For those of you rocking the stable (ie not beta) version of the Chrome browser, be aware that an update is headed your way. Chrome 31 has been promoted to the stable track, and it brings forth the ability to print from a device running Android 4.4 KitKat (though it appears that's also in Chrome 30 on the Nexus 4 — but whatever), a better autofill/autocomplete experience, and the requisite stability and security enhancements.

And speaking of security, Google also announced it forked over (another) lump of money to Pinkie Pie after a couple more exploits were uncovered. Gotta love pwn2own.

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Update brings Chrome 31 to the stable track, adds printing for Android 4.4 KitKat


No, but it does suck waiting in limbo as well as knowing there is no point in further doing absolutely anything on your device as the update can be coming at any moment and will undo any optimizations

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Sorry to burst your whining bubble, but it doesn't undo anything. I just updated and all my settings including my open tabs are still there..

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I agree it's annoying.

I still don't have Hangouts 2.0 and I don't want to side load it.

Very true because it's a huge memory hog due to the way it handles Tabs, it opens each as if you opened another browser so if you opened another tab it's as if you opened chrome again therefore using twice the memory. I uninstall it from both my computer and phone because of that reason. But I really hope they changed that method and went back to the old method where it would open a tab as a tab and not as another browser.

The advantage of how Chrome handles tabs is that if a tab crashes, it doesn't take the whole browser down with it. A tab can crash and leave the rest of the tabs running now problem. I have 8GB of RAM in my PC though, so I really have to have a lot of tabs open for the memory to become and issue.

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Chrome is very fast and buttery smooth on my Nexus 5 using ART. It will destroy the battery however.

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Chrome is by miles the best browser right now on any platform. I use it both on my phone and laptop and it doesn't lag or crash. Though it hogs memory, its buttery smooth and my devices handles it quite well.

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When will chrome become up to par with the AOSP browser in terms of scrolling performance?
The first thing I do on my nexus after wiping the device is installing another browser.

It seems google does not care at all about android device reviewers bashing the performance of chrome.

Is this the same version that is on the Nexus 5 already? I still haven't received any update notice but in the 3-dot Menu I do see where it lists print... as an option.

Well everyone there's an update to chrome I'm hoping they finally fix the performance issue but even after a year it's still laggy compared to other browsers. You would think Google would what to get chrome smooth as a silk ASAP

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Get a Miracast box for that, different products. I have Netgear's slim USB powered Miracast box, and a Chromecast, each has it's pros & cons.