Samsung Galaxy S4

$199.99 with a two-year plan, or $649.99 outright

Verizon Wireless customers, your long wait is over -- today you can go out and buy the Samsung Galaxy S4. Though we've been hearing news of pre-order customers getting their devices early, today's the day the S4 is officially available for purchase online and in stores. Verizon is selling the 16GB Galaxy S4 in black and white color options, priced at $199.99 with a two-year plan, or $649.99 outright.

If you're picking up a GS4 on Big Red today, be sure to hit the comments let us know how you get on. We've also got bustling Galaxy S4 forums for all your questions. And if you're still on the fence, you can check out our exhaustive Galaxy S4 review.

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Source: Verizon Wireless


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Verizon Galaxy S4 officially available today


Would love to get this phone! but since i would be doing an Early upgrade, they said I can't order this phone until it comes off some special ordering system. LAME! So they offer me the S3 instead! ummm NO.

Me too... Went into the Verizon store four days ago to get my wife the HTC Droid DNA via an online coupon for a free(!) phone and ordered the S4 at the same time. Got it yesterday and activated it over the phone with VZW tech support. The woman I spoke to said she'd be doing a handful of activations each day for the past several days, and the guy at the Verizon store said he'd been hearing of people getting them delivered as much as a week early.

We have decent 4G service in my area. I found the battery usage to be higher than I expected. I set it to power save mode last night around 11PM with a fully charged battery. When I woke up at 6:40 this morning the battery was at 64%! I expected better performance than that, especially since the phone wasn't used at all. My wife had a similar experience with her HTC DNA. I understand that some processes are still taking place, and the phones were both connected to WiFi all night, but they were idle other than syncing for mail, notifications, etc. My previous phone was a 3G HTC Droid Incredible 2 and overnight it would lose maybe 15%, so I'm a bit underwhelmed with the battery performance. This morning I installed Juice Defender Ultimate, so I'll see how much more life I get from the battery with it running.

I like the phone overall-- very sleek and the display is gorgeous. The speaker gets plenty loud, with decent quality for its size. I'm not one of those who groans at the plastic build; the phone looks and feels fine to me. I'm eager for the promised inductive back to become available, so that my wife and I can charge our phones wirelessly. The TouchWiz UI is a bit stale, but I can live with it (and maybe I'll load a new launcher at some point). I'm not overwhelmed by some of the available widgets (the flashlight is pathetic) but Google Now and S Voice are terrific. I wish the phone shipped with more live wallpapers but that's easily remedied.

I'm going to ease into learning/using some of the gesture and eye tracking features. The camera seems capable. The quad-core processor is smooth as butter. The built in IR blaster and universal remote (via the WatchOn app) are terrific features. The music player seems good, and there isn't too much bloatware hogging the 16GB on-board storage, though I'm not likely to use most of the VZW-supplied apps in any event.

So after a day, color me happy so far.

Well in my s3, i just turn off all power hogs like wifi, bluetooth, sync, GPS, mobile data and sleep without powersaving mode and wake up to 3% lost which is stellar.

Someone should tell VZW customer service about the phone being available today. I tried to buy it but the CSR said it was still on pre-order. Idiots...

I should receive mine around 10am tomorrow. I pretty excited because I'm coming from an htc rezound which was my 4th HTC device. Can't wait!!

Hey Folks I need help! I just got my VZW S4 yesterday and after spending over an hour on the phone with VZW and Samsung I was told that the VZW model of the S4 does NOT have the WiFi icon in the notification panel unlike the S4 for ATT and Sprint. Is this true or is my unit defective? I can get onto wifi just fine. I just can't see the quick toggle icon. We tried everything I can think of over the phone with both reps.

Just like the Galaxy Note II, Verizon fooled around with the notification panel and removed it for some unknown reason. Sure would have been nice to have the toggle there. Just stupid.

Verizon is just trying to make it more difficult to turn wifi off so that you just leave it on and use your wifi and not the LTE network. Pretty stupid if you ask me.

my bet is actually the opposite, I think they did it so people would forget to turn it on and burn through their data allowance faster and then needing to pay more when they run over.

I was wondering the same thing. Not sure why they would remove one of the most used and needed icons. I guess so they can try and force the users to use LTE. Really sucks!! I a sign note, the 4G LTE in Denver is really fast. So much better than Sprint. So glad I made the move!!

True, but it's not really a big deal... it's one tap away (notifications >> settings >> WiFi). Once you've established a WiFi connection you can manage WiFi settings on the Notification panel itself. The lack of a toggle icon is dumb from a UI consistency standpoint, but it doesn't really impair functionality. I'm not ready to impute some devious motive to Verizon over this. You'd have to be some kind of brain deprived invertebrate to be "trickeed" by Verizon into using up your mobile data allowance just because of an AWOL toggle.

you can customize the icons and choose their priority on the list. You should be able to put the WiFi icon wherever you want.

Received an email from Vz this morning about this to which I kindly replied... Why haven't you brought in the HTC One when the other major carriers have already? Radio silence... Until then, I'll opt out of more plastic from Samsung. Hell, seriously considering opting out of Vz all together (waiting for contract to end in either June/July)

I will be in Boston tonight and plan to stop by a Verizon store for a test drive. I hope they have a working demo unit on display.

I would prefer the rumored ruggedized version of the S4. I wonder how long it will take Big Red to get onboard the ruggedized train.

My wife has been waiting for a new phone as well. There might have been an updated version of Droid at some point but overall not too much.

(She is holding out against all hope for the Droid 5 as she prefers a physical keyboard.)

The back is glossy and slippery, but the sides are grippy enough for a decent hand hold. I wouldn't go so far as to say it *can't* be used without a case, but I've a Seidio Active case and holster on order (from the Android Central store, natch), so I certainly take your point to heart...

Great Phone! I had the Rezound prior to this phone, and was very tempted to get the galaxy note 2, but luckily i held off until this morning to get my hands on the GS4.

And i was very dissapointed yesterday, I thought that for sure the HTC One announcement was going to be made, but no...

Picked my up VzW S4 in person, this morning. So much better than my VzW GNex. No more phone "getting so hot that it almost bursts into flames when charging" or 3hr battery life.

Just got my phone this morning when VZW opened! Love the phone and looking forward to playing around with it later after work.

$100 difference for those that pre ordered the phone, yet received it the same day Verizon released it.
WTF??? $100 "penalty" for pre ordering??

After dealing with Verizon's handling of the Nexus, I would NEVER buy another device with them! If so, it would be off contact!

Picked up mine at Best Buy when they opened this morning. I work midnights so had to go to bed when I got home, just started playing with it, really impressed. But then again I was coming from a 2+ year old broken down Atrix 4g.

You must not have had a recent Verizon phone. They have a persistent nag in the notification shade reminding you any time you have wifi off. They definitely want you to use it as much as possible.