Verizon Droid DNA unboxing

OK, let's face it. For a lot of folks, the launch of a smartphone like the Verizon Droid DNA just isn't complete without an official unboxing. Ceremoniously peeling back layer after layer. Decorative packaging. Then box itself. All those legal and quick-start booklets that you never, ever read. A charger. A cable. If you're lucky, a set of earbuds. If you're really lucky, a set of earbuds that won't leave you wincing in pain, either from discomfort or horrible sound quality.

And then, finally, the phone. You know, that thing you actually paid good money for. 

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This Droid DNA unboxing should feel pretty familiar. Verizon's retail packaging hasn't changed. Same Droid eye staring at you, mercilessly, throughout the ritual.

And so with that warning in hand, hit the break for our official Verizon Droid DNA unboxing video. Huzzah.


Reader comments

Verizon Droid DNA unboxing


It looks awesome (though a little thicker than I thought it would be) but i'm just not interested in a 1 carrier phone anymore. I find that there is little support, infrequent updates, and hardly any accessories since they probably won't sell that many. Also, 11GB is not enough anymore with games often requiring huge added downloads. Plus, until someone has an option to stream my 1080p movies on a 3g network without going over my data cap that Verizon nailed us with (impossible), I have no where to go but the SD card for storage. I think Verizon wants you to blow the cap which is why they won't put out more storage. Notice Sprint got the Note 2 and GS3 with plenty of storage. Why have a 1080p screen when I can't fit 1 1080p movie on the dang phone?

From all the articles this phone is unlocked, which means you can use it on AT&T, T-Mobile, Straight Talk, etc.

Doesn't Have the 1700 mhz band so its only gonna get edge on tmobile and att has really crappy hspa+ compared to T-mobile so I'll just stick to my nexus 4 on tmobile prepaid. Verizon gouges its customers with data plans. The phone is really beautiful tho.

Am I the only one who is curious to see what the ridicules droid commercials to market a phone call the DNA will look like?

if the phone is running 4.1.1 now then you can almost guarantee that if it gets 4.2, that will be the last update it gets. This phone does not inspire me.

No storage, HTC builds a spec killer phone and gives you 11gb of usable storage. They ruined a possible great, great phone. Along with the lousy storage it comes with a grossly undersized battery. 2020mAh battery is not nearly enough to power a very large and pixel filled screen running the LTE radio. My SGS3 on T-Mobile has a 2100mAh battery, smaller screen, lower pixel amount and no LTED radio, I get one day out of a full charge. This battery will not get you thru a day. Would much rather have a little thicker phone and a much larger battery. HTC has always underpowered every phone they have made, never learn. The Samsung Note 2 is a much better equipped phone. Samsung listens to their customers that is why they are number one IMO.

LOL 11 gigs and no sd card slot what a turn off, i'll pass after them releasing the OneX+ with 64 gig storage this is ridiculous. Also battery is way to small. Way to go HTC um not

I like the phone, (seems we need some positive comments)
Like HTC, Will put another launcher on to remove sense...
Great Display and camera / software
Probably nest audio with modified audio amplifiers (esp headphone 2+v!)
Looks sexy (compared to smsung and others, I do like nexus4 sparkly)
We'll be picking up 2

HTC phone is nice , but have to agree with most the small battery and no sd card sucks, but they want you to use more of the cloud... Oh yea HTC fits for VZ because they will do one update and forget about the phone!

I'd like to get a new phone for christmas and I've done days of research and narrowed it down to the Note 2 and the Droid DNA. I like the size, design, weight, and screen resolution of the Droid DNA, while the Note 2 has the s-pen, great battery life, good storage capacity,and other cool features. I currently own the RAZR MAXX and am looking to choose between these 2... any suggestions? (include why too please)

I always laugh when Phil has to acknowledge the lack of storage space because it is so obvious he thinks anyone complaining about it is a moron. Lack of storage space is a major flaw, just as much of a deal breaker as a crappy screen or sub par camera. IMO anyway.

Reviews I have read say battery life is terrible, as expected. HTC just cant get out of their own way.