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150MB update for Verizon's GS4 now rolling out

Verizon's Samsung Galaxy S4 has a new update pushing out for it right now, bringing a couple of new features, tweaks and bug fixes. The 150MB update to software version VRUDMI1 is rolling out over the air and through Samsung's Kies software, though as always it may take a little time before it filters through to everyone.

The main new addition for Verizon GS4 owners is Samsung's Optical Reader app, which can create contacts from business cards using the rear camera and optical character recognition, in addition to translating printed text between languages. Other major changes and tweaks include improved Wifi connectivity, S Memo bug fixes, support for three-way calling when roaming on the Bluegrass network, and roaming support for TELUS in Canada.

If you're upgrading your Verizon Galaxy S4 to the new firmware today, hit the comments and tell us how you're getting on.

Source: Verizon (PDF), via: Android Central forums


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Verizon Galaxy S4 updated with Optical Reader, bug fixes


That's cool, will update when I get home from work. But I wish it was the update to support the galaxy gear. Although I do have the galaxy gear working on my s4, only certain features work.

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The phone, calendar, and obviously the media player works. What doesn't work is be able to read my text messages and get email alerts. I have more to test today but that's where I'm at so far.

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Sorry I just read what u said again... I thought u were asking how it works. Anyways, go to xda developers and download the gear manager app from there, or Google gear manager apk. download.

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I noticed a slight increase in the amount of available internal storage after update.

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So has Samsung Given up on updating GS3's now? Just got one as a replacement for My Gnex from Asurion and it's on 4.1.

GS3 update will be coming in November. Am hoping it brings some features of the GS4 in the 4.3 update. Like the camera software and S health. Support for the Gear wouldn't be bad

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I received an S3 as a warranty replacement on my GNex. I consider this a "stop gap" until Black Friday sales start appearing.

Its on 4.2, about to get rooted, as there is plenty of developer support for this device. Consider that with the rumors of an S5 in early 2014, I don't see many/any carrier bringing many more updates to this phone.

If you received an S3 as a warranty replacement, you probably still have an upgrade available (as do I). I'm looking and the Droid Maxx and S4 and gasp iPhone 5S as my possible next phones.

Factory reset not needed, increase in the amount of available internal storage after update. Looks Good! :-)

Me7 brought apps to sd you should already have that. This update just gives you optical reader app, better wifi, and a little more internal storage.

Sent from my rooted s4 running 4.3

Wow, great job Verizon and Samsung! (Sarcasm) It actually seems slower, still no WiFi toggle switch in the notification bar, AND more bloat! Alright, way to go guys! -______-

Updating on this will nuke your root just like ME7 did. Get the radios on XDA. I just DLed them today and kept root since I'm still on the MDK firmware/baseband.

The Developer for Clean Rom as stopped Developing on July 16th. You will need to pick someone else. Andybones does stock also and it seems on par with Cleanrom

The update was successful however there were a couple of long periods where nothing seemed to be happening. Patients is needed. Some app icons on the home screens were messed up and needed to be refreshed.
The new Optical Reader function seems a bit difficult to use. It captures phone numbers, email and web addresses OK but stumbles over physical addresses.

If you hit the menu capacitive button under settings it allows u to remove the tabbed browsing and switch to list. Didn't notice this before this update if that option was available.

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Does anyone else use foxfi to teather? I am afraid this update might break Foxfi! If anyone else uses Foxfi and it does break it please post.

DO NOT UPDATE if you use FoxFi or any other tethering app that doesnt require rooting. When you turn on the wifi tether it opens a verizon pop up with a link that tells you to visit their site to pay for their tethering service. I like how in the software update info they say "helps improve wifi connectivity".

If anyone knows of a good root for this update please post :)

After the last update it did the same thing. But if you hit the home button instead of ok it would still launch and FoxFi would still work. Did you try that?

Installed update and the home button loop hole no longer works. Got curious and installed the Foxfi for at&t sprint only and my Verizon s4 works flawlessly with it. So I recommend giving it a shot. Btw installed their update this morning so should have been the newest version. I use foxfi daily still have unlimited data and am averaging around 60GB of data per month use it to run Roku box everyday. Won't be installing any more updates for fear of losing foxfi permanently.

Is anyone who did the update having problems with battery life or their phone getting hot when not I use? I Did the update on Wednesday and my battery life barely last a day and my phone gets noticeably hot in my pocket, out on my desk, and when on the charger. I've heard of these issues with the S4, but never experienced them. Any helpful suggestions would be appreciated.

Since the update I'm having battery life issues also. I used to be able to go all day and have 30% left when I plug it up at night. But now I'm sitting here at 11:15 in the morning and have 41% battery left. I haven't even used the phone today.

One thing I noticed was that in the battery monitor in settings "Android Core Apps" is the first thing listed (33%), before "screen" (30%). "Screen" has always been by far the largest user of battery.

The battery log looks like this...
Android Core Apps: 33%
Screen: 30%
Media Server: 12%
Google Services: 10%

I've never even noticed "Android Core Apps", "Media Server" and "Google Services" this high before.

Is anyone else seeing this since the Verizon update? Know how to fix it?

I had the same thing happen. I updated this morning at work, within a few hours my phone was dead. I plugged it into my computer via USB and it couldn't charge the phone faster than it was eating the battery.
My battery details are:
Media 56%
Screen 28%
Google Services 6%
I also lost anything on my SD card or at least the phone doesn't see them anymore. Still trying to figure out how to fix that too.

Also having battery issues, charged the phone to 100% put it into airplane mode unplugged it and the phone dropped to 37% in an 8 hour period. It used to last 12-14 hours under my normal usage prior to this update. Also seems to be getting very hot. My log looks like this:
Google Services:24
Device idle: 8
Andoid: OS 6

A family member also has this going on too, not sure what the log looks like though.

I'm having the same issue, my battery would last from 7:00 AM - 11 PM with about 11% left at night and that's after regular email, internet, social media and gaming. Now by 7 PM I'm down to 11% with less use. Any help?

I'm really disappointed with this update and the battery life issue:

My phone lasted on 8 hours today:

Screen: 37% My screen brightness is at less than 20% so it's super dim and not on Auto
Voice Calls: 15% (only made 7 calls, less than 30 minutes of call time)
Android OS: 12%
Device Idle: 9%
Google Services: 8%
Cell Standby: 4%
Android System: 3%
Games: 3%
Phone: 2%
WiFi: 2%

The only drawback I've noticed in the update is significantly reduced battery life. Everything was perfect before the upgrade. Long battery life was one of the things I really liked about the S4. An upgrade should improve things ... not degrade performance. Definitely not happy. Any fixes? Sounds like the upgrade can not be reversed.

Ran my update over the weekend and now my battery is draining by early afternoon vs. being able to go all day and overnight. Battery running hotter than it has before as well. Never had concern before to check to see what was using it, but android core apps running 30-35%.

Same here updated approx. 2 weeks ago and battery drains in 7hours and 20minutes down to 15% w/ zero use just sits on my desk. I am also experiencing the higher temperature battery. I just checked to see if I can find an exact date when I updated and found that an update is available today as well. Currently installing ...

Verizon slips in blocking for FoxFi. How can we undo this update without rooting? I saw no improvements that mattered to me and if this can't be undone I will be looking in to rooting. Too bad Android Central doesn't check out what changes were part of this update before expounding to everyone how great the update is. A lot of FoxFi users are going to be very mad. No longer will I update from Verizon until way later from now on.

On the last version the same thing would happen, but if you just hit the home button on the phone instead of hitting ok on the message Fox-Fi would still work. Can you check if that still can be used as a workaround?

Heck yes it worked!! At first it didn't but then I did a factory reset and it worked. Whenever the Verizon pop up appears when you turn the tethering on you just press the home button and the pop up closes and tethering is still active. I just played black ops for 3 hours on my phones 4g with no issues.

I upgraded tonight 10/22/13, took about 15 minutes. However, after finishing up everything, updating the apps, etc..., I went into the system settings and saw that the Android version is still 4.2.2?
I did see the splash screen showing the new version and what were fixed in the new release, but it is not showing 4.3?
Also, in this version, no sure for Verizon, supposed to be compatible to Galaxy Gear as in the Smart Watch? how do we check if things are valid and successfully upgraded to 4.3 and compatible to Smart Watch?

First if all, very disappointed we didnt get the 4.3 update!!! Bunch of garbage there!! Secondly, I did the update and was ok for a day or two. Did nothing different nor installed any new apps, and it lags, kicks me off my great connection to wifi at home, not to mention when I use the internet search or the google search all I get is round and round it goes but nothing pops up. I just now realized theres another app on phone, optical reader. Click on it says to download more files. Please tell me why would I want to do download more files when whats already been done is lagging my phone.
( complete sarcasm )
Im searching now to find how to fix it. Its a brand new phone and should not have to download or be forced to, without us not knowing exactly what it is. Good job samsung, however I know its the carriers fault, and quite annoying!!!!! Pay a lot of money for what? Electronics in general, yes, will have issues, but never had so many until I came to verizon. Allow us, the owners of the phone, to decide if we want all this bloatware!!!! Sorry...just ranting, but point is not to install update. As long as it takes to open the camera to take a picture of a business card, could have easily already put number in your contacts. Makes no sense to me, but everyones preferences are different I guess.

WTF? Since my update all my folders containing apps on my home screen are grayed out because some of the apps in those folders are on my SD card and the icons are now gone! They were on my SD card before the update and the icons were perfect. Now I'm looking a a gray home screen because I have all of my apps in folders and they're all gray! -- Does anyone know how to fix this?

I just did the update also and the same thing happened to me. All apps I transferred to my SD card have icons that are greyed out. This is for the home screen and in Apps. Hitting the icon in either place gives a popup that the application isn't installed. Ya .... WTF??? I tried unmounting and mounting the SD card, I tried turning off my phone and started it back up (which did popup, unexpectedly, "Optimizing Apps 1 of 1" during the bootup even though the phone already rebooted itself and did the optimizing after I installed the update), and still the my phone says the apps aren't installed now.

For those apps that are grayed on the home screen but not in apps, looks like the shortcut is losing some of the link information to the app on the sd card. Delete the delete the defective shortcut from your home screen and remake it (long press in blank space, select Apps and Widgets, select app). The new shortcut should look and work OK.

For those that are screwed up in Apps, try going to settings - more - application manager, moving them back to device memory. Do they work? If so, maybe try restarting and then moving them back to the SD card?

I tried moving the apps back on to device memory and it says the application isn't installed but yet it lists it ... go figure. And holy crap my battery died a half hour ago! I have been able to use my phone from a fresh charge all day and if I forgot to plug it in that night still have a decent amount to get me through the morning. It is currently dead and charging .... this update really whacked my phone ... I am so disappointed. If it keeps acting like this I am wiping it and going back to my Nexus. It's an older phone but I never had these stupid bloatware problems sucking the life out of my phone. Samsung needs to realize these aren't laptops. It's nice to have the enormous amount of functionality in your hand but there needs to be a line in the sand or at least give us a choice on what we want to install and use .... this means you too Verizon .... grrrrrrr

Update sucks. Battery life has been cut in half. I'll ditch Verizon if they don't fix it soon. Unacceptable. I am now getting roughly the same lousy battery life as I got on my old droid razr.

I'm with you, same problem. I contacted Samsung and they suggested two things.
1. Turn off bluetooth, wifi and gps. I told them this didn't make sense, before the upgrade i had no need to turn those off
2. A hard reset of the phone. Erase all apps and data. I don't feel like doing that. there should be a fix to their update.

Wow that is some sound advice they gave you. Don't use your phone (which it was awesome before the update like you stated) or completely wipe your phone and start from scratch. The update also messed up my SD card and now the files on the card are not accessible anymore ... so I guess they started the process of deleting apps for me. I think there were low level changes that are allowing more metric collecting for Verizon ... I think Verizon is the cause of this and not Samsung. I find it hard to believe Samsung would make updates that would cause such a battery drain and system chaos on their own hardware especially when it was tuned so well before the update. I was having awesome battery life. Now I can barely keep it charged.

Hahaha. You will? Lol updated my phone, no battery issues. Most likely all of you having battery issues have certain apps acting up. If that's the case, easiest solution is to factory reset phone. I know it's a pain, but that will rule out if your battery just when bad on you. Or maybe the update mess up your phone?

Got the release on October 29th but why does WiFi goes off when every time the phone has timed out?
It used to stay on ALL the time.

Go to settings/wifi press menu key / advance . Is your phone set to only keep wifi when plugged in??

The updates overall are pretty good. Nice to have the call blocking and optical reader returned to us, and phone performance actually feels a little sharper.

That said, I'm rather displeased that Verizon has blocked access completely to Samsung apps. I had it installed via an independent apk pervious to the update... Note the app no longer shows in my installed apps, and all further attempts to reinstall it are meet with "didn't install".

Further, the optical reader requires a download from Samsung apps in order for it to be used; but all access outside of that single app page is also blocked.

It boggles my mind that Verizon would restrict it's customers from accessing apps from the very manufacturer of the phone they're selling!

my Galaxy 4 did the new system upgrade today, and now my Viber & Skype texts come through silent. there is no notification sound? I've went into each app and checked the sound settings. restarted the phone....and still silence. why is this happening??

I just got the update for the gear and immediately I noticed a few things:

There's now blocking, like the iPhone. No calls/notification for an amount of time

Wife button like the S3

Some additional apps by Samsung

we'll have to see how this affects the battery life.