Things are back to normal at Verizon, unlimited data plan bug has been fixed

We've received some information that the loophole everyone jumped on last night, where users were able to use a subsidized upgrade without losing their unlimited data, has been officially closed by Verizon HQ.

If you don't keep up-to-date with this sort of thing, users on Verizon that wanted to keep the old unlimited data plan are unable to sign an new agreement and get their new phone at the subsidized rate. Last night, folks started taking advantage of a recent "glitch" in the system that allowed you to get the contract price, sign a new two year agreement, but still keep the unlimited data.

Now that the issue has been "fixed" by Verizon, there's no telling how they are going to deal with the users who took advantage of the bug this weekend. If you grabbed a phone this way, you'll want to pay very close attention to any and all communication from Big Red.

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Verizon closes loophole that allowed upgrades with unlimited data


I mean they are a business I mean what other company would just let this slide without resolving.... idiot

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Fair enough, but when they have problems that cost customers extra money it takes years and government intervention to solve them. Remember the data access charges for customers that weren't even using data, or had data disabled on their accounts? That went on for years for millions of customers at a rate of about $2.50/month.

Asshats. I am sure Verizon knew this was going on soon after it hit the interwebz, but that bonehead blogger throwing it in their face was like calling the police about the neighbor's party.

What a friggin idiot. Anybody should have known this was not a "shift in policy." Since when has Verizon decided to make their network more accessible for free?

As a Verizon subscriber with unlimited data, I was aware of this, but I had no intention of taking advantage of it because I don't want any of the phones they currently offer. If there was a N5 out on Verizon yesterday, it would have been perfect. But we all know that ain't happenin' ;-)

This can hardly be blamed on an Engadget editor. Several media sources posted articles on this issue. If you read the comments from any of them last night, you'd see many people contacted Verizon in order to verify they wouldn't lose their unlimited data.

Not just blogs and websites, but I read a lot of comments of people calling VZW CS making sure they will keep Unlimited after they placed their orders. One CS said it was just a glitch and if the guy ordered a New Phone it would automatically swith him to tier, while other CS said they'd have to honor it.

Now that VZW closed the glitch, all the people who bought new phones and extended their contracts are worried if VZW is going to honor the orders. People who picked up their phones from a store said their phones are on unlimited. But the people waiting for their phones in the mail aren't sure if its going to be honored now

I'd think, glitch or not, VZW has to honor it or that is one hell of a "Bait and Switch" suit they'd have, which is illegal in most states if not all states.

Bait and switch implied intent. There's no way Verizon intentionally made this happen. Many companies will only honor situations like this if it was a human error and not a computer error. Look at United Airlines and the free flights to Hawaii debacle. They have pledged to honor every ticket, even for the one guy who bought like 6.

I would think that they would be required by their own T&C's to honor it or allow them to be released from the contract without an ETF. I doubt they would be concerned about a class-action suit. It wouldn't even be a pin-prick but it could turn into a PR nightmare if they don't honor the plans.

You really think that Verizon didn't know about this issue? And you think that a journalist contacting Verizon PR tipped them off, not hundreds or thousands of people upgrading and keeping unlimited data? Verizon's not interested in losing money, they aren't just twirling in their chairs not paying attention to what's happening on their system.

They may not be twirling their chains, but somehow I imagine them twirling their moustaches.

Android Central is unsubscribed and uninstalled. And in case anyone cares, this comment is the reason why. I don't care for unnecessary incivility in any context, but it's particularly irksome when it concerns something as trivial as personal opinions on a technology blog.

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I'm sure their terms have a clause that will cover this. Without any insight, I'm betting Verizon cancels all these transactions from yesterday and makes users do it all over again.

This is Verizon. They would fry and eat children if it were legal and they could make money off of it. 

You mean if they could get away with it and make money off of it. I doubt they give half a beat-up fuck about whether or not it's legal.

Terms of service are always written in favor of the carriers. Don't be surprised if Verizon cancels all of these upgrades due to a "system error" that was beyond their control, and an exemption to the TOS agreement.

All companies have clauses in their terms that allows them to cancel all orders. Happens all the time especially with companies like best buy. They often give some sort of oops we messed up gift if you call and complain, but who knows even though Verizon wants unlimited data plan gone they might honor all their purchases. As really they are seeing an increase in sales. They might go and keep all orders that are generally I to the data usage that is on their other plans and cancel those who are using 50 gigs a month. Who knows, only the head people at Verizon do.

Yeah, but sometimes they do these on purpose. Look how many people went for this. And look how many people went for this and were not able to keep unlimited back actually clicked the final button and now can't get it back.

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It just so happens that I bout a phone on ebay last week. When I first saw this I felt kinda bad since I've been buying phones a year behind release to keep my unlimited data and this could by my great chance to get a current phone. But now I'm wondering what they'll do about this. One of my friends bought a 5s today and who knows how many other people upgraded as well. Do you think they can really do something after the fact?

Would Verizon really want to risk all of the money that was made in that time? I think they will leave it alone. It's not like everyone on their network was able to do this. They just guaranteed a few hundred thousand people will be on their network for another two years!

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They will most definitely not "leave it alone." Verizon isn't it this for good customer service. They will most likely cancel the transactions.

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Where did you come up with the number a few hundred thousand people? So funny how people just throw ridiculous numbers out there.

Verizon did make any money on this. They would probably look at it as a loss. They do not want people on unlimited data and that is why they are trying everything possible to get people off of it. Do you think they would be happy that they just sold phones at a discount which is a loss for them up front and now gave people the option to keep unlimited data for another 2 years on contract. I think not.

If they don't honor my purchase I will either return it or not activate it and sell for enough money that I can then turn around and buy the same phone outright with little to no money extra out if pocket.

would love to know if this was really a glitch or just a ploy to shore up 3Q financials and head off a mass exodus of nexus seekers

Exactly what I was thinking @bos1, but you put it much simpler. Any company as big as they are would know when something this existential is/was going on. It was a ploy.

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I very much doubt that Verizon is at all worried about the next Nexus cutting into its sales figures. All the Nexus phones ever sold add up to the first day or two of an iPhone launch. I'm a big Nexus device fan, but they're just not big enough sellers for any of the carriers to really give a shit about them one way or the other.

Don't know if anyone actually reads their contract, but I think the last contract I signed with Verizon says that they can basically change anything they want to and we have to take it. NOT MUCH OF A CONTRACT as far as consumers go.

I knew this after I read the contract. If y'all don't really like this the only recourse now is to go to another carrier..which of course will have a similar worded contract.

I am tired of the carrier/phone system we have in the USA. I would rather move to the model that exists in the Eu and other parts of the world. And yes the phones will cost more but people in those countries seem to be able to purchase phones just fine...It is all in priorities.

Really the FCC should crack down on this mess because it doesn't benefit USA customers one bit. The current law is not for us it is for the carrier.

It doesn't always work. but waiting for most corporations to 'do the right thing' would make waiting for Godot seem like a short wait.

"Right thing"? What is that. I'm sorry, but listening to all these people complaining. Verizon is NOT a church, they are not a non-profit charity. They are a for profit company. Your darned right the contract is in their favor. What did you really expect?

The problem is not with Verizon, it with our expectations. Verizon will do as little as possible, and push as far as possible to maximize the return. Period. To expect anything different is insane. The only thing that you can do to change it is to move to a different carrier, or stop having a phone network connected device. If enough people do it, then you can move the policies of a company... if not, then they continue. Wishing it were different doesn't make it different.

And here is the inherent flaw in capitalism. Don't get me wrong. I love capitalism. But only when "good" people are in charge. Because of Human Nature (Greed, and Pride being the main culprits), Capitalism has an inherent flaw (explained very well by the above poster) that if left unchecked, it can destroy itself, the people it was intended to serve, and governments. This is why any idiot with a modicum of rational thought and a basic awareness of the attitudes and behavior trends of Human beings, would conclude that we need a government of the people to do the "checking" -- and YES, that means regulating and setting the ground rules for the playing arena.

"Because of Human Nature (Greed, and Pride being the main culprits), Capitalism has an inherent flaw"

I would say capitalism has only one flaw - the submissiveness of the consumer. It's only people's willingness to continue forking over their money in the face of clearly anti-consumer actions that allows capitalism to run amok.

Despite it clearly being a ploy to raise people's rates, Verizon increased their subscribers after the introduction of the share everything plans. Can you really blame a corporation for abusing their customers when each and every time they raise the bar on abuse, they get more people asking to be abused?

If several million people had the backbone to accept the minor hassle of switching carriers, and Verizon saw their profits take a hit, you can damn well guarantee they'd have reworked their offerings.

If morality has no place in the equation and the corporation is free to pursue its interests without regard to the "right thing" then the individual is also freed of the same burden as they exploit a glitch in their favor.

Exactly. People choose to stay with Verizon. If you do not like it leave. If you are going to continue to pay their crazy prices and let them bully you around, that is your choice and no one is forcing you to do so.


If they change the terms of the contract, the contract is Null. They can work in the grey areas but not outright change things

Yes they give you a time period after they change it to completely cancel your contract without paying the ETF because they have to.

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Wasnt there something a few years ago that involved a few pennies of an increase that they gave you time to bail on the contract?

I wish I could remember exactly what it was but it was sorta trivial but they still had to let you out since it was a change..

If you renew your contract, and the new contract states that Verizon can change it at will, then you're left with two options:

1) Stay, and deal with the new terms.

2) Leave.

This very well could have been a ploy, to lure all of the remaining unlimited data users out of their hiding places. Unless you actually read the new contract terms, or work as a higher-up at Verizon, then you wouldn't know.

Verizon has no problem losing the remaining unlimited data users: they're a minority, compared to the rest of the users, that "happily" use shared (yuck) data.

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This is exactly what I was thinking when I read about it. Typical bait and switch ploy to lure the savvy ones who are up to date on the tricks needed to stay unlimited. Make them think they've got a window open... Only to have Verizon shut it on them. Then if they don't like it when Verizon dictates new terms for the new phone: there's only 2 options, and both lead to the death of an unlimited data plan for the customer. THIS is how big red operates. They are some sneaky bastards.

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How do you get that.I have a G2 that I purchased at full price.You have 14 days to revert back to your old plan and make the new one null and void.People will just send the phones back and return to their former plan and contract.

I think they can do that with any contract, not just new ones. You always have the option of leaving if they change the terms.

You are correct. Carriers can change anything they want at any time. They only have to notify customers of the change(s) and offer the option of terminating the contract without an early termination fee.

Actually they only have to offer you the out if your cost goes up and the 2gb plan is the same price as unlimited.

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Actually, the unlimited plan is $29.99 and the 2 gig plan is $30 a month. They are raising the cost regardless!

I'm happy to participate in anything that causes Verizon a headache/makes them look like assholes

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What can Verizon do for those that were able to pick up their device in store?
I suppose they could change their plan anyway, but for those that have the device in hand, it would be harder to cancel the transaction.

Deactivate it and make you reactivate it. It's simple.

I'm not saying that they will do it. Just that they can. If you got in on this one, pay close attention. Would hate to see anyone lose unlimited over this.

The sad part is that it is gonna happen. People will either lose out on the deal or they will lose the unlimited.

BTW, sorry about last night, I was the douche

Exactly. Did this method in order to get my G2. I'll be bummed if they ever figure out a way to screw that pooch.

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(I'm sure the hate a vitriol at my comment will be epic but here goes....) Some of you are hilarious! You expect Verizon to change policy because a computer glitch allowed something to happen which shouldn't have happened? Yeah, it's a shitty situation but they are under no obligation to honor this. If a computer glitch at your bank caused your account to be credited with millions of dollars would you expect them to let you keep it? Every year dozens of mistakes are made on websites with pricing, etc. Sometimes the company plays nice and lets it slide and other times they take a hard stand. That doesn't make them evil. Thy're a business, not a charity and they have policies to maintain. 

as long as they null the transaction your right, then it is no harm, no foul. If they take the ones that upgraded and push them to a tiered contract, then it is another story

I think Verizon will simply cancel those upgrades and refund the charges. But if not, I wouldn't be surprised if VZW forces those customers onto tiered plans, or terminates their contracts altogether.

+1 I like your analogy, it is true though, Verizon can take do what they want

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cj100570, if they shoot it at you, they're about to shoot it at me as well, because I agree with you. Unfortunately, we live in a society full of instant gratification and a sizable amount of people who think everything should be handed to them with no questions asked. So when these things come up, they see it as a great deal they need to jump on, and then get mad if the company rightfully null and voids it.

If those same people were running a business, and there was a mistake that saw them having to give out something that would cost them money (i.e. being in Verizon's shoes), they'd be the first to fix it and protect themselves, thus becoming the very people they hate.

It also goes back to the idea of what morals people have. If you saw someone drop a $50 bill, and they didn't know it, would you pick it up and give it back to them? Or keep it and walk off? In essence, exploiting this obvious web glitch -- and people enrolling this way knew full well what they were doing and trying to get away with -- shows they'd be the types to keep the $50 and not return it.

I get it, they see Verizon as this evil money-grabbing company nickel and diming everyone to death, but does it justify stealing or doing what you know is wrong? Because that only makes you just as bad as the evilness you perceive Verizon as.

In short, there are reasons that sayings like, "There's no such thing as a free lunch," and, "If it's too good to be true, it probably is," exist. Society used to be accepting of mistakes and understand nobody is perfect and actually did what was best to work things out. Nowadays, though, it's "Me! Me! Me!" and "Screw you; not my fault you messed up."

It's not QUITE the same though. Buying a subsidized phone, locking down for two more years, and keeping the same plan isn't stealing.

But as I stated, the whole reason they're doing it is to intentionally exploit a glitch and get something they know won't fly, something that they know they shouldn't be able to get.

Yes, they're buying a subsidized phone and going into a two-year contract, but they're trying to skirt the system regarding their unlimited data, since in a normal circumstance, they lose that unlimited plan.

So, it still is stealing.

With all due respect, I fully disagree with the notion, "no one KNEW it wouldn't fly..."

It has been well discussed to ad nauseum on any cell phone-related site worth its salt about how Verizon was phasing out its unlimited data plans and trying to get those grandfathered in to relinquish those plans and go to a true data share plan. Anyone who has an unlimited data plan, who doesn't know Verizon is phasing those out, has been living under a rock with what is now an antique phone.

People who were made aware of this supposed loophole over the weekend knew they were taking a chance when it came to their pre-existing unlimited data plan. Plus, if you look through articles on the topic, even the ones here at AC, they stressed in them that the unlimited plans had been phased out. Yet people STILL were gambling they could also exploit this loophole themselves.

Also, anytime you go to make a change on your cell phone plan, Verizon puts fine print on its website explicitly saying that errors can happen and Verizon has the right to deny the upgrades based on that. (I covered that part in another reply on here already.) People accepted those terms and conditions -- whether they read them in full or not -- when they hit submit. That alone gives Verizon the right to retroactively deny the changes. If people didn't take the time to read the fine print, that's their own problem, but there's a reason it is said, and it's not something that should be taken for granted and just skimmed over and hastily agreed to or acknowledged.

In the end, the overwhelming majority these people trying to make the changes knew full well what was going on. The "confusion" that they have among themselves is not so much how/when Verizon will resolve this, but more a reflection of the fact they know they did wrong and they're wanting to see if they can find any more loopholes to cover the tracks of their own gambles.

Everyone who bought phones has a 14 day window to it and revert back to the old contract. I think Everyone knew they could do this so they took the chance. If Verizon changes the terms you can always send back the phone.

Also, why are you so convinced this is some sort of glitch and not fraud on the part of Verizon?

You don't think that corporations exploit rules and human nature to feather their nest? How many people have carriers confused purposefully to their own material gain? Sometimes, we get to level the playing field.

I'm not saying they don't, and I'm not saying it is right. But does it mean it is any more right when people do it themselves right back?

When you sign a contract with them, you agree to it. When you hit that submit button, you agree to everything you have read. If you didn't read that contract in all of its fine print -- and most people do not; they skim and say "Yeah, yeah, where do I sign?" -- then how do you know what rights you have OR relinquished? Many people have relinquished so many rights when they blindly agree to stuff that they don't realize it. Do most of them ever come into play? Hopefully not. But there are cases that they do, and when they do, you're in a losing battle because in the end, you agreed to it.

Yes, one can try to level the playing field, but does it mean it is right? If what they do is wrong, but you in turn do something wrong, you're then further empowering them in the cycle of wrong. Eye for an eye isn't always this right answer people make it out to be. Short-term satisfaction does not necessarily equate long-term benefits.

It would be disastrous if we allowed corporations to pursue selfish interests but disallowed individuals to do the same thing. The deck is stacked way too much in the favor of corporations in our society.

How is it stealing if Verizon is allowing us to do it? I spoke to a rep while making the transaction and she said I could keep my unlimited. Numerous people spoke to reps just to make sure. This could be fraud on Verizon's part.

Corporations are run by people, who are human.

The fact you even said, "It depends on who dropped the $50," just spoke volumes about your character, whether you intended it or not. It shouldn't matter who dropped it, you return it regardless.

It does matter. If a nice old lady on a fixed income drops that $50, I'm going to react differently then if a drug dealer dropped it. Anybody who claims it doesn't matter is a liar, a fool, or possibly both.

My sentiments exactly! It was very very tempting to me but knowing how VZW operates,O NO I'm not the one...if it sounds to God to be true, then it's not true...been with Verizon for like 8 yrs now with unlimited data...just purchase the darn phone outright at full price or you may get lucky and find one for less. This method allows one to keep the unlimited data plan and continue being a happy camper....just my 2 cents who has a Note 3 for sale? Lol

+1.. so long as they are acting with good faith. (start you laughing now) but an isolated accident would still count as good faith, and if they open up something along the lines of a "give us the phone back, and we will put you back the way you were, or keep the phone under the normal terms)

All I want is a 4-6 Gig plan with hotspotting. That's all I need

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And you can have it by either switching to Share Everything (hotspot is included in the data plan) or if you need to keep Nationwide (ie you're on a family plan) you can subscribe to the 5gb plan ($50) and then add the Mobile Broadband Connect add on for I believe $20 extra. Of course you pay more that way but its an option.

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It would be nice if they just let everything that went through this weekend go through but I have a feeling they will send out a mass email to everyone that has unlimited data that tried to upgrade this weekend nullifying all transactions. Oh well, I was looking forward to getting the G2!

In the end what did this really cost Verizon.Everybody that did this had upgrades available anyway.You paid contract price for the phone and extended your contract for 2 more years.

A lot of people still on unlimited use little data, they just like to know they have it if they need it.This might cost them some data use but not much else.They can still modify the contract down the road to eliminate unlimited data anyway.

It's really a win win for them, they sold a lot of phones and generated a lot of new contracts while still getting paid for the phone and locked you in with the etf if you decide to leave before your 2 years are up.

Shortly after the last people to upgrade and grandparent unlimited data complete their 24 month commitment Verizon will contact everyone on unlimited data and inform them they effective on such and such date (at least 60 days out to comply with their terms of service ) that their plans will be switched to the 2gb plan (same price) unless they manually select a different tiered plan or move to Share Everything. They can do this because at that point you are out of contract. In the past they have allowed people to stay on legacy plans and features once the contract ends but they are not required to do so. The contract you signed said they you had to pay your bill and abide by the TOS for 24 months. The specifics of your plan and features are not in the legal contract.
Letting this slide would mess that up so no they won't let it slide.

Yes they will loose a few people over this but that's still a tiny minority of the customer base which grows to record numbers every quarter.

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I agree that Verizon can end unlimited data whenever they want, but I don't understand why they would need to wait until July of 2014 to end it.

I know that is when a lot of people upgraded to keep unlimited data before they ended it, but I upgraded a couple lines using the transfer loophole and have a couple lines with unlimited data that have contracts till September, 2015.

If they continue to allow the loophole into next year, some people may have unlimited data under contract into 2016.

Naw.....I have been off contract since Jan 13, I bought the note 2 out of pocket to preserve the unlimited data......My wife has an iphone 4s with unlimited, but my daughter when she took my Razr ended up with the $30 2gb plan.....I think they will honor what you have...

They can argue all they want but in the end they will have to honor the mistake.

Don't let them bully you folks, get what was promised to you. I hope many of you took screen shots. Evernote Web clipper is a handy little extension :)

Posted From my Motorola side view pager via 4-5683-8

I went to the website and pretended to be a new customer and went to get a new contract. This is what I saw in the fine print listed below the red "Continue" button:

"Verizon Wireless makes every reasonable effort to ensure the accuracy of the information found in this web site. Unfortunately, on occasion typographical errors, inaccuracies, and omissions may occur. In the event that a listed price is incorrect, due to a typographical error, inaccuracy, or omission, Verizon Wireless reserves the right to refuse or cancel the order you placed, even if the order has already been confirmed and your credit card has been charged. If your credit card has been charged, Verizon Wireless will refund your credit card for the charged amount. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you."

My guess is that this wording was put into place well before this recent loophole, because any corporation worth its salt puts language like that in so it can protect itself. Therefore, Verizon Wireless DOES INDEED have the ability to reverse this issue and NOT honor the mistake.

That's the fine print that people "conveniently" not see, when on Verizon's website.

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Well I jumped on it. Ordered the Moto X using the promotion code for $139 plus $30 upgrade fee for total of $169. Chose store pickup and picked it up this afternoon. My receipt shows my unlimited data plan locked in for another 2 years with no changes. The store activated the phone and then reactivated my HTC one that I had just bought a month ago at full price. The Moto X is unused still in the box if they want it back. Could be wrong, but I don't think they will want to refund the price of the phone and cancel my contract because of their mistake. As another poster said, what did they lose? They sold a phone and extended my contract 2 years. Would they want to cancel that? Who knows, but I think not. Wish me luck!

Funny, I upgraded my phone about a month ago and my unlimited data stayed, not sure if this bug was going on then or not, but I thought it was because I took the SIM from my Galaxy Nexus and put it into the S4 I bought instead of putting in the SIM that came with the phone.

Now I'm afraid to put in the NFC SIM they sent with the phone, don't want to lose the unlimited data, but I was prepared to when I upgraded.

Verizon is primarily an ESN based cell phone company. The SIM card is LTE data only. Your phone number and the like are tied to your ESN, separate of your SIM. You should still get 3G data without the SIM card in it, as such the NFC SIM card activation SHOULDN'T change anything. I'd call a VZW rep to make sure if NFC is something you really want.

Don't listen to the guy above me. You cannot use any data without your Sim.

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Don't listen to the guy above me. You cannot use any data without your Sim.

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If LG G2 doesn't ship tomorrow, so be it. If they don't send my wife a Note 3 on preorder so be it. The rooted DNA and Note 2 we got a few months ago are just fine. We'll get our new phones soon enough, keeping unlimited anyways. Why people are making a big deal about morals and stealing, blah blah blah.

Everybody knew it was a bug, that's why we jumped on it. The question is "What is verizon going to do about" if they were smart they'd offer the people who upgraded a 6-8 gig data plan, which would work fine for 75% of the people who upgraded.

I will just return the X I ordered and go back to my original contract.You have 14 days to revert back.

rdcamero there Verizon. They do anything for money. Anything. There a company. There a mean and huge company at that. They'll charge you as much as they can get out of you. The sad thing is that they would not mind it if everyone wit unlimited data left. They really wouldn't its only a few customers, compared to everyone else. They'll charge you that restocking fee there error or no.

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Have to file a complaint with the BBB like I had to do last time to get my unlimited plan back.Replied to the complaint and I had my plan back the next day after filing it.

I can't wait to see what they actually do about this...I can honestly say that I don't believe Verizon will let this stand because the backlash of customers who don't have upgrade dates available to take advantage of the glitch would be tremendous...couldn't you imagine customers throwing a fit trying to demand they the get subsidized prices while keeping their unlimited data because of this incident

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There's still a way to do this, but you have to have a family plan.

I really, really hope that loophole doesn't get closed.

Well I jumped on it. Ordered the Moto X using the promotion code for $139 plus $30 upgrade fee for total of $169. Chose store pickup and picked it up this afternoon. My receipt shows my unlimited data plan locked in for another 2 years with no changes. The store activated the phone and then reactivated my HTC one that I had just bought a month ago at full price. The Moto X is unused still in the box if they want it back. Could be wrong, but I don't think they will want to refund the price of the phone and cancel my contract because of their mistake. As another poster said, what did they lose? They sold a phone and extended my contract 2 years. Would they want to cancel that? Who knows, but I think not. Wish me luck!

I'm not sure what Verizon will do about the people who upgraded online, but I don't think they have much of an option when it comes to people who took advantage of this by going to their stores and upgrading it. I know in Michigan if something is listed at a certain cost in the store, that cost by law has to be honored. Verizon might(and likely will) screw the people who ordered online, but the in-store people might get away with one.

Could care less. I am leaving VZW despite my unlimited data and going back to AT&T and getting a Nexus 5 and doing AT&T Go and asking to do 4 GB worth of data a month which is fine for my needs. I use WiFi at work and home so my data usage is not that bad. Verizon's anti-net neutrality actions as of late has made me decide to hell with them. I am totally excited for the Nexus 5 as it is, anyways. They will not get it as they act like dicks.

I'm just going to wait and see I guess. My dad was just charged for his moto x. I have not been yet.

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So you guys have to pay full price for a phone to keep unlimited data? You don't even receive a discount on Verizon high prices for doing so like on T-Mobile. That's just ridiculous.

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The "High price" I pay on Verizon for my unlimited data is $23 a month, so I'm not too bothered by it.

I'm ready to take my phone and get back on my old contract should Verizon change or cancel the new contract I signed.

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HAHAHA, that was all a bunch of nothing. You know darn well that VZW won't let those people that did get through, get away with it!
Take that VZW losers! Keep overpaying as always :)

I've known about this "glitch" for weeks... when I saw this get publicly announced yesterday I was a little bummed/ irritated as I was hoping to make it to Note 3 launch day and possibly use another "glitch"... the 30% discount code which works on other flagships like the HTC One. know that this has all transpired... I'm becoming VERY curious that this was planned. Very planned. Do you all think Verizon (BIG RED) was "unaware" of such an obvious "glitch."

I smell dirty rotten scheme.

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I agree this glitch has been around for awhile my wife picked up the IPhone 5s at release and got to keep her unlimited even tho she also got on the edge plan. The guy at store didn't do anything unusual to get it that way it just came up.

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I seem to recall odd stories of people being to upgrade and keep unlimited data for at least a few weeks as well. This was not an overnight thing.

The rep I worked with today when I picked up my Moto X even mentioned he saw this issue "a few days ago".

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It's funny to see all the experts that one what Verizon will and won't do. People state of as fact when as of right now none of us know what they are going to do.

I'm just glad this headline was WRONG! And that they fixed the glitch and not the loophole/work around with the transfer of upgrades!

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^^^AGREED! I'm currently waiting on my pre-ordered Note 3 so I can finish taking advantage of that loop hole.

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This is pure hate from Verizon to there customers. Let them upgrade and keep there plan. There are more affordable (and yes I am aware less reliable) options out there. If you live in an area with decent 4G LTE coverage from Sprint (and yes I know that is few and far between) its time to leave Big Red. They are more affordiable and they offer the same upgrade promotion.

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Sure that's true, but does Verizon ever do what the customers think they "should" do.

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This is pure hate from Verizon to there customers. Let them upgrade and keep there plan. There are more affordable (and yes I am aware less reliable) options out there. If you live in an area with decent 4G LTE coverage from Sprint (and yes I know that is few and far between) its time to leave Big Red. They are more affordiable and they offer the same upgrade promotion.

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I love Verizon service... Well I mean good network but I must say they are vampires. I guess that is why thier color is blood red.

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+9000. There cell service is so good, I wish they were like T-Mobile, I mean if T-Mobile had Verizons coverage they would have every cell subscriber in the us on their network.

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Not for nothing, but all these accusing people of stealing or taking advantage of Verizon is nonsense. Several people contacted Verizon, myself included, and asked them if this was a legit thing. I chatted with a rep online through VZW's website and asked what the deal with this was. The rep informed me Verizon was aware that people could buy phones and keep there unlimited data and those deals would be honored. She said per her supervisor's instruction's they are making notes in the accounts of people who contacted them saying the customer is entitled to to keep unlimited data with the upgrade. The rep then stayed online with me until I completed the transaction to confirm my data plan wasn't changed. I then had them email me a copy of the transcript.

If it was a glitch, it was a glitch the multi-billion dollar corporation knew about. Do you really believe, in the almost 24 hrs this was going on, they couldn't shut down the website and prevent people from taking advantage of the glitch if they wanted to. Do you really believe there was absolutely nothing Verizon could have done to stop people from upgrading with unlimited data for 24 hours?

To compare the people who upgraded their phones during a time when Verizon was aware of the issue and did nothing for an entire day, to people who are stealing money from unsuspecting citizens who dropped a $50 is ludicrous.

While Verizon's contract may say it can do whatever it wants, Verizon contract doesn't trump the law. There are bait and switch laws that protect consumers. If the incident lasted a few minutes and Verizon was unaware of it then they might have some recourse to cancel orders or deny people unlimited data.

However, when Verizon :
-is aware of the issue
-has employees advise customers they are aware of the issue
-advises those customers it's okay to upgrade
-provides customers transcipts saying all of the above
-doesn't fix the issue for 24 hours
-charges people's credit cards and hands over a product

they can't turn around and say sorry it was a mistake we are changing your plan. That's exactly what a bait and switch is and it's illegal. Again, they allowed this to happen for 24 hours when they could have just shut down the website.

If Best Buy put out an ad that said a tv was being sold for $1 and then sold a ton of TV's for a buck; they couldn't decide it was an error and later charge your credit card the actual retail price.

It's not up to the customer to know whether the store is making a mistake. Most people don't spend a ton of time reading tech news or browsing Android Forums. Not everyone is aware you can't keep unlimited data, especially when 2 of the 4 major service providers still offer it.

You bring up a great point toward all the evidence of bait and switch. And I've been saying the same thing... This was no accident or "glitch." Let's see what happens now.

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Very good point. In florida most customers could probably fight this under the bait and switch law and with enough complaints verizon would not be able to fight it or be in big trouble. But its verizon and they don't care so it will be interesting to see what they do.

This wouldn't be the first time Verizon thought they were above the law. Just look at how they've handled their block C access.

This actually lasted for much longer than 24 hours. Some have mentioned they saw this being offered as early as last Wednesday.

Your are right. I ordered a LG G2 & Moto X last Friday, I have been out of contract for over a year with Unlimited data on Family 700 talk plan. I too spoke with a chat rep and I asked specific questions about this and she assured me it was legit. I have screen printouts of all receipts and chat showing the unlimited data. My card has been charged and the phones are due to arrive tomorrow. As, stated elsewhere, the worse can happen I send back the phones and go back to original plan with old phones. But, what would Verizon do with hundreds of returned phones? Can't sell as new. But, they pretty much can do what they want. We will see. I have seen no official statement from big red yet.


I remember Telus had a loophole a few years ago for unlimited data as well, even today some people still have that benefit grandfathered even though Telus took the effort to eliminate all customers that had it.

In the end even though verizon doesn't care about its customers I think most people that have a phone in hand and have kept unlimited will be just fine. But those that are waiting for it in the mail or had preorders will most likely get their plan reverted and their order canceled, albeit with an option to keep the phone and the discounted price and switch to tiered data. I would switch to verizon if they still had the 4gb data plan.

I need more popcorn. This is fun to watch. Will especially be good when Verizon inevitably screws all of you, while you keep handing them money.

IF you bought a phone, and already picked it up and activated it yesterday, then they really have to follow their contractual agreements, they can suck it up and let you keep it, or cancel the contract which allows you to keep the phone and cancel your account immediately without penalty. They can not take the phone back because you bought it at a reduced price. the agreement of the price was the signing of the contract for 2 years. and the contract says (mandated by federal law) that if the contract holder (VZW) changes the contract, you can cancel and leave without penalty. You still bought the phone and own it.

That being said, if you ordered the phone to be shipped to you, they can easily cancel the order and not charge your CC for the phone and just email you voiding it and your out nothing and back to what your contract was last week.

Even though it was a mistake and lots of people may have taken advantage of it - the fact is, the web site is one of the methods people can use to re-up their contract and order a new phone. And unlimited data was an option for all the people who took advantage of it. Despite being a mistake, and despite the publicity it received which definitely made a lot of people go over and get a phone at contract prices, in another world, a ton of excited people could have done the same thing while publicizing 2GB of data. I think it'd be hard to argue for Verizon that people will have to keep their unlimited data plans and process the transactions, because really in the end, the option was presented through this method which has been a legitimate method from Verizon of ordering a new phone or upgrading/renewing your contract, and people did it.

Like it's been said, some went to the store and physically signed the contract stating unlimited data, and many got emails confirming they have unlimited data. This was a legit method of business between Verizon and customers. I'd think they have to honor it because reversing all the transactions or dropping people to the 2GB tier because of their own mistake might very well be illegal. And I doubt they'd want to even give people the option to leave by dropping them down because that would allow customers to possibly leave without a termination fee for Verizon changing the contracts.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is the main federal agency that enforces advertising laws and regulations. According to their Mail, Internet, and Telephone Order Merchandise Rule, businesses have the option to cancel an order and send a full refund, as long as they promptly notify the customer and send their full refund.

Verizon is likely willing to take a loss on the physical sales but web sales are another matter entirely. You'll see delayed shipments, canceled orders and immediate refunds.

I still see it open to me! I am able to upgrade right now and still keep unlimited data.

Data: Unlimited Email & Web for Smartphones (personal email) $29.99 $29.99

Verizon made a mistake. I'm sure they will honor physical, in store upgrades that were processed incorrectly but any upgrades ordered online will probably be canceled. It's hard to argue bait and switch when you knowingly took advantage of the loophole.

Just upgraded my wife's 4s to a 5s and got to keep her unlimited data plan, this was just at 9:50 am EST on 9/30! No fixed yet!

I'm so glad I'm no longer with Verizon, yet I remain surprised that any company, seemingly as hated as Verizon is, appears to do nothing to change its reputation.

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Exactly my point. I really hate all those commercials showing how happy people are and saying "I'm glad I have verizon". What they failed to mention is that for 2gb of data on 1 line it will cost the same as 4 lines on tmobile with 2.5gb of data. If tmobile works for you I recommend them. I recently switched my wifes sprint account over to tmobile and haven't had almost any problems. In fact on her hspa+ only phone she hits 8mbps on regular and just yesterday she hit 14mbps.

If they were as bad as you make them out to be, wouldn't they be losing customers?

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Maybe, if enough folks took advantage of it, they MIGHT realize the huge potential for revenue by reinstating it and will reconsider the option. I SERIOUSLY doubt it but one can hope!

wel my fathers moto x shipped so we will see if wed when it arrives what happens. mine that I ordered at after him is still not processed. Im thinking my order is going to get canceled. :(

Just got a shipment confirmation on mine. It's happening people. Either verizon is going to take it on chin for their mistake or are prepared to weather a shit storm.

Just worked for me. Ordered a Gold 32GB iPhone 5. there are a few ways to upgrade on VW site. If you click on the waive activation banner, it brings you to a different upgrade process than if you goto your plan and click on upgrade device. VZ better not try swapping me in for a 2GB plan.

Didn't work for me. When I got to the plan selection I had to log in and it switched to the regular upgrade screen and gave me the error.

Waive "activation" meaning you have had no prior VZW contract...

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To anyone that is tired of the way Verizon treats their customers I say A)if you have unlimited data turn your wifi off. Use all the data per month that you are paying for. B)Lets join and sign a petition so Verizon will allow us to upgrade our phones without having to change our data plan.

Although I doubt either will have an effect on Verizon's decision.

For what it's worth, I just checked my online order status and my LG G2 is in FedEx's hands as of 10:41 am CT.

The contract is the contract is the contract!!!!

They can't do anything but eat it!!
The contract is a two way binding agreement. If they dump unlimited data on you, it will be breach.

Canceled my order. Was still processing and my confirmation email had no info on the plan I selected. My dads x is still on the way. So we will see.

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Does anyone think that its suspect that this occurred at the end of the quarter? Could this "glitch" be a ploy to clear out some inventory at the end of the quarter without making it look like Verizon is softening its stance on unlimited data?

Personally I think they will honor all the people who took advantage of the glitch (and it may have been done on purpose to boost sales). I'm sure it wasn't that many people relative to the size of their customer base. Think about all the circumstances that had to be in place for people to be able to take advantage of the glitch: 1) have an unlimited plan 2) have an upgrade and are ready to use it 3) follow cell phone blogs. Most users don't follow the cell phone blogs. I bet it is not worth VZW's time and $ to fight this. I think they do want to keep their customers happy. Having people committed to their network is where they make their $. They don't want to create bad press relating to bait and switch or re-nigging on contracts.