Motorola Droid Ultra and Maxx

Savings of $50 or $100 both on and off contract at the online store

Coming around on three months since their release, Verizon has just cut the prices of its latest lineup of Droid devices from Motorola. If you head over to the Verizon online store today you'll find that Droid Maxx on sale for $199, Droid Ultra for $99 and Droid Mini for $49 — that's a cut of $100 for the Maxx and Ultra, and $50 for the Mini. It looks as though the off-contract prices have dropped as well, hitting $499, $449 and $399, respectively.

We're not entirely sure what the reasoning is behind a price drop just three months after going on sale, but if you've been holding off on picking up one of the new Droid devices now may be the time. We're seeing the price drops on the web without any special actions, but we can't say whether or not you'll find these deals in retail stores.

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Source: Verizon (Maxx); (Ultra); (Mini); Thanks, Saumil!


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Verizon Droid Mini, Ultra and Maxx all receive price cuts


Ultra Yes... But the Maxx is one of the best phones on the market. Moto X8 Architecture is severely underrated at the performance it can handle.

I agree! I think the Maxx is great and very underrated! I think the GS4 and HTC One are great phones and it comes down to what someone wants but I think there is more value to adding a low power voice processor and low power processor to monitor sensors then there is to adding two more conventional cores. The Adreno 225 struggles with some games at 1280x720 resolution but I don't think the Adreno 320 will have any problem! However I'm not sure I'd trust the Adreno 320 to handle everything at 1080p perfectly like the GS4 and HTC One would require. Of course the fact that they put in an even larger battery in the Maxx at 3500mAh is just icing on the cake. Really I don't think they should offer the Ultra or the X on Verizon. There's no point. The Mini and the Maxx are all the choice people need from Moto...I'm glad they do offer other phones like the GS4 as well. You can't use the Maxx as a TV remote! :)

I think I could say the same about the note. Maxx Rocks and is best on the market and not loaded down with a bunch of Sammy junk :)

Says the guy who probably hasn't even gone in to a carrier store to see it in action, let alone used it for a day. The same idiot who, only 2 years ago, was saying how he'd never touch any of "Samsuck's crappy ass plastic devices with a ten foot pole". Stupid hypocritical Samsung fanboy.

@richardyarrell We know you worship the ground Samsung walks on but you clearly haven't had any hands on time with the new droids or the Moto X. If you had, you would realize they run circles around any other device on the market.

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When I was at the local VZW store just last week, these were the prices then. Either the price drop started early (be it overall or at that particular location), or this isn't really a price drop as VZW wants us to believe.

Imagine these haven't exactly been flying off the shelf.

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@#$%##$!!!! I just bought the Maxx on Monday!!!

I guess I make a trip back to the store today to see if I can get $100 off my bill. Anyone know if they will do this?

You're well within the time-frame. You should be getting money back if you request it.

You shouldn't have to pay the restock fee. I got them to give me the difference when the price dropped on me a few days after I bought one of my phoned a year or so ago. Just ask nicely.

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If not then just return it and order one online. You're still within your return window

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Odd that the on contract prices and off contract prices do not show the same percentage of discounts.

The Maxx on contract price should be $149.99 based on the price jumps seen in the off contract pricing.

Too little too late already left for a nexus and straight talk. I am taking my last 3 lines off at the end of next month. Just tired of paying out the nose for upgrades and rates.

I activated my MAXX on the 1st. Called them up, politely told them I was disappointed and they credited me the difference!

Why isn't the AC feed on my Pulse reader updating? Nothing new since Oct 12. Please respond.

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Not the right place for this and even if it was you'd probably have more luck asking Pulse or typing your problem into Google.

Well, if the issue was happpening with the 50 other feeds I subscribe too and not just the one, then yeah, maybe I would ask Pulse or even Google (which makes zero sense btw). But its not, just AC. I felt this was the best and quickest avenue. But hey, thanks for being an asshole. Must be pretty fun giving irrelevant answers to people's questions on the internet all day. Cheers.

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Meh. Thought you meant ask Google services, not "google it". So I take that part of my reply back.

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What I said when introduced.
Top tier prices for a tier 2 phone.
No removable storage.
No Quadcore. Yea, we can argue about this, but there are not 4 cores for heavy lifting.

Rumors had this price drop a month ago.
I'm no troll; I've owned a Droid X, Droid Razr, Droid Razr Maxx, Droid Razr HD.
I would have bought another Motorola phone because I liked the build quality.
Instead, I bought a GS4. I couldn't spend the money on the Motorola Droid line or even the X with the lack of stuff that a flagship phone should have.

The Droid line lost me because as a Verizon exclusive, accessories don't exist.
For Motorola to be a viable brand, they have got to stop strapping themselves to Verizon.

Had my MAXX since it first came out and I Love It !!!!!! To each their own I guess !!

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Have you ever even used the droids. They are completely lag free. They keep up or outpace the gs4.

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The price drop is already reflected on Amazon Wireless (BTW... The HTC One dropped to $79 on Amazon). At this point, I'm holding out for Black Friday.