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New Verizon home buttons now available

If you want a pint-sized Samsung phone with a full-sized carrier logo on the home key, Verizon Wireless has launched two new devices that may pique your interest. As foretold, the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini and Galaxy S4 Mini are available today from Verizon, both packing Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean and Samsung's latest software tricks. The S3 Mini, originally released in the UK over a year ago, is a tough sell in late 2013, particularly at Verizon's asking price of $49.99 on a two-year plan, $10.56 per month on Verizon Edge or $249.99 outright. The more up-to-date S4 Mini will set you back $99.99 on a two-year agreement, $16.81 per month on Edge or $399.99 in full.

Even then you've got some fairly obnoxious carrier branding to deal with, though maybe some enterprising individuals will offer stickers to mask the logo, as they did for the Verizon Galaxy Note 2.

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Source: Verizon (S3 Mini), (S4 Mini); via: Phonescoop


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Verizon launches Samsung Galaxy S3 + S4 Minis


Sometimes hearing the same criticism about something gets kind of old but that home button is so horrible I can see why it keeps getting brought up. That would be the one case I would take a razor blade to my brand new phone the day I got it.

You have to keep criticizing until they stop doing it. Will constantly criticizing help them change their way. May be not, but at least better than not saying anything. Verizon has to be constantly reminded they are just dumb pipes and stop putting their branding every possible place.

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I think this is missing 1 thing… the Verizon logo…

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Exactly and with these releases Verizon also retired the galaxy s3...really sucks

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The Verizon logo just look plain ugly who would want that in plain view?

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Unfortunately there will be clueless people to which Verizon will sell lots of these crappy and ugly phones. Take that pic away that damn ugly Verizon logo pokes my eye.

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Anybody remember the leak a few months ago that showed a VzW GS4 mini with a notification LED? Anybody know if that actually made its way into the final product? (yes, I know the international version does not have a notification LED)

If you consider these people nerds.. What on earth are you doing on this website?

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Oh look...another article about Verizon putting their logo on a home button.

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You know what? I didn't even think to look and your right, no logo. Just the splash screen when you start up and that is easily changed when rooted

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S3 mini? Really? Talk about late........this is ridiculous.

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The Moto X is the same size, about the same price, and 100x better. Why would anyone be stupid enough to get a Galaxy in the first place.. er I mean the Galaxy S4 Mini.

Way back in the day when Verizon just came out the thunderbolt I used Verizon myself well i tried it after being a long time with Sprint. I actually stayed with sprint and didn't use Verizon any longer. Anyway I also found them for some reason evil. I always felt like something is off about that COMPANY.

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So a couple days ago people where saying Hell froze over because the Verizon Moto X got Kit Kat first, and now everybody hates Verizon again because of their logo LOL.

Truth be told at the price of these phones if anybody buys them over a Moto X or Droid Ultra or Mini they have other problems besides the logo. Hell for $50 more then the S4 Mini you can get the LG G2!