Verizon has plans to kill the current unlimited data add-on and force users to a shared pool of tiered data. Speaking at today's 40th annual J.P. Morgan Technology, Media, and Telecom conference, Verizon Communications CFO Fran Shammo stated that all customers will be migrated off of current unlimited data plans and on to a new data-share plan to launch this summer. "Everyone will be on data share", according to Shammo. As people renew contracts and move to new 4G LTE smartphones and other devices, their current data plan will no longer be available. There was no mention what would happen to current LTE subscribers, but we imagine they too will be pushed towards the new sharing plans.

There is no word on exactly how these plans will work, only that  all 4G connected devices on Verizon will share the same data pool. We don't yet know how big that data pool will be, nor how much it will cost. Hopefully, Verizon realizes that they are pushing customers to use more and more data and makes them generous.

Of course, Shammo says this will be a better option for everyone involved, but I've a feeling that more than a few of you will disagree. To see the webcast in it's entirety, see the link below. 

Source: Fierce Wireless; view the webcast
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Verizon to kill grandfathered unlimited data plan


No joke huh. Verizon, Apple sticking it to HTC, Sense 4.0 removing multitasking. Hey at least HBO Go might be available on the Roku for TWC and Comcasshole customers AND Firefox for Android finally supports Flash...

... In other news?

Wow, and people thought that Sprint would kill their unlimited plans before Verizon made a move such as this!!!

Verizon are a bunch of a$$holes for doing this... Oh well. On Sprint, I shall stay. Their network may be the crappiest of them all, but at least they are working to improve it. I just feel bad for those many Verizon customers who thought they had it made under the grandfather plan, and then they get hit with this...

that's funny shit, I have 3 bars VZW at my house and my neighbors can't even talk on their Sprint phones...that's right next door. You stay on Sprint, we don't want you in our vaunted Data Pool!

Your neighbor should call Sprint and get a free Airave (well, free if you complain loudly). Problem solved, and he'll still have unlimited data when he has a signal.

Yet I still have to have an airave at my house to get voice and data on my company provided sprint phone where as my personal vzw phone has full service...

wrong mike. only 2-3% of thier towers, and in midwest. I have VZW personal phone. perfect reception anywhere in upstate NY. My company sprint/nextel service is awful. I sometimes have to drive 10-12 miles to get service.

Hey whiteram! You must have your Phone off! That`s why not working in 10-12 miles... I have Sprint for 10 years, they never been that bad as everyone talking about them... I had VZW, ATT and T-Mobile beside Sprint, each carriers has it up and down, it`s all depend on your location.

Well, that's not true! In my area of southern Utah, spring is worthless but Verizon is not! So tell me about Sprint using Verizon towers...

I have the same problem your neighbors in my Apartment, I did call Sprint... And they send my an AirAve and I`m downloading on my SGS2 Touch 2-2.5MBPS in my apartment.

Because you are using either your broadband or a neighbors.

I had an airwave and it helped some. But then, I came to the conclusion "why am I paying for unlimited data, when the data signal SUCKS?

Maybe I go back to them, I am going ride out my current contract and enjoy my Galaxy Nexus and LTE. I have 4GB of data a month and it is plenty.

What is a limit? What is throttling.

Six years on Sprint and no complaints. My commuting route takes me in rural, hilly, woodsy, unpopulated areas and only once a week to I get a "no signal" notice for data. I see the roam icon pop on in two or three spots on the 40 minute trip, thanks for being there VZ.

I love how twisted people get over whose service is better. I am rich, really really rich, and if I could discern VZ was 1% better, I could spend that $20/month and not even blink. Adding navigation for a fee, that might keep me up at night, not quite that rich. But the VZ bill must sting considering how many anecdotes I hear about neighbors, friends, coworkers, sister-in-laws; all ready to slash their wrists because they can't make a simple phone call. Tell these people to let their phones roam, its usually as simple as that.

If they're not reasonable with the proposal I'll consider dropping a smartphone all together. I usually go higher than 5gb a month and way less than 10gb. I really hope they're not looking to completely screw everyone over.

"I really hope they're not looking to completely screw everyone over."

Ummmm, this is Verizon we're talking about, isn't it? This has screw written all over it.

Well, with other carriers rolling out LTE networks finally, the ONLY thing keeping me on Verizon indefinitely is grandfathered unlimited data. If they indeed do this, I will be purchasing one of the rumored unlocked GSM Nexus devices direct from Google when my current contract runs out in a year.

AOSP for life.


If they kill unlimited data for me, I'm out.

I have an LTE phone. If I need to drop unlimited to get a new device in a year. I won't get a new device.
I have unlimited on 4 phones.
I don't need a new phone, the one I have works well.

If you are month-to-month, you have no contract. They can take away your unlimited status regardless of whether you upgrade.

Fran Shammo, jack-ass arrogant Verizon CFO made it very clear; EVERYONE will be on a tiered plan. This is their grand plan for increasing revenue in a saturated market.

These fools learned nothing from the Netflix debacle. You can't just take something away from customers without losing a sizable number of them.

This is just the incentive I needed to jump ship and get one of the sweet phones on the other carriers. Since I am month-to-month, I can do it as soon as this misguided plan is implemented.

My thoughts exactly. The only thing that kept me from considering other carriers was the grandfathered unlimited data. As soon as that's gone I'll have no reason to stay with Red. I can get a cheaper tiered plan anywhere else.

Just keep saying that to make yourself feel better about getting raped by big red! Even if sprint went to a tiered plan it would most likely be the same amount of monthly data you get on vrz for about $30-$40 less. Either way when sprint rolls out lte they be in a great spot to gain a lot of customers as long as their speeds are comparable.

Hell let's KEEP IT REAL, There nothing special about Verizon LTE at all they are extremely OVERRATED and sadly OVERCHARGE for devices. Verizon and it's network has drastically SLOWED since December nothing special here folks. Look at the real truth here WHY choose Verizon they are the WORST CARRIER in the update game, WORST cdma technology there whole network has issues, poor carrier communication to customers never look out for it's customers, and come on now 300 dollars for there LTE DEVICE that never recieve updates. Trust me folks LTE on Verizon is overrated and useless in my book. Poor inconsistant dBm signal strentgh don't switch to Verizon or waste your time over on big red. And YES i am a Verizon customer with 2lines paid 300 dollars for the TOP DEVICE ON VERIZON'S NETWORK and still no updates 5months after launch. Now the forced loss on unlimited if you stay on Verizon your STUPID, If you switch to Verizon your STUPID. Time to show Verizon what they can KISS.

LTE is quite a bit faster in my area but it simply isn't worth Verizon's high rates, expensive mediocre phones and anti-customer attitude. We are viewed as pigeons waiting to be plucked.

I've been on Verizon for around 10 years. I'm now willing to switch and get one of the better phones on the other carriers.

I'd like to take this time to flame you now since I didn't partake in it then, dagummit. Why did you have to be right about this one, Tony? I dreaded the day this would story would pop up again. It was bad enough when the initial rumblings came shortly after tiered plans were announced.

Remember, they tried to pull some BS before with changing their plans before and everyone shouted REVOLT/SWITCH...and then they retreated from their position. Maybe if we (BigRed users) protest loud enough, they will reconsider what will obviously be the end of them for many, many users, including myself. Like everyone else, the reason I've stayed with Verizon for 16+ years is because of the unlimited data plan I have. Without it, I will feel totally free to roam the cell service provider field for a better match ;-)

Ditto Ditto. I don't even use that much data. I'm just tired of their crap.

2 for 2 dead
$2 to pay your bill by phone
$30 to upgrade
Taking unlimited data without giving something in return (ummm Netflix)
Odd love affair with Motorola to the detriment of good HTC and Samsung phones
Slooooooow software updates (Nexus has become a joke)
Bloatware galore
Binged Phones
Android users subsidizing the huge iFone subsidy with $330 dollar upgrades

Enough already. Bye Verizon! Up yours Fran Shammo, punk arrogant Verizon CFO.

I'm with you. I've been a loyal Verizon customer for years but this is the final draw. I will be going to At&t, Maybe back to Tmobile although I remember having bad service from them in the past. Maybe they improved. Either way I'm out Verizon. I was already pissed you sill haven't updated the Nexus and have ruined the Google branded phone from its original intent.

At least Sprint will be getting the HTC One series. That right there makes them more appealing then Verizon. FYI I am on Verizon using the HTC Rezound averaging 6gb per month.

"A lot of our 3G base is on unlimited," Shammo said. "When they migrate off 3G they will have to go to data share. That is beneficial to us."

I'm sure it is beneficial to him! For his customers, not so much. Nice of him to admit it, I guess.

He specifically mentioned 3G a few times, I wonder if there will be some loophole for people like myself who only bought the crappy (but 4G) Thunderbolt so we could get on an unlimited data plan before they stopped offering one. Or perhaps it will be possible to stay on my current plan with my Thunderbolt and just never get a new contract or phone. Or get an unlocked CDMA LTE phone, if such things exist.

Looks like I'm keeping my unlimited data plan on their 3G network through my outdated Moto Droid X!

No upgrade for me thanks! What are they going to do? Force me to buy a new 4G phone? Shut off 3G? They could give me a 4G phone for free, that MAY entice me.

Once your contract is up, you will be month to month. Then Verizon can force you on to whatever plan they want since there is no contract stopping them.

Can this Fran Shammo be more arrogant? I think not. He reflects Verizon's corporate attitude towards customers.

I was told that I could get my unlimited plan grandfather to LTE. I knew it sounded too good to be true! If Sprint is offering unlimited LTE, then they win in my book.

This is sad news...

I've had this unlimited data plan for over 4 years! Currently I am using the Dinc and I've been eligible for an upgrade for a month... I've been holding out for SGIII but now I might either have to settle for another phone or finally say goodbye to Verizon... Just wish I knew when I would need to make this decision by!

Perfect statement my friend, They won't tell us when because they know what's going to happen. I have 2 lines on Verizon and have the BEST ONLY ice cream sandwich device on their entire network and i am not impressed at all. Verizon is OVERRATED and they OVERCHARGE and provide nothing to it's customers especially let's not talk about updates to devices. Oh yeah Verizon has NO ICS DEVICES except the NEXUS. They can't even update there own devices ie Rezound, Razr, Razr Maxx, Droid Charge, Lg Revolution. Piss on Verizon even Tmobile devices have ICS 4.0.4 Htc Sensation 4g, Htc Amaze 4g. Nothing else needs to be said...

The Nexus hasn't been updated since it's release! What a joke. People bought this phone for fast updates and it hasn't gotten any.

Had my DInc for two years -- switched to the Rezound a couple of months ago... the screen is jaw-droppingly amazing and the speed is nuts. Rezound is definitely the spiritual successor to the DInc.

Not sure how, legally, they can do this.

But I'm sure they'll figure out a way.

I don't use all that much data a month (< 1 GB), but this is just scummy.

They can legally do this because right in the fine print of any cellular contract you sign it says in a rough sense that: "Services and rates are subject to change without notice, or prior consent to customers." In other words, they can do this, they will do this, they don't have to tell you they are doing this, and most importantly I'm glad I didn't lock in to BigRed.

This may sound weird, but I'm almost glad to hear this. I've felt glued to Verizon because I don't want to give up my unlimited LTE plan ... but now when my contract is up I feel free to just grab an unlocked Nexus from Google and sign up with the cheapest/best carrier.

I know what you mean. I felt I couldn't get one of the other carriers sweet phones because I didn't want to give up unlimited. They just made the decision to switch carriers much easier.

My international Galaxy Note and Straight Talk SIM look better and better with each passing day. Come on over, Big Red refugees, the water's FINE!

The one caveat that is standing out to me is the mention of when customers renew their contract. If I go out and buy a 4G phone off contract will I be impacted?

Good question. I'm also wondering: I have a VZW 4G unlimited plan right now, and I'm not under contract, I was waiting for some of the nicer phones to come out. Maybe I should re-up for another 2 year contract NOW, before they make this change? I'd be grandfathered in as of today, I think.

Upgrade now. If and when they change your plan they are legally obliged to let you terminate your contract with no ETF. So you would either be grandfathered into an unlimited plan or they force you to change your plan and you just cancel and keep your free phones.

This is actually the best time to join for anyone looking to get a 600 dollar phone for 199 and then quit sans ETF in a couple of months when the plans get changed.

I agree your "upgrade now" sentiment but you're daft if you think VZW will make this happen in such a way as to have them on the hook for a terminated contract.

They are not terminating the contract - people will be able to stay with their current phones on unlimited data... better make sure you have the last phone you'll ever want >.<

In effect, the plan *only* works for that phone. Want a new plan, you'll need a new contract.

Sucky. Not saying I agree with it... but there is no way VZW will set this up so that *they* have to pay ETFs.

This is valid if you want one of the phones right now. Not a good deal if you were holding out for one of the next-gen 4G devices.

Let me guess, this happens right at the same time as the release of the vzw GSIII.


This, and the new nexus phone offerings from multiple manufacturers, will be the straw that breaks verizon's back for me. If they take away my grandfathered unlimited plan, I will leave as soon as a better nexus comes out!

T-Mo still offer unlimited? Might get a phone direct from Google and take my buisness there. Least that way I could use my phone oversea's

They do, if you use more than 2GB in a billing cycle, your data speeds will be reduced for the rest of the month, but that beats getting charged per MB when you go over.

They do still offer unlimited. Just convinced the lady to get sign up there yesterday as her current contract was up. Unlimited data (10gb high speed - which is more then enough) for less than I pay for my Verizon unlimited (soon to be over) plan. T-Mobile is looking alright assuming they get some better phones.

I have two old grandfathered non-throttled plans on T-Mobile, but I had to get a third line with their new service.

I get 2GB (or i could have paid more for 5 or 10) full speed data each month, after that it's throttled to edge -- which is faster than Sprint 3G in my area. (~400k/sec). With unlimited calls and texts it's like $59 a month. The drawback is T-Mobile's network is full of holes -- so test it out everywhere you go before you sign anything

I don't know why Verizon is trying so hard to lose my patronage. No 4G, no unlimited data, locked bootloaders,... Guess they dont want me anymore. 20 years is too long to hold simeone's custom.

Isn't this a breach of contract and now your able to get off their network with no cancelation fee? As far as sprint service, I get 10-12 meg 4g in my house so I have no complaints.Plus my bill is $100 cheaper than when I was on verizon. Also, my Epic 4g Touch is the best phone available (at least until the galaxy S3 comes out).

Sorry, not a breach of contract... they are letting your contract run its full course. In fact, once your contract ends, you can keep using your phone and your unlimited data. However, if you want a new phone, you'll need a new contract.

Shyster move, to be sure... but not contract-breaking. They are obligated to honor your CURRENT contract - once that expires, though, they don't have to keep it.

But once you're month 2 month, you have no contract and they can change your rate or terms at will. One month you will get a bill stating you are now on the lowest tier. Contact us to upgrade if your need require greater data.

My last reason to stay with Verizon is pretty much gone now. I just may seriously consider going to AT&T when my contract runs out in November. May just have to hang onto my phone forever at this rate. Need to think about this or better yet we need a new national carrier that has a good of coverage is the majors and no data caps.

Well Verizon I stayed with you because I was grandfathered in but now I might was well go to T-mobile or At&t. Verizon already pissed off with the slow updates for the Nexus passing on phones like the Galaxy S2 and One X. This just put the final touch on me being out.

I guess I don't completely understand the implications.

Is there an estimate of what our data limit will be? No way they could bump us all down to 2GB per month, right? I have an unlimited plan because I never want to worry about data overages. Good thing the Nexus has the usage warning built in.

If it is priced accordingly, I would prefer a shared plan than the multiple data plans I currently pay for

Yeah. But the devil is in the details. If I could get my wife updated from her feature phone to a smartphone and have both of our phones on a combined 5GB data plan for about the same as I'm paying now, that would be fine.

But I have a healthy skepticism that it will work out that way.


Shammo said this plan was to generate more revenue in a saturated market. It is unlikely you will somehow come out ahead considering the goal of the tiered plans is simply to make more money for Verizon.

This is the only thing that has kept me on Verizon. If they do away with my unlimited data I am most certainly jumping ship. Where I live all big three providers have excellent service so coverage is not an issue for me. I have only been dealing with the higher cost of my cell phone bill b/c of the unlimited data (3 smart phones all unlimited 4G) so if they do away with that I will gladly go get a cheaper plan at Sprint/ATT. My wife has been bugging me for months to switch providers due to how expensive our cell phone bill is but I always won the argument because of unlimited data--I wont be winning that one anymore.

Fine with me, my unlimited data was the only thing keeping me on board. With the way they've completely abandoned the Galaxy Nexus I've been itching to jump ship to ATT for a while. Here I come GSM.

Verizon can take their data pool and closed source CDMA BS and shove it.

The Iphone LTE cometh....and no I'm trolling, think about it, unlimited 3g went out the window prior to the 4/4s.

Hmm, I rather like Verizon's cell reception in my area, but the bill is fairly high and CDMA is limiting on Google which I don't like. I'm now highly considering buying an unlocked GSM Nexus phone and switching to the cheapest carrier plan possible saving thousands of dollars. Even though I'll have worse reception, saving money will make that an easy pill to swallow.

We new it was coming tho. Between Google Play Music and tethering, I am at like 11 GB of data with a week left on my cycle haha. This will definitely effect me

This Is Bull$hit!

Now Verizon Is Taking Away My Unlimited Data Plan, What's Next? Charge More $$$ For More Minutes? Take Away Talking Free After 9 pm? Sure, This Is Going To Make Them Generous, Generous In There Pockets.

This Whole Verizon Taking Things Away And Charging More $$$ Is Far Too Getting Irritating.

Well, maybe this will be my opportunity to start enjoying the future GSM Nexus line Google is wanting to do. I've never had a reason to leave Verizon because of my unlimited data. I've got some thinking to do.

Sometime in the future, I'm guessing. They still have grandfathered unlimited users like myself leashed even though we're throttled after 3gb 3G/5gb LTE and forced to use unlimited crap Edge lol. Although that horror event is inevitable, I'm still going to be under their network because of the awesome phones they have and GSM.

I am on the unlimited plan now with my Thunderbolt but I rarely come close to using even 1G per month. This may be aimed more at those that they think are abusing the situation.

LOL @ Abusing..

I'm sorry you think we're abusing anything. We were sold and marketed on unlimited, we bought and paid for unlimited, we've learned to live and use unlimited.

It's not our fault that they aren't happy that we're using more data than people who've only recently switched to Verizon for their wireless service. I used to pay $30 a month for unlimited on a device where I struggled to use 500Mb a month with, now with the cloud, they're pushing us more and more to use the internet for everything, but they're taking the internet away from us.

Looks like Google is picking a great time to re-enter the cell phone business. I will be buying an unlocked phone from Google and heading over to TMO. Verizon will probably drop the grandfathered plans to 4GB of data, but they should really adjust the pricing on the data plans.

Good Plan. I may do the same.

As far as 4GB, I see 2GB more likely (4GB shared and up). Their goal is to make more money and few people would go over 4GB and need to move to a higher tier.

The only way I would consider staying with Verizon is if their lowest tier was so cheap that my bill goes down since I don't use a lot of data (mostly on WiFi) but I'm not counting on that.

The irony is everyday we are told about why we should use yet another cloud service. Not so great when everything is stored on a cloud and you have a limited data plan.

I am stuck with Verizon until next March unless I want to pay big early termination fee. I guess in the meanwhile, I keep an eye on the other carriers and go from there. With my job, I need a carrier that has service just about all over and so far verizon has been the only one. Sprint's coverage sucked that is why I changed. If they do this and I lose my unlimited, I guess I will eat the ETF and switch.

If they change the contract you can get out of it anytime with no ETF. Just call and tell them the change is unacceptable to you and you want to be released. They'll hedge, sidestep, offer you some freebies but in the end they've got no choice.

They're not changing your existing contract -- they will let you ride the unlimited data train all the way to the end of your contract. They are, however, under no law to continue to offer that contract to you once it expires.

It's like when they dumped the NE2 deal... if you had one on your account, you didn't lose - it just sat there until you spent it. After that, you didn't get another one.
Same thing here: unlimited until you run out, keep the phone and keep your unlimitedness... but get a new phone, get a new contract.

It's a damn shame, too... and I'm a VZW fanboy >.<

So Verizon can't be bottered with servicing their customers by upgrading the software in a timely manner like my xoom and rezound, but they have plenty of time to come up with new ways to screw them over. Apperently they haven't heard about customer retention. They really don't have that bifg an advantage to be taking them for granted. I definetly shopping other carriers when my contract ends in a few months.

I don't think they can switch you until your contract is up. It would be a breach on their part, which would likely allow people to get out of their contract without a penalty. More than likely you will be forced into a tiered plan when your contract is up or when you upgrade to a new phone. I got the G-Nexus 5 months ago and agreed to 2 more years. When that 2 years runs out I imagine I will be told I can either cancel my service with no penalty, or I will be put on a tiered plan. If I want to upgrade to a new phone before that 2 years is up, I will have to change to a tiered plan at that point.

^ THIS! So very this... too many people screaming "you broke our contract, we get out with no EFT" They're not breaking anything and people will be able to ride unlimited for the rest of their contract. After that, though, game over.

Here's my take on the whole Verizon deal.

So far they have not introduced any upcoming HIGH-END phones. I believe that VZW is getting as many cities on 4G as possible by summer. They will then start their new data plans before any new high-end devices are released so at that time you will have to go onto a new plan. I believe the new plans will be 4GB minimum for $49 month shared. This also brings up that you will not only pay more for your data but also have to pay $30 more for that new phone on a upgrade fee.

Why does VZW offer a $50 credit, take $30 from that for a new contract,take away any unlimited data, raise the price of per GB use, change the current plans(I bet that will happen as well),charge you for every little service or apps meanwhile companies are trying to get you to watch TV, video, radio and stream via facebook which now takes twice the data on LTE and before you know it you are over the data limit and are shelling out more $$$.

Having a cellphone in 3-5 years means that you will have to be wealthy to have service and a device.

Well, that seals it. I was planning to head back to a GSM carrier anyway. With this going away, I have no more reason to stay. I miss the flexibility of GSM (as in grabbing a phone from overseas if I want). My VZ contract is up so now its just whether I want the blue ball or the pink lady.

This is a omen for m...i have been debating on getting the htc one x on att and the only reason i havent is i am grandfathered in on unlimited data, the decision has been made for me. Verizon continues to go downhill, bad enough they are not getting the htc one x and now this?

Those of you thinking that you're better off going to AT&T, you're in for a rude awakening. More than likely they will follow Verizon's lead. You think Sprint is also a viable alternative? Think again. Were screwed no matter what, the carriers have us by the balls and thats exactly how they way it.

At least you get a better choice of phones. I wouldn't mind a Galaxy Note or a HTC One. The point is that Verizon is losing it's advantages. It used to be a no-brainer but now you get your choice of who screws you.

And at least T-Mo is GSM and has a cute spokesperson instead of "DROOOID!"

Yep. I won't support AT&T, because they're the ones that started the whole tiered data trend. Besides, it's like going from one big evil to another. AT&T will likely follow Verizon's lead, if Verizon gets away with it.

GOOD OL SPRINT!! This is turning out to be just like the Turtois (Sprint) & the rabbit (Verizon). Sprint is slower, but they are consistently steady!

I just resigned a few months ago and picked up a galaxy nexus. I will be contacting lawyer/verizon for breach of contract....jumping to sprint. Good time for me to sell off my verizon stock...buying sprint stock..............Go eat a dic% verizon!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now the ? Is galaxy note or htc one x???

That's what I was thinking. Isn't this some sort of breach of contract? They can't change horses in the middle of a race. If they're breaching my contract because they're getting greedy, then they're going to lose a lot of customers. I for one will look into another carrier if the limit me on my GNex. Sell this one and get a GSM unlocked version and go wherever I want.

Pretty sure that this only goes into effect when you renew:

"As people renew contracts and move to new 4G LTE smartphones and other devices, their current data plan will no longer be available."

I guess maybe I feel better about being stuck in my contract until 12/13... :)

"Everyone will be on data share", according to Shammo. As people renew contracts and move to new 4G LTE smartphones and other devices, their current data plan will no longer be available. There was no mention what would happen to current LTE subscribers, but we imagine they too will be pushed towards the new sharing plans.

LOL, if you can find a lawyer to take on your cell phone bill dispute, you have found the most desperate lawyer in the world.

You are safe until you contract expires. Once that happens they can change your billing whether you renew or not because they are no longer obligated by contract terms.

Shared data means you share it among multiple handsets, i.e. you and your wife, or you and your kid, etc.

Tiered data is when the amount you pay is based off how much data you expect to use. So 2GB, 3GB, 4GB, etc, each with an increased cost.

Both will be tiered options, but shared will allow all users on one account or plan to share the data. Three users on a family plan would now share 10GB of data between all three phones or devices as opposed to each user having their own 2, 4, 6, or 10GB data plan. Just another way for Verizon to raise prices, but make it look like the customer will benefit by having shared instead of data per phone number.

Shared is actually a good thing if you have people on your plan that don't use a lot of data (depending on the rate which we don't yet know).

With Sprint's NV plans ahead and the roll out to CDMA 800 and LTE 800 in the near future... will be a great time to be a Sprint customer.

People wonder why Verizon's 4G is so fast.... everybody is afraid to use it. JK

But honestly this "Which Carrier is the best" argument is bullshit. If you live in an area that gets great reception, go with that carrier. I love how people come on here and say well I get great reception with Verizon but Sprint sucks for my friend... acts likes that how the rest of the nation is haha.

On top of that $hit, there's that $20 fee to upgrade. Complete bullshit by VZ. They tried us with that $2 charge to pay by using the mobile app. That didn't work. Now thety're back with this mess. Im hoping this is just upgrades only. I'll buy my phones on ebay or somewhere else if that means I keep the unlimited.

Think with a move like this that it would open the doors for Apple or Google to launch their own network, offer unlimited data, and be a good competitor?

It is obvious to me, since the carriers subsidize the handsets so much, they are going to nickel and dime us to death, to get the money back they spend on handsets. I have had enough of this. I am ready to switch to the Euro model, where the phones are expensive, but the plans aren't, since you essentially buy the phone outright from the start. Lets get on with this, and not this continual cycle of squeezing every last bit out of the customer.

Not sure it matter much to me. First I'm kind of stuck on Verizon since none of the other carriers offer solid connectivity in the areas I travel. Second, I'm on a multi line account that gets a 20% corporate discount. Third, I rarely use more than 2-3 GB a month, so I doubt it will effect me that much. And fourth, I've tried a Gnex and the radio is crap. Maybe if Moto makes a Nexus and sells it on the Google site I'd consider it....but wait, I'm still stuck with the fact that only VZ offers signal to a couple of places I go. Damn!

The way I see it is that you won't be able to keep an unlimited plan when you upgrade a phone. Therefore, the only way to keep an unlimited data plan would be to pay for a phone that you want off contract. They can't do anything about the plan that way. If I understand it correctly.

I tend to agree with you, radgatt. Although they may be doing away with the grandfathered plans, such as I have until Christmas, the announcement may come out but THEY'LL TICK OFF THOUSANDS OF CUSTOMERS if they don't let the grandfathered plans take their course and expire. At that point, let's hope the 'pools' they have are 'marginally sufficient' at best for each plan, i.e. family plan, single plan, multiple devices, etc.

Don't get me wrong - I DO NOT care for this change at all! I've been a loyal VZ customer since 1990 when they were AirTouch. They have the best footprint around, ample tower strength and great roaming.

Ironically, my son works for VZ. Saw him just yesterday and he gave me his Bionic since he's issued new phones for work use and upgrades his personal phone often. I went from my DroidX 3G to 4GL-LTE and he said there would be NO issue with my unlimited data plan since I'm using my 'own equipment' no VZ upgrade/renewal.

I'm sure he would have told me....well, probably not. In his position he needs to be closed lipped - even to his Mama.

And we wait...for the next episode of "As Big Red Turns".

Of course they can. You are not under a contract nor are they so they can charge you whatever they want for monthly service.

And you will be buying a phone at full cost (or used) but still paying tiered rates base on subsided phones since Verizon doesn't offer a discount for using your own phone like T-Mo does.

The only people who are safe are the ones under contract when the grandfathering stops. Then they are only safe until their 2 year contract expires whether they upgrade or not.

Is Verizon Wireless getting rid of grandfathered unlimited data plan in preparation for the upcoming LTE iPhone?

I assume Verizon won't be stupid enough to force people to go from UNLIMITED to 2GB/month. That will create
a mass exodus of current Verizon customers.

On the other hand, I think it's about time that I move to the GSM world. As bad as AT&T and T-Mobile are, they
actually have better signals in my area(home and work).


Like a sucker, I'm gonna stay. It looks like I use about 1.7GB per month so it really won't affect me either way. I'm sure they will do a $30per month for 3GB tier.

The rich getting richer while I bend over and take it.

We are all very naive to think that Verizon will allow users with unlimited data to keep it. They will find a way to force us off of it. They will just breach their contract and allow for a window to cancel without an ETF. Sprint will be right behind with getting rid of unlimited data. They cannot afford to pay the iPhone tax with their current revenue stream and will be forced into it. The goal for all carriers is to eventually get to all having expensive tiered plans and slowly removing subsidized pricing on phones. At that point the only differentiator will be coverage area, plan pricing and selection of phones. Sprint might still be able to offer cheaper plans over AT&T and Verizon to try and keep customers, but I bet they dump unlimited data by next Spring or Summer.

They don't even have to do that. The longest they have to wait is for the person who signs a 2 year contract a day before unlimited is canceled. Once his 2 years is up, unlimited is gone for good for everyone. They can cancel unlimited for month 2 month customers on the next billing cycle.

Someone mentioned that there hasn't been a block buster phone released on Verizon for awhile (RAZR meh). Count on unlimited being canceled shortly before some nice phones hit Verizon. That's just the bait they need to get you into a new contract based on shared tiers and keep you from wondering on to other carriers.

I'm not sure their goal is to remove subsidies. Many on this forum are willing to pay up front but most Americans are addicted to financing and would likely get sticker shock from some of the better phones prices. But they should at least offer the option to buy upfront and a cheaper plan.

Couldn't those of us that are on unlimited 4G just not renew our contracts? Just pay full price for the next phone or buy it elsewhere and activate it on our existing unlimited plans? It sucks to have to do that but I'd rather pay more for the phone than lose unlimited 4G.

I agree, that's what I'll do if its am option, but once your contract is up they can change things whenever they feel like it. Which I hate cause I'm up in like March and currently on LTE unlimited which I got with my Thunderbolt.

Other than when I'm in Wyoming, I get good coverage everywhere I go with Sprint. I don't fall for all the Verizon hype. I travel almost all over the country with my job & I've had no problems with Sprint. Verizon seems to be always scheming & scamming their customers.

I have three Android phones with unlimited plans. If they drop my unlimited i have no reason to post there high fees, i use about 6-8 GB a month off wifi, i stream a lot of video. Maybe i will check out T Mo

Supposedly Sprints network vision upgrades is going to take care of a lot of their problems so maybe it might be worth checking them out. Their LTE rollout is not going to be a disaster like the WiMAX rollout was. Jump on their unlimited plan while you still can. Can't believe Verizon is doing this. Their network can't handle unlimited data??? Come on for fu*k sake!!

Well, hopefully Sprint will continue to deployed LTE in the next 18mo's, and hopefully Sprint will KEEP -individual- unlimited LTE data plans.

Oh well this is actually the kick in the butt I needed to go back to AT&T. I miss importing/buying unlocked devices on gsm. I was willing to stay on Verizon for the unlimited data(of which I never use more than 2GB a month anyway) but I will happily leave and get access to better devices. Plus, I would never stay on Verizon's buggy LTE network without unlimited data. I can say goodbye to constant outages and data drops.

Yeah, the only reason I've been with Verizon this long is their unlimited plan that I still have. I have a work discount on the monthly rate, true, but it's not enough for me to stay locked in. I'm sick of their terrible release process for new versions of the OS. I'm giving serious consideration to a GSM carrier...coupled with the new Nexus devices that might come out, that's looking to be the best deal for real Adnroid enthusiasts.

Seriously, the only thing that made Verizon worthwhile was their grandfathered unlimited plan...

Let the churn begin Verizon!!!!
People are already talking about
leaving to competitors. Myself included!!!
Some people are actual TRUE consumers and not just blind fanbois.

What ive read ....even if you already have 4g phone and plan --by summer verizon will cancel your grandfather plan. boycotting verizon!! I just got galaxy nexus a few months ago with unlimited grandfather. I will be jumping ship and selling all my verizon stock this week..........verizon corp will feel the power of the people. Eat a dic% verizon!! Former verizon customer of 9 years

That's the right way think but were talkn about verizon corporation. Ive already put my lte galaxy nexus smartphone up for sale 20 min ago and tomorrow ill be selling all my verizon stock. With a lawyer or not i wont be paying a ETF

Selling your stock would be a bad idea, think about it. VZW may lose a few customers, but their profit margin will increase due to lower costs to the company and higher rates to the customer. Higher revenue = higher stock.

That's not how it worked when Netflix announced their bone-headed plan.

Lost customers (more than anticipated) = lost Wall Street confidence = lower stock.

Long range is too hard to determine. Sprint could go belly-up etc.

Besides his motivation to dump the stock is his disgust in the company. I wouldn't buy tobacco stock even if I made money.

Suck it big red. I'm off contract with unlimited data. AT&T just came to Cleveland. Leaving first chance I get.

So much for customer loyalty! See you Big Red! Can't wait to get my hands on the One X or Note! Better choices elsewhere.

Hopefully Sprint will be smart and keep unlimited LTE data cause they'll be having some customers head their way!!!!!

I pay 140 a month now for 5 unlimited devices. My whole family uses less than 12 gig a month. I'd be happy to get the 20 gig plan for 80-100 a month to share. We wouldn't have this problem if people didn't abuse the current unlimited plans. I'm betting that this won't be as bad as you all think, unless you are an abuser. Go ahead, flame me, but I'm right.

That may work for your particular situation since you are light data users but overall the plan is designed to generate more revenue so many people will end up paying more not just the "abusers". Also 20GB for $80 seems fanciful to me. Think Mor.

It's been said before and I'll say it again. Anyone who signs up for an unlimited data plan and uses it as such is not an "abuser", he is in fact simply a user. VZW didn't say we were only to use what they or yourself consider a "reasonable" amount of data, they said unlimited. You sound like the kind of person who goes to an all-you-can-eat buffet and doesn't go back for seconds because you'd feel bad. Way to think exactly the way the corporations want you to, or maybe you're just a VZW spambot.

Great. First the HTC news. Then the Google music news. And now this. Gotta say the only thing that keeps me with verizon gone. Although if I don't subsidize a phone I should be able to keep unlimited. But being veruzo. I'm sure when you try to activate a new phone they will force this on you or they won't allow the phone to be activated. Prepaid is starting to look more appealing.

Awesome!!!! Well if and when the new nexus lines would come out sim unlocked......i wont be hard pressed to let my unlimited data plan for vzw go since i wont have it anymore! Hahahahaha

Sweet looks like ill still be rocking a nexus phone this coming fall.

I guess this is why we haven't gotten any new phones. I bet when this plan changes they'll release new devices. My upgrade is 3 weeks I may jump ship depending on how this plays out. I don't hog data but they've got me already with my XOOM 4g w/2gb data and oh yea no ics update. My phone has unlimited but that seems to be changing.

I'm thinking it's going to be:

$15 for 1GB
$25 for 3GB
$45 for 5GB
$75 for 8GB
$100 for 10GB

And they will cap it at 10GB. Penalty and/or throttling if you go over 10GB.

Like many others here, I kept VZW strictly to be grandfathered into Unlimited... although I don't use a fraction of it because of wifi availability (less battery drain, etc.)
I did without the texting plan because I felt it should be free (c'mon, what does it cost them?) but with this latest move, I now see no reason to stay. Yeah, maybe they have the best coverage, but I cannot justify condoning their greed.
I was considering making the leap to GSM this summer anyway, but this makes it a no -brainer. Over and out.

Got on the phone with VZW and they denied the story I directed them to Cnet about this.If it turns out to be true I will be leaving vzw too .I am close enough to my contract end that thats not an issue.Im not paying anymore then I am now for my phones, I dont have to have a smartphone .Im just taking it 1 day at a time we will know soon enough if it turns out to be true .I got 2 lines will terminate them both if true tho.

Ok other than the obvious customer do app developers like Pandora and IheartRadio, or GoogleMusic(which has you streaming everything you purchase from the cloud) etc that rely heavily on unlimited plans feeling about this move? I mean, ATT started it, then VZW followed suit but allowed grandfathered plan, but now, this is breaking the camels back, the biggest wireless retailer is essentially cutting into their business? Or maybe it wont? I'm just looking at it at another angle. an angle that could put more pressure from a corporate standpoint than a bunch of pissed off customers.

Maybe VZ doesnt care, with all their Pay-Per-Use VZ apps it would seem like they dont know the GooglePlay App Market or Appstore even exist.

I'm actually not going to get bent out of shape until I see what the shared plan offerings are. For instance, I am currently paying $90 is data for unlimited for 3 devices. But here's the things, between the 3 lines we average about 3GB a month. That's a lot money for that amount of data. And obviously didn't want to lose the unlimited so I kept it. But if Verizon offers a 5gb plan shared for around $50 bucks that saves me a nice piece of change. So I'll wait until the plans are announced to make a judgement. What happens to grandfathered single lines where shared data isn't applicable? That's who it really could suck for. For multiple users it could be big savings IF you aren't heavy data users. We will see.

I dont agree with getting rid of unlimited data I to pay $90 a month for 3 phones and my total bill for 2000 min. unlm text is $6000.00 for the two years im locked in thats more then my electric bill with ac use Does anybody know if there is still beeper companies out there I just found my old text beeper and it still works just need a plan an pay phone and I will save a bundle!!!!!! What scares me most is if we have a sared data plan and go over how much extra $$$$$ will that opps cost me and make profit for big red!!!!!!

I don't agree with it either but again, I'm not going to fuss UNTIL I know the terms of the shared data plans. For a lot of people shared data may save a lot of money and make sense and for others it won't So until then, I'm not going to rant on the Internet since I have no knowledge of what the new data plans will be.

Yes, its a great idea for them to offer shared "buckets" of data for Family plans with multiple data users, none of whom consume a great amount of data each month, they even used that exact term last year when they killed unlimited for new contracts. And yes, it will save people like yourself a lot of money. The problem is both for single line users, as well as those such as myself who are the main line on a family plan where the other lines use NO data. The other two users on my plan don't even want smartphones, while I tend to use around 20gb of month (no tethering). So I am paying $30 extra a month for all the data I need to use, while paying nothing extra for my other lines that use absolutely no data. Same thing for single lines, they will lose as well with no benefits.

There is absolutely NO reason for them to do this other than increased profits for themselves from everyone going over. Apparently they failed to adjust their projected earnings for the fact that they will lose a great deal of customers over this if true. And the top data users with unlimited plans tend to be people like myself that continue to recommend Verizon over the others for their superior coverage in many areas. If they take away Unlimited, they will lose nearly all of the customers who currently recommend them the most.

This is the beginning of the end, Verizon, step away from the brink before you cross the event horizon...

Agreed. Which is why I said for individual users it could really suck. It's definitely not going to be a benefit to all and for a lot of people it will be. It all depends on the user.

Hey Google, look at this, if customer backlash is as bad as these comments are looking, use this as incentive to but T-Mobile and turn it into something great. I would happily jump ship for a network that could be improved with better coverage and rates. Which is gonna be tough cause I'm rocking Sprint unlimited and live in a Sprint area.

depending on how Verizon kick the grandfathers.... I may seriously consider switching to another carrier.

This may finally become the straw that breaks the camel's back.

I have put up with all the BS fee increases and other changes at VZW over the last 14 years. (should I consider
myself to be a loyal customer after being a VZW customer continuously for *only* 14 years?)

This notion of "pooled" is interesting. My wife and I both have VZW devices, a D3 and a D4. Neither of us have unlimited, but neither of us have gone significantly over 1GB/month (when our cap is 5 GB each). When we're at home/friends/family or work we're on wifi, so we basically only hit VZW while we're on the road or out shopping or dining.

If they did something where they pooled each of our 5GB plans into a shared 10GB, that might be interesting. Especially if they unlocked tethering for free and let that come out of the 10GB pool. I think that would be a huge win for people in our situation, since always having a data connection on my tablet or laptop when I travel for business would be helpful. Somehow I doubt that's what they mean though.

Straight Talk is looking more and more appealing, the only carrier I'd consider switching to is AT&T or an AT&T mmvo like Straight Talk. I've seems Sprint's data speeds and I've seen t-mobile's piss poor coverage, neither are options for me. I had considered it before as it's only $45 a month. for unlimited talk/ text and fake AT&T version of unlimited.
If I'm going to be limited to using 2 - 3GB of data I'd much rather pay $50 after taxes instead of $90.
We'll see what Verizon does with their data plans, I'm on contract until November, but verizon you've ticked me off enough that I'm looking around and weighing my options and it's quite likely I'll be kicking you to the curb, I also have a work phone with AT&T which I get a free upgrade on every two years, so no contract may be the way to go for me, just use my last work phone as personal cell or vice versa. So I wouldn't even have to pay full price for a device.

If my contract states that I have unlimited data, can Verizon change that (before the expiration date) without really facing any consequences?

Great ? I just got a galaxy nexus in December if they change my contract mid contract I will be starting a patition on all my media pages YouTube twitter and Facebook.

No. If they change it on you, that gives you an out. Either you accept the new terms or you can walk away with no etf.

Try reading the article, it says as consumers renew contracts. You'll have unlimited data until your contract expires, after that all bets are off, they can do what they want.

They are not going to change your current contract. They are just going to make you agree to the new terms and pick a new plan in the event you decide to renew your contract when upgrading your device.

That's what I was wondering. I'm thinking they may migrate those users to the tiered plans since they are trying to phase out unlimited plans altogether.

So , if I upgrade to a new phone soon. What happens to my plan I have on my Xoom I pay $20/month 1 gig on that . my wife has a it on her phone, she also has iPad with 3G data, she pays as she goes? I got a discount when I bought the Xoom, with a 2 year contract. Wonder if they left me roll that in. I use no more than 2G a month on my phone, and very low on my tablet. wife never goes over 1.5 g on her phone. If this works the way I think it will I might be in the minority , but I think I might come out a head. But I like to know I have the unlimited just incase I want it.

Just got 2 new 4G phones on contract and was already grandfathered in the unlimited data plans before that. I'd like to get more details but it does not look good. Prolly gonna send Verizon an e-mail voicing my concerns now and when my contract date approaches, gonna look into other alternatives, Sprint being the next step.

So let me get this straight. I have now my Motorola Droid X which I got in December 2010 and my contract expire in December 2012 I was holding to renew my contract for a really good phone and when I heard the news about Google opening the Nexus program to multiple manufacturers at a time, selling it directly through Google Play Store I said Hell Yeah I'm waiting until that. But my question is if I upgrade now to a 4G phone before the Shared Data Plans get active will I keep my Unlimited 4G Data or is going to get axed anyways?

I did call customer service, and I told the rep that I voiced my opinion on what the Verizon CFO stated, and I'd take my business elsewhere, if the position isn't reversed. I may write to them, too. I think people should fight like they did over the payment fee for more methods. Otherwise, I'd go elsewhere.

AT&T, no way. They're the ones that started the entire tiered data train, and they're likely going to follow Verizon, if they get away with it. T-Mobile has almost no real presence where I live, and Sprint wasn't terrible at my address, but has much less native coverage. I'd probably do pre-paid. This is one huge step backwards.

What I do not understand is with all of the new technology and the push to go to this "cloud" style of storage with music and pictures and what not, they limit the data usage.....forcing us to pay more to store stuff online that we want to stream and view...... I know that some may say "Well, that’s how they are making their money, forcing us to get more data"....but what about the millions that won't buy or use these products to store online because they can't afford the data? That hurts the economy more.

Big Red, u are clueless.

First you jack up your Nexus lineup.
Then you fail to get the latest phones into your line in 2012. (HTC One or Samsung G3)
Now you think people are going to come to you per your elimination of your current unlimited data plan users.

Totally clueless. I think management skills like these where last seen over at JP Morgan running the trading department. Perhaps even Fannie and Freddie.

What is next Verizon, 5 to 10 year contracts? Why stop there, lets go for 50 year.

I just checked my 5 lines usage. I have 4 days left in my billing cycle.

Now considering I pay $150/month ($30/line) for data this is what I use:

Line 1: 1.93 GB
Line 2: 0.37 GB
Line 3: 0.08 GB
Line 4: 0.07 GB
Line 5: 1.76 GB

So go ahead Verizon offer shared data. Hell, I can take a 10GB/$100 month plan and come out saving me $50 a month and have plenty of data.

Sure they will make money off some people but I am willing to bet the majority of people are similar to me and actually Verizon stands to LOSE money on switching those people.

no because as its been said 60 times already this is for when your contract ends. until your contract runs out you will be on unlimited data. and unless things change if you have a 4g phone you will be on unlimited anyway. this came from a friend who is a verizon sales rep.

This sucks, been with Verizon for 10+ years and now I'm going to have to leave if this really happens. SUCH BS, I pay a premium for the better network, and now they want to get even more money out of their customers.

agreed...i uploaded all my music to google music last year just as more of back up. now i dont even have any music on there i just listen to podcasts i download for when im working.

if i want music on my way home i just turn pandora on or tune in.

There's no mention of how big the "data share" will be. If they can offer 10GB+ a month for $30 for my family to share, we'll stick with Verizon. If the cap is lower than that, it's adios to Verizon and hello to Sprint. My contract's already up, and I think my wife's will be very soon, so there will be nothing to keep us from leaving.

The real cause for this is the upcoming iPhone 5 LTE. Verizon knows what the iPhone data locusts are going to do to their LTE network fields if left unchecked. Verizon's preparing the data DDT now.

so then what happens to the current 4g lte customers unlimited? from my understanding, the new plans will force the 3g ppl to switch over when making the change in types of service. but if we've already made that jump? but basically, mostly everyone or everyone will be beat when their contracts run up. thankfully i just renewed for the galaxy nexus.

It is NOT clear that this will affect those of us already on LTE devices with grandfathered unlimited data. As the CFO stated, this will affect those currently on a 3G only device upgrading to an LTE one. So until I hear some clear evidence to the contrary, I'm not ready to get my pitchfork out yet (not that I would anyway, keep reading). If anything this sounds like their plan for when the new LTE iPhone hits to get those people off unlimited 3G. Also, these new tiered SHARED plans may help those with multiple phones save money where they can spread one shared data plan across all phones instead of paying for a data plan for each individual phone.

Regardless of it all, I would expect at some point that everyone will be forced off unlimited into a tiered plan. All good things must come to an end… When that does happen, I'll still stay with Verizon as they are the ONLY carrier where I live with decent coverage, not to mention the corporate discount I get through work. Unlimited data is nice for the times I use a lot of data, typically during football season streaming games, but even then I rarely went over 2-3GB in a month, so even on a tiered plan, I’d still be fine. It would still suck to lose the peace of mind of not having to worry about overages, but again, I’d be crazy to leave Verizon as they provide the best bang for my buck. YMMV. :)

that's what i'm saying! glad i'm not the only one reading it like that. its vague. enough to look like a loophole possibly but in the end, still probably "beat" us after giving that glimmer of hope lol.

It seems like the thing to do for people like myself, who need Verizon's better network coverage, have unlimited data already and are not currently under contract, is keep an eye on the mobile news sites and try to predict when this change is actually going to go into effect. Then at the last minute sign up for a new 2 year contract with grandfathered unlimited data and just get the best phone that's available at the time. Then either one of two things happens: you get unlimited data for another 2 years, or they change the terms of the contract midstream and you get to walk away with no ETF and with your new phone.

Right, that's what I meant: take the new phone, sell it, and use the proceeds to defray the cost of getting a new phone on a new carrier.

Last nail in the Verizon coffin for lines on my account come up for renewal, they wont be renewed. At the end of the day, its just a damn phone. Im spending way too much money for service anyways. Wish theyed left Alltel alone.

I am more than sure nothing about this will be reasonable. It will cost more money and you will get less data. The probably 2gb for 1 for for 25$. I it will cost and extra 30 to share with another phone and another 30 for tethering.

I think VZW will handle this much like they have handled other new plans in the past: You can stay on your unlimited (even out of contract) as long as you stay on your old phone. When you want to upgrade your phone, you will need to choose a new tiered/shared data plan.

I remember when VZW first started REQUIRING data plans for smartphones. The data plan was only required if you upgraded to a new smartphone. All the older smartphones could be activated w/o a data plan, but any smartphone that was release by VZW after a certain date, required a smartphone. I got my daughter a Motorola Q9m because it didn't need data, even though it was a smartphone.

My guess is that, starting with the iphone 5, you will need to upgrade to a new tiered plan. Up until now, VZW has allowed you to upgrade to an LTE phone and keep unlimited data if you had it on a 3g phone. They do not have to do this.

However, I wouldn't be surprised if the prices for shared data isn't a BETTER deal for most people with family plans. I have 5 lines, all with smartphones, in total we used 6gb of data on last months' billing.

The one thing I would LOVE to see VZW implement is the bucket that carries over! Give me that, and I would give up my unlimited gladly. I rarely use a lot of data (with wifi at work and home), but when I travel, I want to have plenty of data. Give me carryover for my bucket of data, so that the 3 months a year I travel a lot, I can use extra data, and I would be happy.

I've read through this post and most of the comments.

What is the use of this shared data plan? Is it one data plan for all lines on the account?, for all devices on the account?

What kind of deal will this be for me - one person with one phone?

This is not a surprise.. at least I am currently eligible for an upgrade, so maybe I can sign a new contract before the new plans take effect.

I'm out. I already called and told them and guess what? They told me I was only the 3rd person to call! Sure!!!! I really believe that one. I've been a verizon customer for close to 15 years. And I'm done and willing to dump the iphone in the process. I refuse to let verizon take my unlimited data plan away after they promised I would be grandfathered in. Screw them! Hey apple, see this? You are going to lose an iphone customer because of this.