Verizon has pushed out a handful of press releases about LTE expansion, and if you live or play along the eastern seaboard of the U.S. you'll like the news. The LTE network is being expanded up and down the coast, from North Carolina to Cape Cod, and it's coming just in time for Memorial Day. Here's the new cities and dates:

Maryland (in service)

  • Ocean City (from Fenwick Island to South Ocean City)
  • Queen Anne’s
  • Kent
  • Talbot County
  • Chestertown
  • Queenstown
  • Easton 

New York (in service)

  • Nassau County
  • Huntington
  • Suffolk County (eastern end)

Virginia (in service)

  • Virginia Beach (from Fort Story to Sandbridge)

Delaware (May 17)

  • Rehoboth Beach
  • Bethany Beach
  • Lewes
  • Seaford

Pennsylvania (May 17)

  • Lancaster
  • York

New Jersey (May 17)

  • Sea Bright
  • Monmouth Beach
  • Belmar
  • Point Pleasant
  • Toms River
  • Atlantic City
  • Cape May County

Massachusetts (May 17)

  • Barnstable
  • Bourne
  • Dennis
  • Falmouth
  • Mashpee
  • Sandwich
  • Yarmouth

North Carolina (coming by Memorial Day)

  • The Outer Banks (from Corolla to Hatteras)

It certainly looks to be fun in the sun for Verizon LTE subscribers. Keep your Android phones dry!

Source: Verizon



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Verizon LTE spreading to more cities on the eastern seaboard


Honestly they need to better improve the current markets they already have LTE. I am not impressed at all in the biggest market in the world meaning NYC. Poor signal strength and piss poor dBm on my galaxy nexus means constant switching from LTE to 3g all day long. Verizon is OVERRATED

I completely agree. Same here with my GNex. I live right in the middle of 4G coverage (according to verizon's coverage map)and I rarely get better than -100 dbm at my house. Plus it seems like every time I look at my phone when away from home I have no network connection at all. It does come back within 30 seconds but it's still VERY frustrating because IMO it shouldn't be dropping at all.

I see a common denominator complaining about signal strength in the two posts above. The Gnex. I had one and loved it, but the signal strength was meager at best. Might want to look at a potential hardware issue before faulting the network. YMMV.

Upgrade your radios to the 4.0.4 release. I'm @ max bars 4G all all day in Manhattan! Queens is a bit more spotty. I work under the L on Jamaica Avenue and I'll get 4G outside and 0-1 bar inside.

Edit: Lmao. You don't live in NY and diss Verizon. Go head and switch carriers. You'll drop so many calls you'd think you wash your hands with butter.

Suffolk County (eastern end)

Wow. It's actually coming out here?? I wasn't expecting it for years!

Nice. Now when I upgrade (S3???) I will actually be able to use the LTE on the new phone. (depending on the battery usage)

It's been on the south shore for about a month, I connected a few weeks ago down in Patchogue south of the LIE, and then again on William floyd near Mastic

I noticed it was on the South Shore when I was at a Ducks game last Saturday, but it is most definitely NOT on the North Shore. I live in the Three Village area and we still don't even have good 3G coverage, let alone LTE. This is spotty coverage at best.

Brookhaven near the PAL complex has had it for a while now. My friend in Mastic has a strong 4G signal on his TBolt. I also got a 4G signal at th BJ's in Islandia for the past few weeks. Today i had a 4G signal on the the Sagtikos Parkway ... First time seeing that ... runnin a stock 4.0.2 GN.

Its definitely coming ... Nothing near my house which is near the Smithaven mall of course ... UGH.

Damn VZW, they cover Nassau County first, which I understand, then they only cover the south shore of Suffolk County, but not the North Shore! It's like they are taunting us on the North Shore.

Hopefully they bring it all the way out - we have a summer house in Orient, and there wasnt even 3g to jump from 2g to LTE would be a dream....I am doubtful though.

I live in Burlington, VT and we definitely have 4g from Verizon, I think they aren't advertising it because its not super fast, only around 7mb download in downtown Burlington. However I get 14mb down in Essex and get 4g as far as Williston.

Proof: (just took these for this post)

I'm in Binghamton, NY and had a 4G connection on Monday for about 20 minutes and haven't had it again. I know that they obviously test it out before they make an official announcement. Does this mean that 4G is coming soon to my area or could it have been a fluke? Is there such a thing as a fluke in this regard? Have others experienced a similar situation?

The 4G towers in Lancaster started coming online about a month ago. I have been enjoying them very much. I get an average of 15 Mb down, 15 Mb up.

Does the 4G cover Shady Maple Smorgasbord? I love going out to Lancaster with the family, but Shady Maple is our favorite place. Going there this weekend to celebrate my birthday! :)

Glad to see they're finally getting LTE up in Lancaster and York ('bout time), but when the hell are they going to get Reading up??? Grrrrrr! I mean, seriously, it's the fifth largest city in PA, and they keep deploying to everywhere else in the state. All they need to do now is light up Pottsville, and they've got us completely circled...
(Done ranting now)

I agree. Verizon keeps lighting up some strange places in Pennsylvania yet Reading, PA is still waiting. I guess Verizon just does not care about selling LTE phones and the service here. Then again we should be careful what we wish for if the posts about poor LTE service are any indication.

I don't know... I live just to the east of Reading (Birdsboro/Douglassville area) and I already get poor 3G service (there are times I can't even maintain a 32k music stream), so I'm not sure how poor 4G service could be much worse. Maybe it's just my old Droid 2 crapping out...

Yeah, I was just at Harrah's on Saturday the 5th and I had 4g.. I didn't get it on the casino floor but the parking garage had a -68 signal of LTE in the parking garage. But hopefully they will extend the network between philly and Atlantic City

Cool, no more 3G for me! Harrisburg, PA has had it for a year, but have been traveling to York and Lancaster on more than a few occasions. That and OC, MD is always a weekend spot.

Isn't Maine part of Canada by now?

LTE is great in HBurg and Lebanon. Also my trips to my sisters in oc MD will be better when I'm not driving now. Just need Dover and I'll be set for those 4-5 hr drives!

Outer Banks? I can't get it here just a few miles outside of Atlanta Georgia where we have about 10000 people per square mile, (OK, maybe only 9999) and they are lighting up the Outer Banks! I'll never understand their thinking on this.

The amount of people on vacation on the Outer Banks over the summer is astronomical. I will be one of them. The amount of towers to update/build on very little real estate down there will cost them little compared to what it will take in your area. Keeping all those vacationers faster speeds during their vacation goes a long way.

people don't buy phones based on where they will be for 2 weeks out of the year, and on top of that the outer banks is never as populated as the nearby military bases (2 of them), both of which have tens of thousands of year round residents. bad move by VZW.

Sorry, but I go to the OBX myself often. I'll likely be there in a month. But it is a long single road heading from the north, and a ferry ride from the south, generally light traffic. Where I am is 5 lanes of nearly solid steel over 40 miles long, from all of the cars. The OBX will never handle the volume of mobile people seen here 12 months out of the years. Even with all of this pavement, we can't handle the volume here. At its peak the OBX is nowhere near this.
What I'm thinking is that VZW is taking care of the easy stuff first. When/if they put in 4G here, they're going to need some serious data pipes for it to work well.

Same here! I'm in Las Vegas, Droid Charge, and on 3G
right now. Where I live at 4G is solid, near UNLV.
But near Black Mt 4G sucks!!!

Verizon is indeed overrated!!! But I went with them cause they were 1st in the U.S. with LTE.
I was sick of waiting, and waiting for ATT to upgrade to
HSPA 21/42!!! Been with Vzn since March of 2010.
ATT has no financial excuses not to upgrade at the same rate as Vzn, ATT has 90+m customers just like Vzn, they have the financial means to upgrade to
HSPA 21/42/LTE at the same rate as Vzn has been deploying LTE, but ATT is lazzzy!!!!!

I was in Bethany Beach (Bettney Beach to us Baltimorons)2 weekends ago and it already had 4G. It came in very handy when Mediacom decided to blackout the Caps game and I was able to use my Xoom LTE to connect to my Dish at home and stream the game

This is exactly what Nassau needed. Great move by Verizon to strengthen existing networks. And bringing LTE to the farmland, that's good too.