Verizon Fascinate pricing

We just got some pricing info on the Verizon Samsung Fascinate, and it's about as you'd expect, with a bit of a twist. The fourth U.S. version of the Samsung Galaxy S will go for $199.99 on contract with Big Red. Plus, it'll be offered as buy-one-get-one/buy-one-get-any, which makes it fun for the whole family. And note that this is even more confirmation of the Sept. 9 launch date that we broke last week.


Reader comments

Verizon Fascinate: $199 on contract, plus buy-one-get-one!


That's a great deal. How does that work, do both phones have to be on the same account or can I get one and give one to a friend who also has Verizon?

Generally speaking, how it works is one name goes on the account, it is the person responsible for the bill and you could give the other phone to anyone you want.

Buy one, get one generally applies to one product unless they say otherwise. ie, buy one for $200 and get one for equal value for free. But at least in this story, it's not detailed like that so it's probably two Facinates.

Both phones still have to be activated Idk if you need to be on a family plan but both phones are gonna be under 2 year contracts.

So buy 1 fascinte and they'll give you another free? So I could have one as a backup phone if some happened to the first or does the free phone have to be activated on another line?

I tried to get in on a bogo deal on blackberries earlier this year, but it didn't work out for me since the two lines weren't on the same plan. It seems to me that if you want to take advantage of this deal (which is a great one), you need a family plan where BOTH lines are eligible for an upgrade. Otherwise everyone would run into Verizon, upgrade, and throw the extra one up in eBay.


I'm not sure if this is as good a deal as you think. AFAIK, both lines need to be eligible for upgrade and activated for the data plan. My primary line is NE2 ready but my secondary line is not so I think I'm out of luck on Bogo's unless I sync up.

It means exactly what sounds like. You buy 1 and get one free. The only thing is you have you have to mail the rebate in, and both have to be on the same account. If you are upgrading, both lines have to be eligible to upgrade

Confirmed, both lines have to be eligible which is a shame because my secondary line is not eligible until 3/23/11 and there's no way I'm sticking with my BB Storm for another 6+ months just to see if the next phone I want is available on BOGO!

I have 3 lines that end in 3 days. We are only going to renew 2 i think this might be just right for us. I dont think my son will like a phone without a keyboard though. He might get a droid 2 instead.


You have to be on a family plan with at least two lines eligible for upgrade, or start a new account with two lines. Keep in mind that the ETF will be $350.

It does only work for family plans or if for some unknown reason you had two plans to renew... Both phones are priced "with new 2-year activation" but VZ does let you do an early contract renewal for $50 (at least they did last time I tried this) if one of the lines isn't up for renewal yet...

this puts a HUGE twist on things.. i preordered from best buy.. now i might cancel and go with VZW now since my wife is gonna want a phone too.. we're both tired of our storms..

I wonder if I could take advantage of this.

I just activated a new account, and my wife got an Incredible... it's been less than 30 days. I wonder if I could send that phone back, and utilize this deal?