. People sometimes act like network resources are unlimited, they are not. Effective traffic shaping is important... although it shouldn't be used to the extreme of never upgrading transmit and backhaul bandwidth.

Ehh, a big corporation's willingness to invest in added capacity to keep up with demand always seems to lag everything else... With wireless carriers I'm willing to cut them some slack, getting permits for towers and all that jazz is genuinely hard and each there's still competition driving everything. I've got no pity for cable cos and other broadband services who purposely carved out territories to create monopolies tho... There's tons of fiber around the country going unused cause of bureaucracy, and places it'll never get to cause of even more bureaucracy.

Me too. I have access to ComCrap wifi hotspots but they are often slow. If they are good by the time I stream a few hours of audio they crash. My work does not have wifi for security reasons.

We've all be waiting for it. Surprised it didn't come sooner honestly.

That being said, I hardly ever exceed 2GB on my unlimited plan, so I wouldn't expect to be in the top 5%. Hopefully my new Chromecast doesn't change that.

Are you running your chromecast off of your phone's hotspot? If not, chromecast will have no affect on your mobile data, it streams from your home's internet connection (modem->router->chromecast). Your phone just sends the internet streaming address to the chromecast.

So they stated it was for those who "Have fulfilled their minimum contract term". When I swap my upgrade to my wifes line to upgrade to keep my unlimited data my line should then be under contract. So per their terms they shouldn't be allowed to throttle my line and if they do they are breaking the contract, right?

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No. If your line is unlimited, the only way to get it back under contract is to upgrade your phone by purchasing a subsidized device, which requires you to switch to a shared plan. You can buy a device at full retail, which will keep you on unlimited, but then you aren't under contract and therefore subject to throttling.

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I can transfer my upgrade to my wifes line and upgrade and it wont change my unlimited data. it will push out my eligibilty date for a new upgrade for 2 years and pretty sure puts me in a 2 year contract too even though the upgrade was done on her line.

I will probably do it tonight and if it does indeed put me in contract then yhe second they throttle me they are in violation of the contract and have to let me out of it etf free

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Rumor is they are closing this loophole very very soon by not allowing upgrades to move from unlimited lines.

Closed last year in the indirect channel, if a phone with unlimited data gives its upgrade to another line, unlimited is lost. Same will happen if the phone line with unlimited takes the upgrade from another line.

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That alt upgrades work because technically it's a upgrade for the line you are using to do the upgrade on. Meaning if you have feature phone on the line you are upgrading, and you buy a smartphone, you are putting it on that line the feature phone was on. Then moving the phone to a line on your account or anyone else's for that matter. That line you did the upgrade with has the contract. So they really can't block outside devices like that.

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They have already closed that.

>I'm the kind of guy who stops a microwave at one second to feel like a bomb defuser.

Its Still Available To Process The Alt Upgrade To Keep The Unlimited Data, I Work For The Kiosk In Costco....We Still Do It.

I'm pretty sure if you swap your upgrade date your forced onto a limited plan. Either way, if they break their contact what are you going to do, leave? Lol. That's what they would want since you're probably an expensive customer.

Wrong. I transfered my upgrade to my wifes phone and ordered a new phone on her line. The contract was put on my line but I never had to change data plans on my line. It still has unlimited

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HAHAHAHAHA! this is a joke right? Verizon made over 30 billion in the 2d quarter and this is the thanks the loyal customer gets, well after all they have the best network, now bent over you getting it with out lube.

Completely agree. Let's see what their earnings are like in two years. I can't imagine people are going to stay around. If I hadn't just purchased my phone 6 months ago, I'd be out.

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Well...people screamed and cried and said Verizon was committing suicide when they ended unlimited data as a contract option... I remember people swearing they were going to leave...but they still seem to be going strong.

I suspect that Verizon is aware that their whole network structure - including wireless, landline, and FIOS, are under scrutiny right now because of their FIOS speed issues. They're probably doing this to show regulators they're looking at their whole infrastructure to make sure they can deliver speed. I'm sure this isn't going to have much affect on anybody but the few high-data users in congested areas, but it looks good on paper.

Yep, people swore to never watch baseball after the strike, eat a a restaurant because of their moral beliefs and ditch their carrier. We hate making changes for one reason or another......
Its actually harder than it appears. I make it look easy.

Yeah I managed to do two out of three (restaurant and Carrier) and the other one I do not care enough about...

i can haz cookie?

This is what happens when customers flock to you even when you raise prices and introduce tied data plans. Without lube indeed!

I was with vz from 08 until February and went to tmo because I couldn't stand giving vz my money. Network sucks outside cities but if many people switch they'll be able to get their network upgrades done quicker.
Please join me or frankly don't complain when vz continues to bend you over.

I'm in Sprint because of the price savings. Data speeds suck but at least I'm a couple thousand dollars richer after two years of payments.

I actually get pretty good data speeds with Sprint, but I'm very aware that that may not be the case everywhere in the country. I'm just saying that, if you're losing your unlimited data on Verizon, don't write off Sprint just because "everyone" on the 'net says they suck. They might actually work pretty well for you. I pay $80/month for unlimited *everything* and usually get 6-8mbps down.

I'm on sprint and the 4G here is about 15mbps down on average. Sometimes I reach as high as 20mbps, but its rare.

Aside from their new phone tree stuff, their customer service is actually pretty good too. $198 for 4 lines unilmited everything.

I'm paying $64 a month thanks to a sweet 23% student discount (it's also apparently permanent as long as I don't touch my plan). Sprint LTE in Puerto Rico works super well, even really crowded or low signal areas manage 6-8mbps... I see 15-25mbps pretty often in public places (mall, etc) when it isn't too crowded.

I try to compare speeds with AT&T as often as I can since most of my friends/family are with big blue and they're usually really close, often in favor, except in cases where we're deep indoors at places with few repeaters (some hospitals/offices for instance). No Spark here yet so AT&T often has the edge in those cases cause of their lower frequency use.

Outside of that I'm really really satisfied with Sprint. I believe AT&T suffers from oversaturation here (there's no VZW and only one other major local carrier with big pockets). I keep meaning to try Tmo to check if their coverage has improved (since I do know they do boast nice speeds in places), just haven't gotten around to it.

Actually trying different services to see what works best for you first hand is something far too few people do, and it empowers carriers needlessly.

So, the way a business successfully functions is to do what's best for the majority of its customers, not a handful of heavy users that have been jumping through hoops for years to avoid standard business practices. Nobody is screwing you, they're just telling you that they're gonna stop passing off your share of the bill to everyone else. Want to use more? Pay for more. Want to pay for less? Use less. It's not a drastically complicated concept, and I don't think anyone ever promised you OMGUNLIMITEDDATASFOREVER. Hilarious that people think they deserve unlimited data forever, but their end of the contract is released after the two years. It's almost like contracts are a two way deal.

You knew eventually they were going to squeeze the unlimited data. While I am worried about the Sprint announcement next month, for the time being I will enjoy my FAST LTE on Sprint and hope that the announcement is just about the merger to make T-Mobile and Sprint a real agent of change in the mobile world.

Oh and Joe Keller, you must be lost or trolling hard using an iPhone in the picture

Did I miss any hot button keywords to get myself flamed? Oh wait, the Nexus sucks and the physical home button rules. There that should do it. Well that and Touchwiz is more fluid and better than stock or sense

If you're a current Sprint customer on an unlimited data plan, go to the store and ask them about the "My Way" plan. It was something they were offering at the end of last year, only to existing customers, that promised "Unlimited data for life" for the same amount I was paying before. Basically, they dropped that silly $10/month "high-speed data" fee and the plan is just a straight $80/month for unlimited *everything*. As for the "for life" part, we'll see, but I would at least try and get on that if it's still available.

We still have it, they just try to get us to push the framily crap instead of it, but it's definitely still an option.

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I haven't switched from my old $70 + $10 450 min plan for one big reason... My lifetime 23% student discount, right now it applies to the $70 fee so I end up paying $64 total. Minutes aren't an issue since I have some random perma 300 min bonus and most of my calls are to other mobiles (free), on weekends (free), or past 7pm (free).

No guarantee I get to keep unlimited data "forever" like with the more recent plan but ehh, it's still their biggest differentiator so I'm risking it.

If I were to switch, even tho they advertise it as a single $80 charge or whatever they still break it down into two chunks and suddenly my discount only applies to the smaller half, making it far less attractive. At least that's what I've found any time I looked at it.

Yeah, I get a 20% discount because of my job, but I'm still *way* more concerned about keeping my unlimited data than paying an extra $5 a month ;)

Well, it can be much more than $5, upwards of a $10 difference actually... Right now my 23% discount applies to the $70 portion of my bill (only the $10 data charge isn't included), with some of the newer plans it's like the compete opposite...

Or at least that's what I surmised when I checked it out, it's also possible they could decide to just drop my student discount (less likely for a current employee discount like yours).

Bottom line is, switching plans needlessly just seemed like a big old hassle on the off chance that someday maybe they might decide to drop unlimited data, and that's assuming they even honor this pseudo guarantee.

As we've seen with AT&T and VZW, when a carrier decides to move off unlimited data they're just gonna find all sorts of loopholes to discourage grandfathered customers from sticking with it.

Honestly, if Sprint dropped unlimited and/or I had to pay more than $64/month I'd just start looking at Tmo more strongly, assuming they haven't merged at that point... Which is another reason I figured I'd just stay put for now (plan-wise).

Now if the newer plans actually offered some other tangible incentive to switch, that'd be a different story.

Ehh, I think if the Sprint announcement was about an imminent merger something else would've leaked by now... I don't think they'd make a big deal about it to consumers anyway, not until Softbank was further along in actually merging both networks (long after the business end was completed etc). This announcement in August seems like it's about more consumer-facing news, too early for VoLTE too so I don't have any decent guesses.

I have paid retail price for phones and paid my bill every month. Unlimited means unlimited at the speed that you pay for.

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Unlimited data means you get as much data as you want, they can do whatever they want for speed. I am pretty sure the contract does not state you are guaranteed XX speeds

This is relatively new for Sprint so maybe you'll see those throttled speeds pretty soon. It was supposed to start last month but maybe they haven't worked out the kinks yet. Plus it's supposedly in congested areas only. Either way, you're still limited because you can't download all the data you want because of speed limitations.

I go to NYC (right outside), DC, Philly and Baltimore for work quite often and have not come across anything. Maybe you are right and it just isn't implemented yet.

I do take exception to your limited speed comment, I see 20+ almost all the time. All you really need is 10+ for just about everything and I do not see anything near the .2 speeds that people complain about...

Same here. My speed isn't as good as yours, but I usually get about 6-8mbps down, which is definitely usable. It's a whole lot faster pulling up webpages than my father's iPhone on AT&T, actually.

EDIT: I'm in Houston, TX btw.

most of those speeds are in Harrisburg PA (home). It gets a bit less in NYC and DC but still up there. Its funny about the iPhone thing, my daughter has one and when she goes with me hers seems to be slower than mine. I am not putting the iPhone down just wondering if there is something there....

I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that, despite iOS being smooth because its much better optimized for the specific hardware it runs on than Android, their chip is quite lacking in raw horsepower.

Q1 2014 "the company lost 364,000 pre-paid and 231,000 valuable postpaid customers."

From Fierce Wireless "Analysts expect Sprint to bleed 879K handset subs alone in Q2 amid network upgrade troubles"

Well they were gaining each quarter last year. I guess people are tired of waiting for the network upgrades, especially since service becomes nearly unusable while they're doing the upgrades.

Yeah the last quarter was the first loser in awhile. I really do not think that they will lose that many this year, but it could happen.

I fortunately did not have to go through an upgrade cycle with them. I waited until it was announced in my area to switch.

Note that there is no contract. They have no contractual obligation to the people that this decision affects. You are paying for your service on a month-to-month basis. They gave their notice - they can do whatever the heck they want.

Actually if you look up the definition of unlimited, you are wrong. Unlimited is UNLIMITED in every way, shape or form.

Posted via my Huawei Ascend Mate 2 :)

It's still limited by those speeds. In other words, even Google fiber is limited even though it has 1 gbps. The limit is how much data you could download with that speed if you were downloading continuously at those speeds for a month straight. That's the argument we were making.

yeah but that really does not address the guy I responded to. There is no such thing as an unlimited speed. There are always one limit or another

Yep, I have 4 lines, none of them under contract with unlimited data.
Unlimited, means unlimited. I don't abuse it, but I never connect to WiFi.
WiFi is for people that *DO NOT* have unlimited.
Back in the day, I tried to get them to let my smart phone be on the network with just WiFi.
The answer was that you could not get the real smartphone experience unless you had unlimited data.
So based on THEIR requirement I have always had unlimited data. Now they want it the way I wanted it in the beginning... Not giving up unlimited unless they kick me off.

WiFi is for people who NEED a reliable and secure internet connection at all times. If I didn't work from home occasionally I'd probably be fine tethering.

Verizon is getting fat and greedy. I recently learned that my Verizon Fios at home has been throttling my Netflix just because Netflix refused to pay them to stream over their network.

Getting? Nah, it's not just them. And I think that would fall under the net neutrality issue that is a big black cloud over all of us currently. Didn't realize that they could do that now!

They're not "throttling" exactly. They're just refusing to upgrade their interconnect devices to handle the higher flow-through from Netflix unless Netflix pays. They're not so much "squeezing" the pipe to make Netflix slow. They're just letting the small pipe stay over-capacity and refusing to upgrade it, which is a horrible thing to do to your customers, IMO.

Broadband services pulling that kinda crap is far worse than anything in the mobile industry IMO, since they usually face far less competition (FiOS might face more than most since cable is often still an option). If you gamed the system to eliminate competition you better be doing everything possible to make your service viable, too bad the same government that allowed that kinda thing to happen is now caught in a quagmire.

Not just them. Comcast has been up to it as well. What the FCC decides to do in terms of net neutrality for home and mobile Internet is giving to significantly impact the future of this country.

Posted via Android Central App

Yes, yes I am affected. The ONLY reason I've stuck with Verizon this long is because my parents haven't kicked me off their plan yet. It doesn't surprise me that they're trying to get rid of the few of us that remain. Until October I'm going to stream as much as possible.

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Too bad other carriers cannot get nation wide coverage to a comparable level... ATT is close, but no better from a policy standpoint.

It's because ATT and Verizon keep buying up all the good spectrum. United States is ranked 15th or 16th for speeds but the highest in mobile fees for what you get. We really need some competition. I hope Google Fiber spreads like crazy and they eventually offer cell phone service.
Posted via Ash William's Boomstick

The US is this way because we have a low population density but high demand for nation wide coverage and the income to pay for it.

meh, tmobile and sprint have the spectrum (when they are put together) to implement it. They need the merger to get both their acts together and challenge those other two.

Google can't do it alone we need all the smaller providers to start competing too. One of my friends gets 1 Gbps down and up in Louisiana (LUS Fiber), and I can't get anything better in a bigger city in California.

Google will never be a cell phone provider. Never.

If they were to go that way, T-Mobile was the one to buy. I kinda remember them saying that they never want to get into that end of things (but cannot find the quote). Google Fiber is an entirely different animal.

You mean they aren't already doing this? I can't even watch a freaking low resolution YouTube video. Freaking ridiculous. I purchased my M7 off contact to keep my unlimited, but I'm barely getting a tenth the bandwidth I was six months ago.

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This is only...ONLY for the top 5%? I think I only use 10-20 GB data a month. From what I have seen, I don't think I am 5%'er.

You are definitely top 5%. I sometimes use only 1GB per month and never more than 2GB per month.
Oh, and maybe try actually reading the article.

I would really like to see VZW post data usage from there customers, I'm calling a huge B.S. to the top 5% use 4.5GB or more, I could see a top 5% using 10GB or more but 4.5GB B.S.!

I believe by 5% they mean all customers not just the ones that are unlimited.

Seeing as how the normal family plan is 10 GB and some people even go less than that with 5 lines. It is reasonable to think the average user uses less than 4.7 GB

The press release says, "to the data users who: fall within the top 5 percent of data users on our network, have fulfilled their minimum contractual commitment, and are on unlimited plans using a 4G LTE device."

Yeah. Those are the people who will be throttled.

The 4.7GB is the top 5% of ALL of Verizon's data users--not just those with unlimited plans.

Finally, they have been needing to jump on top of that loophole. In reality unlimited data is the same as a data plan of 2 or 3gb, this move was just expected by Verizon, they are just slowly working to the chopping block

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Well this sucks. I guess it all depends on what amount of data gets you into the top 5%. I've been using 5-6gb lately. Still a better deal that paying the exact same price for 2gb, though.

So my already slower than 3g is going to get slower? I think my data has been throttled for over a year. I use just about 5-8 GB per month. 3gb down and 1 up is slow. And when college is in the school by my work, my data is unusable. Good bye vzw.

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Remember that the type of person who follows a cell phone enthusiast's site is NOT the typical customer. To the vast majority of Verizon's customers unlimited data was nice but no big deal when it went away and throttling means little if anything at all to them.

You, sir, get a cookie for best post of the day. I wish more people who hung out on these enthusiast sites realized that they were in the overwhelming minority in most of these types of situations. I don't care if some dude uses 76GB of data in a month. Get a freakin' internet connection at home instead or something. Realize, Mr. 76GB of data usage customer, that you are in the overwhelming minority and nobody cares you can't use 76GB of data anymore. Stop what you're doing and get some internet at home instead of being a cheapskate.

But what about people that only occasionally go over the 4.7 gb mark? I don't see that as being an unreasonable amount and I hardly stream anything and use wifi at home.

Posted via Android Central App

I'm not so sure about that. The folks that you're describing are also increasingly becoming cord-cutters and getting rid of cable, landlines, and satellite radio. Almost everyone turning to streaming, even those of my parents' generation--retired late sixties non-techies. I feel like I'm becoming the exception with my cable TV, high speed internet, and dedicated phone line.

I disagree. 4- in my house is spotty (with a Samsung phone) but I still could never use my unlimited line as a home connection. Most months I'm under this new "limit". But occasionally travel with the family and tether the kids ipadsabout to my phone. I don't trust public wifi so I'm using my phone. This is total BS. I know there are some using 60+ gbs per month target them. I'm not paying more for a shared plan to get 1gb data. That's right.. My 2 smartphone plans and 2 dumbphones lines would cost more on their shared plan just for 1gb. DATA is not a commodity. I love how they invested billions of dollars to upgrade their network.... Just to implement a policy where people are trying to find wifi and get off the network any chance they can. Makes no sense. It's all a money grab. It's no different than when they disabled Bluetooth on phones before smartphones so you had to "purchase" ringtone from them rather than transfer them from your computer.... Or when they disabled wifi on blackberries so they could charge you for things the device was able to get on its own without Verizon. I've been a loyal customer for 15 years. This is BS for the occasional high usage month. There is no way they or I can prove network congestion area so basically we will get throttled as soon as you hit the mark.

Like you said it's all about the money. I suggest you spend yours elsewhere. I'm really shocked that it's taken them this long and there's still some open loopholes. They have to be aware of it. That said, it's likely you may still end up paying more money than you do now either way. As more and more people rely on cell data it's only going to get more and more expensive. No offense but try giving your kids a book or something!! People seems to forget there was a world before smartphones/tablets and the internet.

This is why I finally gave up my unlimited plan on AT&T. It wasn't really unlimited (throttled after 5GB). I finally asked myself why I was paying all this money for unlimited when it's not really unlimited. I changed to a shared data plan and haven't looked back. And I pay $80 for two smartphones per month which is way less than the $123 I was paying for the same two phones.

No, not every carrier, On t-mobile, unlimited truly means unlimited plus I get 2.5gb free of mobile hotspot that I can share with my tablet as well as unlimited text and data (2g but if no 2g available, it goes up to 3g/4g) when I'm overseas. My friend paid over $200 when he recently went overseas and couldn't even get a local sim card. The non unlimited plans even get high speed internet of 500mb (no data plan) or more (2gb plans get 2.5gb of high speed internet then throttled) then 2g but still unlimited. I'm also grandfathered in to jump program so I don't have to pay 50% of my phone, I can upgrade every six months if I want to.

LOL! I was waiting on Big Red to drop another hammer on those of you who love to brag about the grandfathered unlimited data you're getting. Its only a matter of time before you will be forced off. That day is coming. This is why I soldier in with Sprint. Yeah, their network isn't as good as Big Red's but my data speeds are decent. Not great, but decent. At the town my school is in, I get 13Mbps, And in Chicago, I average around 6 Mbps. Again, not great, but workable and decent. Pair that with no worry truly unlimited, and I remain a keeper.

Truly unlimited too on t-mobile, 25mbps in downtown honolulu and high density area, about 6mbps elsewhere. Plus I can still brag I'm on grandfathered jump program that lets me swap my phone for a new phone every six months if I want to.

So sick and tired of Verizon. My family and I have been loyal customers of theirs since the early 2000's and have watched them nickel and dime us for too long....I'll take my business elsewhere in October. Those greedy SOBs! Hmmmmm....maybe I can finally try a nexus phone now??

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I use a lot of data but I doubt I really fall in the top 5% of users, plus most of it is in the middle of the night not peak hours.

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AC, can you please learn the difference between YOUR and YOU'RE. C'mon.

If you've managed to stay on an unlimited data plan on Verizon, you might soon notice that your speeds beginning to slow down if your using a lot of data

You complain about your/you're and then make the exact same mistake in your own comment. Nice.

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As someone who has viewed thousands of Verizon customer accounts.

1. The vast majority of customers use under 2gb a month
2. Most people still on unlimited data use under 2gb too!
3. Verizon has the rare customer that uses 100gb+ of data a month. A person doing this either torrents music/movies over the data network, or they are using hot spot to replace home Internet.

It is #3 that has verizon doing this. The cell network is not designed for the bandwidth required for home Internet replacement. Verizon only allows their home Internet in select markets that have the bandwidth required, and even then they don't provide unlimited. The majority of the network bandwidth is being used by a minority of customers. Throttling makes sense as it improves the experience for the majority of the customers.

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I wouldn't say it is fair to instantly assume they are torrenting. Sure a lot do it but I can use 100 GB using 100% legal streams such as and yes I have home Internet (comcast) :).

I do not endorse torrenting at all and I don't do it myself. I use things like Netflix and Youtube.

The comcast video app only works on Wifi unless you are on verizon or trick the app into thinking it's on Wifi with T-mobile or Sprint.

Call it what you want, but if you slow down my data connection you are throttling.
That said, I think that they should throttle people who abuse the system.
I've seen people on forums bragging about how they rape their unlimited cell phone data plan.
Punish. Them.

Yes I will be affected as I have been streaming to my tablet to watch shows my wife has no interest in at work on Sat. sigh oh well

I've used 12 gig this month with a max of 42

What's up with Verizon! On one hand they double the upload for Fios & here they throttle on unlimited users...........

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Verizon oversells its network, customers have to pay. Honestly, this is ridiculous.

Limited data is bull, anyway. AT&T said the vast majority of their customers never use 2GB. What they failed to mention is that data use goes up as technology advances. In two years, you probably will be bumping up against your limit and handing your carrier more money.

A majority of customers don't uses 2 GB because they are afraid of the overages. I know people on AT&T and Verizon hit that cellular data switch when they aren't using it cause they want every little bit available to them for when they really need it.

This is a very good development and does not go far enough, IMO, but is a great start. For Verizon to be willing to start to address massive data usage for the top 5% of users that also have unlimited data is a sign that they are willing to put the overall customer experience first even if that means some users have a less than ideal experience from time to time.

While I would like for data and non-data services to be priced less than they are I am 100% behind the direction to require users to pay for the bandwidth they ask Verizon (or any carrier) to provision for them. That way the costs and benefits are allocated correctly and it puts the screws on Verizon to insure that the contracted bandwidth is available for each paying customer.

I know that moving away from 'unlimited' data will be hard for some consumers but once it is completed it will set the stage for more rapid advancement of data services at a price that can be, on average, less that it is today for the vast majority of customers.

Again..... You are being duped by the corporate speak that really translates to we are robbing you. If customer X is in PA and you are in NY.... And customer X use 100gbs a month.... It doesn't affect your network experience at all! Customer X is using a different pipeline than you and your experience is not diminished at all. If you are in East Kansas with 1 cell tower and user X is your neighbor.... Then yes you will be affected. Data is not a commodity... It's just a pipeline you use they provide. So IF and ONLY IF they stick to their real statement of network congestion per Tower... They can truly isolate the serious abusers that are replacing a home Internet with their unlimited plan. I should not get punished for streaming a ballgame or downloading content when I travel. I doubt I ever use more than 500mb from 1 Tower at any given point.

Yes, the per tower direction in a good step forward. It will allow a bridge period for high volume users while the technology and the industry in general further refines the model for 'pay for use'.

And, I also agree with your general idea that the marginal cost of another GB of wireless data is VERY small. Thus, I hope that carriers can offer that marginal bandwidth at lower and lower costs to consumers. That will require strong competition among a number of carriers but it is already starting to happen. The cost of the first GB of data on Verizon, for example, is more costly than the 10th GB. It is not a great model today but moving in the right direction.

".. and only when connecting to a cell site when it is experiencing heavy demand."


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This is definitely already in effect. Got my warranty replacement S3 today, and damn is it slow.

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I will probably be affected. I'm surprised this hasn't happened already. I'm not happy as I think it's borderline breach of contract and, IMHO, VZ will continue to try to push unlimited lines to metered. However, I don't think it will affect me all that much as I mostly stream audio. It will motivate me to check out other carriers.

The moment they prevent me from streaming 720 p video or use Google hangouts, I'm out.
Until then, I don't care about the exact download speed.

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on VZW Moto X

They have done this since 4g LTE. It's not new. When the network gets loaded and needs the bandwidth the top 5% get knocked down to 3g. They just made a statement finally.

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You can force it back into 4g with certain apps... Depending on the phone model you may need to be rooted.... Otherwise turn on airplane mode and then turn it off and it will reconnect to 4g.

Turn airplane mode on.... Then turn it off. It should reconnect to 4g. There are some apps to lock in 4g but you may need root for certain phone models.

The fact that they are doing this solidifies my decision to switch next year when I pick up a new phone.

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It's about time they do this to the 300GB+ per month data hogs that abuse the plan taking bandwidth from those of us that pay for a bucket of data assuming we receive a premium service we aren't receiving because of these abusers.

Noting the world one S-Pen at a time.

Unless you share a tower with those 300 go per month "hogs" you aren't a day never have been affected by them. Data is NOT a commodity.... And if most of their data is used during game late hours they aren't affecting anybody.... Just Verizon trying to make more money off of them.

Shawn made a point in principle that most reasonable people would agree with. "You" have no idea which tower the data hogs are on and it's very likely there's at least one on every tower in existence at any given time of the day.

I use 12-15 gb a month... yeah I could probably turn on wifi but I watch a ton of sports on my phone with the dish anywhere app and my sling player. If they throttle me I will take my 4 lines to a different company that offers the better phones with the latest updates for those phones in a timely manner. I have been with Verizon for nearly 2 decades 1997to be exact. When customer service is what got them where they are today and not in any way worth their higher prices we pay today. They have become the Comcast of the Wireless carriers.

If you are such a bandwidth hog, refuse to move to a tiered data plan, and refuse to turn on WiFi, Verizon will likely be glad to see you go.

I disagree. Verizon doesn't look at us as loyal customers giving them $200 a month.... They view us $50 lost revenue because we have unlimited still... And that bad customer service. There are ways to get that data elsewhere. 12-15gbs is not abuse. Using my phone as intended is not a crime. Abusing it for 60gbs a month replacing a home connection is. I use a similar place shifting device. I not a heavy user but interrupt my game and I will move my $ somewhere else.

Wow, I easily can use up to 1.5 gigs on Google Maps. My wife is always Von WiFi and constantly struggling to keep it under 2gb. With the way web is evolving 5: should be a bare minimum, not vice versa
Just curious how low it would drop, though. In perfectly fine with 2Mbs , I guess.
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on VZW Moto X

Based on the stats (data usage)that would be about right.
My both friends on Att who were light to moderate users would get that throttling ( 2 years ago I think before lte) when they were in that top 5 percent group. 5 GB and even below that was point for showing it down.

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on VZW Moto X

I don't mind them doing this if they would stop trying to force me to give up my unlimited data. Flip me back to 3g I don't care.

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So curious what the top 5% would be? Is that within a market (City) or nationally? Thoughts?

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As someone with no home internet because I'm in the middle of no where, I use my LTE tether for at least 20gb a month to play games/watch movies...damn you verizon.

I noticed these slower speeds back in May, I went from 14mbs dl to 5-6mbs. Still better than tmobiles 2g and sprints slow 3g in my area.

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Not throttling my ass. That's exactly what it is! Come on Verizon, at least if you are going to do it grow a pair and call it what it is.

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If all "fair use" policies were this well defined, clear cut, reasoned, we'd have no problems.

#*$% Virgin media

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I've been on Verizon since '99. (New england Bell wireless i believe it was then) I've had unlimited data since the original droid. I got rid of unlimited data in may because I was constantly being throttled once I hit 4gb in a billing period. Dozens of calls to customer support and I actually got a 3rd tier support member to tell me that once I hit 3.8gb I was considered to be overusing the network.

So what did I do? I caved.. The M8 had just come out the week before and I figured I was going to be with vzw for the foreseeable future solely because of the network. (Att and tmo have horrible service here)
So I saved my yearly $600 purchase and went subsidiazed.. Got 4gb of data for the same price and I havent hit 4gb yet.. But now i am very conscious of my data usage and I don't stream videos anymore. :(

And this is BS. You are now paying the same rate or more.... For an interior service. You were not a power user or abusing it..... But they got what they wanted.... They still get your $.... And you get less.... And if you ever want more again... They get more. $4 billion profit and you the customer suffers. THIS is why the country is going great down the drain. I'm sure somehow the big corporation will pay even less tax as a "job creator" and the Middle class will get squeezed even more. F U Verizon.... You are not a person!

I've read it.... But unless you know how they are really implementing it you are just taking VZW word. What defines network congestion? They get to define that term. VZW has a long history of charging $ every little extra... She excuse me if I don't trust them upfront. We won't know for sure until October

It's Verizon or in the matter of fact an American cellphone company. Ever experienced them not being greedy and take more then they need? Why even bother writing about it anymore. It is more of the same anyway.

From the OnePlusOne special edition.

IMO, this is primarily another attempt to try to convince more users to give up their unlimited data (versus just taking it away and risking a serious backlash). I also think it's an attempt to get more people back on contract and to try to get high data users to pay more for their usage, otherwise face the possibility of being "optimized" (aka throttled).

Personally, I'm not buying it. I still value the advantages of unlimited data and being off contract over the possibility of being throttled those times I may hit high usage (usually only during the NFL season due to streaming games).

I have noticed that when I thether to other devices with my unlimited plan on Verizon, YouTube stops working completely. When I go back to my own phone, it works fine. Maybe this is the beginning of the end between me and Verizon. T-Mobile works great in my area, my house and work. change is in the air.

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I used about 65gb last month, T-Mobile FTW! Unlimited no throttling, The $60 plan is 3, the $50 is 1 and the $70 is 5 gigs on T-Mobile. Don't forget about +T-Mobile's unlimited music. Select music providers don't count against your data usage. 

Sent from my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 on T-Mobile via Android Central App

Not throttling, eh? 1984 and Newspeak, all over again.

By the way, it's "you're using a lot of data," not your using.... This isn't hard.

Why don't you guys just switch from Verizon to T-Mobile, I had Verizon for several years but got tired of getting raped in my pocket for data I been on the T-Mobile network for two years now no complaints they don't throttle at all I average 35 gigs a month and no slow downs and my unlimited everything plan is only 70 bucks and I have the original jump plan which allows me to get two phones a year no cost to neu

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How's your coverage? You get what you pay for. Been long time customer and will continue because of reliability and unlimited data.

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I swear my data speeds have already slowed down. I'm still on unlimited and I use about 10GB a month.

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Hope this means people like me who usually use 8-12 GBs in a month won't be affected!

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I haven't been using my Verizon phone much, lately; however, that might change when I get a new device in September. And I was already thinking about getting back on contract to receive a discount on a new phone. I can't imagine monitoring my data usage, but I'm usually connected to Wi-Fi, so I should be OK with 5GB (or less) each month. Plus, I have another line with Sprint's unlimited data.

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I would advise staying on the unlimited and avoid subsidized pricing offers. Consider this, if the note 3 is offered at $199, the data plan of 10gb is most likely going to run around $50/month? I'll double check. Versus the unlimited is still $29.99/month. Since Verizon removed the unlimited plan, the plans are more expensive brlecause they want to charge overages. Just buy the device outright. Just MHO.

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I am out in the country and use my note 2 with unlimited for Internet on my pc. Being a gamer I use between 20 - 30 gigs a month. This is going to suck..

People need to stop the crying, I also have unlimited data plan, and have no problems with what Verizon is planning to do, time to put the abusers in their place "you know who you are" , also Verizon has the largest network and most reliable one to boot, they need to keep everyone happy, it's how business works people. And this only falls under areas that are congested and need the load to be lessened so everyone in that area gets decent speed, this is not T-Mobile we are taking about with their 100 subscriber's. Do any of you really think T-Mobile "crap connection or no connection outside the city" will be able to keep selling you the all you can eat plan, once their networks get congested with more subscribers, their tune will change.

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Again this only applies to people who use heavy bandwidth applications, doing regular Web browsing and using Google maps I am sure you will not notice a thing, now for those Netflix people "time to do some work instead of watching Netflix on company time, lol, did I just ruffle some feathers here ", save that when you are home on wifi, oh wait you don't have home Internet and use your mobile data to browse and stream the Web at home, which is not what you signed up for.
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I'm on an Unlimited Plan, off contract, and use between 20-40GB a month, so I'm going to take a guess and say I'll be affected by this unfortunately...

What's considered top 5%? Even if only crossing 2gb, I am being throttled. Verizon claims I am in a dead zone. Full of crap.

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