Verizon outage

Update: Looks like data's starting to come back for some of us. Still no word from Verizon yet.

Well, that's no good. Verizon Wireless is dead in the water this morning for what appears to be, well, most everybody this morning. 3G data ... dead. 4G data ... dead. Pick a 3G/4G LTE phone. It's dead. Phone calls can still be made, which means we're not overly worried about public safety. But it's yet another outage for Verizon, which already is the subject of much signal scrutiny these days.

More on the Next Great Data Outage of 2011 as we get it.


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Verizon in the midst of yet another major data outage


Just had a forced reprogramming of my galaxy nexus happen..Never made the call my just initiated itself and phone is restarting now. Guessing verizon is trying to fix the issue..still no 4 or 3G Pittsburgh PA 9:01am

Did it dial *22853 or something like that? I'm not sure what the last two digits were, but I think it was 53. It doesn't show up in my call log.

BTW if you switch to CDMA mode from LTE / CDMA you should get 3G after a little while, at least that happened for me.

If you have a 4G phone, you never dial *228 to program. Your LTE sim card will auto-provision when Verizon sends out programming updates.

No 3G/4G in Northern Virginia driving in this morning. Had to rely on WTOP for traffic instead of Google Nav. Luckily I can piggyback on my wifi access at work...just for today. Guess it means no pron today!

No 3G or 4G since last night, here in Northern Virginia. I've been across Prince William County and Fairfax County with no data at all.

I have no data unless I'm on WiFi. I'm located in Greensboro, NC. Switched my Galaxy Nexus to CDMA only and it still won't even give me 3G. Same thing happened last time when I had a Droid RAZR.

I'm in Greensboro too and I woke up this morning to no data. This sucks. How am I supposed to make it through an hour lunch now?

I've been up since before 7am here in Raleigh, and there have been no issues. Full bars on 4G for my wife and I on our Galaxy Nexus phones. Knocking on wood right now that the problems don't spread to this area...

Oh no! The Mayans were off by a year! And apparently their calendar measured the end of Verizon's data!

Good thing my doomsday bunker has Wi-Fi or else I wouldn't be able to get this message out to you guys.

I'll give vzw the benefit of the doubt and say that it was necessary to take down most of the network in order to fix the problem(s) that have been plaguing 4G phones since launch.

I'm in NJ right now and this morning I woke up to this. Then my phone rebooted itself TWICE already for no apparent reason and I thought it was my Nexus. Smh Verizon...

That's gotta be a nexus thing. Mine did the same thing. Alarm went off hit snooze and then 2 seconds later rebooted, then rebooted again. Screw verizon.

I'm in northeastern NJ. No problems with 3G service this morning at all on either iPhone or Droid Inc.

I woke up with no data whatsoever but then my 3G service was back. No 4G at the moment and I'm afraid to play some music now in my Nexus, I don't want my phone to reboot once again lol

3g worked fine in western NC with no outage. Still is.

No LTE anywhere near us either & I speculate thats the problem.

This is crazy, I switched to VZW last year because they were known for reliability but it's been the worst year of my life on a wireless carrier.
If T-Mobile worked in my office I might consider going back.

But Clearwire and Sprint haven't had any outages to Verizon what 5th outage in 2011 2nd in what 2 months time....Who's really the Most Reliable here?

Haven't tested 4G, but I have 3G in Houston. I keep it on 3G cause I work in the basement of our office building and can barely get any signal at all down here. Didn't know there were any issues until I checked the site, now I want to walk upstairs and check..

3G seems to work fine for me in houston, 4g is out like crazy though and if you don't manually set it to 3g it won't grab it.

Both wife and I are also on Nexus phones in Houston. 3g seems stable now, no LTE at all. 3g was spotty earlier this morning.
*EDIT* Yeh scratch that. No data again now at 9:10am CST in Houston.

This is extremely rare for verizon customers, and ATT and Tmobile customers have no idea when they have an "outage" because they have horrible service 24/7 ;)

Not true, VZW has had 3-4 major outages plus most handsets cannot switch between 3G-4G seamlessly.
In the Metro DC area T-Mobile is really good and even most places I travel up the Eastern seaboard I use to get great service.
I had to switch just because in building penetration at my office stinks and they only have a VZW repeater.

Not true! I almost never use wifi on my HTC Sensation, I am always using 4G! and never had an outage. I get full bars everywhere i go :)

This is LTE/Data outage, not the same as bad coverage or dropped calls...I'm sure you are VERY familiar with those.

Had service in Michigan at 5:00 AM, was gone by 6:00 AM, and back now at 7:55AM. Don't get 4G at work, but 3G is up and running again here.

It's LTE phones only...again. There's no issue with CDMA-Rev A. Set to CDMA only and wait 5 or 6 minutes to cycle off eRPD to Rev A and you should have 3G back. Voice and SMS never went down.

VZW has an issue being a CDMA carrier trying to run a dual network with a newer GSM technology (LTE) and attempting to run an authentication method that is backwards compatible with a CMDA technology.

I do not blame them one bit, trying to run a complicated infrastructure like a cellular network is not an easy job, trying to stay on the forefront is even harder.


Dan, That is NO EXCUSE for a service you pay GOOD MONEY for. Verizon BRAGS about their reliabiltiy and for this to keep happening is terrible.

Ok dude, go find a better 4g network, not too many options, huh. Not saying im not annoyed, but these are growing pains

Just had a few emails come in and now showing 3G when I normally have 4G pegged! Sitting not far from BWI airport.

Bad news: No 3G/4G in Chicago

Good News: Unplugged my phone 2 hours ago and still have 80% battery left. If 4G were working my phone would have 22% capacity left.

Verizon has been taking lessons from RIM.

My Bionic is chugging along on 3G as best as a Bionic can. No outages here, it probably figures that it does that enough on it's own, it won't stand for Verizon to do it to. xD

Don't know if it ever affected me or would have since I just woke up around half an hour ago, but I forced my Sprint Epic to roam and it pulls data just fine. South Central PA.

I'm glad AC is usually the first website I check every day. I just switched to the Galaxy Nexus a few days ago and was going to to a search on the forums on how to fix my data issue. The any form of data (1xRTT, EVDO or LTE) seem to have been up and down (mostly down) since yesterday evening for me in Atlanta, GA.

i thought it was my nexus. i was up working since midnight in DC, and had no connection starting from 2am. i tried everything from battery pulls to airplane toggles. so glad its not my phone. thanks to verizon my morning just got twice as productive at work. lol.

No 4G in Cleveland.
Phone thinks it has a 3G connection (BIONIC) but browser, speedtest etc not able to connect.

This is probably the 3rd or 4th time that a nation wide 4g/3g outage has occurred since I bought my Bionic, not to mention the random signal drop issues I had faced with the Bionic before the update. This is making Verizon look like crap, and seriously making me consider switching carriers. We should be refunded some cash for all of these outages.

Like the other carriers are any better...Verizon excels in coverage and call quality and lack of dropped calls. These outages are caused by the new LTE network...which we will have sooner than anybody else; there are always a few "growing pains!"

Nothing in Michigan this morning, waiting for an important email from a customer and didn't realize I had no internet connection. I guess Verizon doesn't need the money, but I sure do.

San Antonio has 3G. I'm getting full signal strength on my Novatel 4G LTE MiFi. The MiFi is not configured to run only in 4G, though I've only ever seen it switch to 3G once before.

I'm in la habra, 4G LTE down for over 10 hours. I'm not overly concerned with 3G service, as I am PAYING TOP DOLLAR for full LTE service. With the economy the way it is I may be looking to go to Clear in this area, Unlimited, $50 a month doesn't sound so bad when compared to $80 a month plus I'm paying to Verizon, especially when you consider this is the 3rd time within 6 months "The Worlds Most Reliable Network" has been down for me.

I'm in la habra, 4G LTE down for over 10 hours. I'm not overly concerned with 3G service, as I am PAYING TOP DOLLAR for full LTE service. With the economy the way it is I may be looking to go to Clear in this area, Unlimited, $50 a month doesn't sound so bad when compared to $80 a month plus I'm paying to Verizon, especially when you consider this is the 3rd time within 6 months "The Worlds Most Reliable Network" has been down for me.

3G still up in Atlanta. Not reliable though. I've lost in for a short moment several times this morning.

My Galaxy Nexus is out cold but my stupid work BB is still sending me emails ... booooo

Oh I am in Cincinnati, Oh

my phone reset itself just now and 3g has been restored
galazy nexus
new carrolltown, md(several miles from DC)

Nothing in Phoenix. How can you have a nation-wide outage? Do they have one data center that controls the whole country? I think Verizon should explain how they accomplish this.

No different than when BlackBerry has its own outages. Everyone with a BB seems to be affected by those, many times its regardless of who your carrier is.

Well, since I just got inundated with emails that I missed while the network was down, its safe to say that at least 3G is back up in the Pittsburgh area. Still no 4G though.

Glad I saw this. I was getting really fricken annoyed when my brand new galaxy nexus wasnt even connecting to 3G. I was having about 3 bars of 4G most of last night at my house. According to verizon i live in a 4G extended zone. which is a mix of 3G/4G. BUt having 3 bars in my house of 4G aint bad.

My office on the other hand is in a major 4G zone and i dont even have 3G this morning. Better get fixed quick! So i can show off my nexus.

edit* forgot to say chicago burbs. Looks like i have full 3G right now.

edit 2* 3G gone again.

Southeastern MA - Galaxy Nexus - had no 4G and no 3G when I woke up this morning, and I'm not sure how long it has been down. I just got 3G back about an hour ago, but still no 4G.

I am getting tired of all these issues....Still waiting on an update for my wife is still waiting for her update for the bionic....and now Verizon can't seem to keep what little signal our phones were getting up. More than a little annoyed.

NW Ohio 3g and 4g out still

Had no 3G or 4G in Omaha when I got up at 7:00, but as of 15 minutes ago on my drive into work, I had 4G again.

My parents have been having trouble for 2 weeks (I'm on Sprint). They live in SC but have been in LA and AK the past week. Verizon told them that a problem started in the NE a couple of weeks ago and has been working it's way across the country. Maybe they have shut it down to do maintenance.

No 3G or 4G here in Dayton Ohio. Do we have any official word from VZW as to what is causing this?

I think PR wise if Verizon has a known issue that they are trying to work through they would send out a text message to everyone affected by it. That would at least give everyone a heads up. They can send a text if you are two days late on your bill no reason they can't when their network that I am paying good money for is going to be down.....AGAIN.

All ok in Birmingham, AL. Still have 4G LTE. Battery stats graph indicates good signal all night. Thank goodness, the network seems pretty stable here. Once LTE was turned on back in Oct. the signal has been very strong and rock solid. But, Honey Badger don't care! ;P

Have a friend on an iPhone with 3G (since iPhones don't have 4G..LOL) and he hasn't had any trouble with it here in central NC.

In NYC on a Nexus. Woke up with no data. Got 3G back a little while ago. Reset the phone to see if it would reactivate 4G and now have no data again.

Grand Rapids, MI

I have not had 3G in a few days, either 4G or 1x. And this morning I am in the same boat as the rest of you 1X or nothing.

Where are my credits on my account? I believe that is about 6 days with no data in the last month.

And yall hardcore VZ heads talk about AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile service like the crapiest and once again big red is down...smh

I'm in Chicago.
As an experiment, I switched to 3G only on the Nexus last night.
Woke up to the fastest 3G I've seen and it hasn't dropped all morning. Even got data in the subway where it has not happened for me since I switched to the Nexus.

Sporadic 3G here in Greenville SC. Enough to get occasional Email and other updates, but not enough to really do anything.

What VZ and others have to realize is that as they expand the potential and capabilities of their products, people rely on them more and more. For example, my 4G Thunderbolt is my home phone, my cell phone, my GPS, my home/car radio (Pandora/Slacker), and my home and mobile internet. It would be nice to at least receive a text and/or Email from them saying that they're aware and are working on it - just as a courtesy. Unfortunately, this is getting to be fairly routine now.

This won't help them in the market now, though - especially at a time when many people are looking to buy new phones and choose carriers.

Like one guy said above - they're quick to let you know if you're late or when your bill is due. But do/say nothing when their service goes down and they fail to live up to their end of the agreement?? Not cool.

Tampa, FL area here. I had nothing in the middle of the night but I was at home so I just WiFi'd it. I didn't have anything until I'd say 8ish when I went out to run errands, and even then it is 3G.

I'm not going to bash Verizon, though. I love what I have with them, and I've been with them for years. No company is perfect. Everyone has ups and downs, including service outages. I've dealt with it when I had a BlackBerry, I'm dealing with it now, and I'm sure I'll deal with it again in the future. It happens. Hopefully this is just a spot thing and all will be back to normal and that it isn't a very regular occurrence.

South of Atlanta, my Xoom has a sim card authorization error and is on 3G. I guess it's down here.

Verizon has serious data reliability issues. What will happen when Verizon shifts voice calls to LTE? With so little competition in wireless having 1 carrier go down could be a major issue. Too many eggs in 1 basket. Better compatibility and interoperability must be forced on the carriers. Wireless should be treated like water, utilities and highways.

Good Point about making wireless connectivity a priority. I wish Verizon would tell us what happened and what they have done to prevent it in the future - I hate being in the dark.

Wireless can't be treated like water and electricity and other services where there is a physical mechanical connection to the service provider. It's much harder to get carrier class level connectivity with a wireless connection.

San Antonio TX, my Galaxy Nexus has no 4gm no 3g, but I turn on the Wi-fi and I can keep using it while the outage is going on.

I am in San Diego and show -89 dBm and 51 asu on 4G. I have been having signal problems with my Gnex but this is the strongest signal I seen since getting the phone.

Phil, in the burbs north of NYC we're pretty much fine. 4G is in and out this morning, but 3G seems completely stable.

Here's hoping the haters do leave Verizon for something else. The extra bandwidth on this already superior network will be nice.

So I wonder if all of the Nexus signal complaints are just Verizon's network sucking lately and not a problem with the phone?

I dont think so, i have two co-workers one with a Thunder Bolt and one with a Bionic and they both have better signal then my Gnex.

I've been on 1X all day so far here in central New Jersey on my thunderbolt. Didn't think to check before I left home, this is getting a little sad with this though.

Greenwich, CT ... Data was totally out then 3g came on about an hour ago, then 4g came on about 30 min ago. 4 bars, 25m down, 15m up.

Checking in from Tampa, FL again. Just got 4G back at 10:24 a.m. I was texting when I saw it change from 3G to 4G. Upload/download speeds are about the same as they always are.

I never lost signal on my htc thunderbolt today, but my house is in a non 4G area, I think these data outages suck I won't pretend they don't, but honestly they've never effected me much, this was the first one that affected 3G and it didn't even effect me, when 4G has gone down, I've always just manually switched to 3G.
I stay with Verizon for the general voice reliability and the good data coverage, a few data outages don't kill me, my smartphone makes my life easier, but it's not like I can't function normally without it, if theirs no data I'll just switch to wifi at work or home.

Also I have a AT&T work phone and even with Verizon's bad year, I still get much more reliable data on my Thunderbolt than I do on my AT&T smartphone of which I have two I switch between the Samsung Focus and the Samsung Captivate.

No 3G or 4G service in State College, PA. Had some 3G for a little while but just was very slow and then reverted to just showing bars on my Thunderbolt. Haven't tried calling yet??

What exactly was out? I had no data this morning on my RAZR, but my co-worker's iPhone never had a problem. Even if it was just a LTE problem shouldn't I have picked up a 3G connection? I don't understand why I was dead but my co-worker with an iPhone was just fine.

I'm back up on 4G now by the way. In Cleveland.

Edit - Just did a speed test and record 14.99 Mbps down, 9.82 Mbps up. Whatever Verizon fixed, thanks!!!

4G back up in Greenville SC, sometime around 11am. Oddly, I had a much more productive work morning... go figure... ;)

I live in a 3g area only outside of Albany, NY and I lost all data on my bionic last night. I got 3g back for about a half an hour earlier this morning but it's gone again. This is getting very frustrating VZW!

YES to Raleigh area no problems I see i'm not there yet but at least when I am I'll have 4g thank you to the Raleigh area people for checking in.

No outage here in SC that we know of - however I did wake up to the Red Circle X with SIM Card auth error. Restarted and all is well so far....

Things are good over on the eastern side of the Sierra Nevada mountains near Mammoth Lakes, CA ... except no snow :( Have 3G only but 63db signal inside the house.

4G is back for me in brooklyn, it was out for a while up till this morning. paying wayyyy too much to vzw to have self confessed tower connection issues and then constant data outages.

hopefully these outages are an indication that they are trying to remedy the 4G issues.

I have it in Chicago but not all the time. First, I do not have a properly working phone for 2 months and now all of these outages. I have an idea, set limits on the number of phones that you connect each day VERIZON!!!!!