Following up their first thoughts on the Verizon Droid, BGR has a full preview on this most anticipated Android phone. In short, they love it--the hardware is top-notch using great materials and execution, the screen is bright, vibrant, humongous and super responsive and Android runs fast on it. Oh yeah, the phone is loud, clear, and sounds great. Their only problem, and it's ever so slight, is that the keyboard can be a little more spaced out. In all, "you're going to love it".

We'll get our own look at the Droid soon enough but in the meantime feel free to head over to BGR to get to know Droid!


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Verizon Motorola Droid Gets Previewed


I think it looks a little bit imposing, as many slide out keyboard phones do. Phones like the Moment or the Pre look ascetically fine to me because the keyboard fits in nicely, but here it looks separate and too computuer-like. I'm sure others will disagree, but I think it looks awkward, bulky, and unattractive.

Yeah, I have to disagree. There haven't been a lot of pictures showing how thin the Droid is, but I think it's svelte thickness will keep it from being over-imposing.

This looks like it could seriously be an iphone competitor,and possibly an iphone killer.I have T-Mobile so I hope it comes out for T-Mobile sometime in early/mid 2010 because I'll definitely buy it then.