Droid 2 Global coming soon

Everyone's pretty certain that the Droid 2 Global will be launching on Nov. 11, but we love confirmation.  These shots from Verizon internal systems are music to our ears ... err, eyes.  Above you see both colors with a big "coming soon" label attached, and after the break we have shots of both colors with that Nov 11 date in tow.  1.2 GHz? Check.  Two colors? Check.  Do want? Check.  Hit the break to see the other shots.  Thanks, you-know-who!

Droid 2 Global, dark

Droid 2 Global, light


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Verizon internal screens confirm Droid 2 Global launch on Nov. 11


Huh, I hadn't thought of that. Based on actual* scientific evidence, I'd say yes.

*No science was used in the writing of this comment.

well you can activate the Storm on T-Mobile or AT&T....so...yes...theoretically it would be.

but why on EARTH would you want that?

and somebody is going to be having a small "boating accident" for leaking all these internal screens. The VZW ninjas are in pursuit