British supermarket chain Tesco is reportedly reportedly working on its own-branded tablet computer, which will compete with the likes of the Nexus 7 and Amazon Kindle Fire. The news comes from UK-based newspaper The Sunday Times, which says the tablet will retail around the £100 mark -- significantly cheaper than most Android tablets -- and come with built-in support for Blinkbox, the streaming service acquired by Tesco in 2011.

Though not specifically mentioned in the report, the low retail price and streaming focus suggests that the tablet will likely run Android in some form or other.

The move could be seen as way for Tesco to claw back revenue lost through declining physical media sales, while also expanding into a potentially lucrative market. The supermarket's prominence in the UK would present it with ample opportunity to get its new tablet in front of shoppers.

Source: The Times (Paywall); via: The Independent; Thanks for the tip, John!


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UK supermarket Tesco reportedly working on cheap tablet


And the crappiest specs you can imagine, along with "Tesco Value" packaging.

Hopefully this will be better than some of the cheap import tablets, but I'm not expecting much.

Don't tell my wife , she'll want to know how many points you get for using it :D

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I trust Tesco far more than I do Google with my private information. I would probably go with one of these.

*why? Damn you autocorrect! And damn you being too lazy to proofread before hitting "submit"!

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This thing will almost certainly be terrible, but then, it won't be aimed at the likes of us...

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A supermarket chain making electronics? Logical move.

Now a few more cheap arses can complain how terrible Android is...

Dude they do banking, travel insurance, assassinations, making tablets was just the logical next step.

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The walmart exclusive hisense sero 7 pro is a very good tablet indeed using last years top end specs putting it better than previous nexus 7's and almost on par with the current 2013 model.

If this Tesco follows that lead they might just have a good cheap tablet on their hands.

The question arises..... If you can get a almost high end spec'd tablet that you can pair with your phone, will flag ship phone sales drop?

What they won't be telling you is that they will shun a battery and it'll run on horse power!

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