O2 + ​Three taking first orders today; Vodafone giving free Beats earphones to first customers

One X

The HTC One X and One S are about to launch in the UK (check out our review and preview, by the way), and as such, all the major carriers are getting in on the action. Here's a breakdown of how each of the major British networks are handling the launch of the most anticipated Android phone of the year so far.

Before we begin, remember that the HTC One X and One S should be available everywhere from April 5. so if you step into a brick-and-mortar store belonging to any of the big five tomorrow, you'll be able to pick up either a One X or One S.

  • Three: Taking first One X and One S orders online today for delivery tomorrow, the official launch day. The One X is free on-contract from £35 per month, while the One S will set you back at least £32 per month -- both plans include unlimited data. If you'd prefer a lower monthly bill, you can pick up the One X from £27 per month, or the One S from £24 per month, both with a £99 upfront payment. All of Three's contracts are 24-month deals.
  • O2: O2.co.uk now lists the HTC One X (in grey) as available "online only", with delivery promised tomorrow. O2 offers a number of 18 and 24-month deals, though all but the most expensive include some form of up-front fee. O2's "On & On" deals represent the best value on its network. These give you a One X for free, unlimited calls and texts and 1GB of data for £36 per month, with the option of bumping the data allowance up to 2GB for £41 per month. O2 also offers the One X on Pay-As-You-Go, for £479.99.
  • ​Vodafone:​ Vodafone's still taking pre-orders for the One X (white and grey) and One S (silver). The X will is available for free on 24-month plans from £41 per month, while the S is priced slightly lower at £36 per month. The first 10,000 customers to order each handset will walk away with a pair of urBeats headphones -- the same kind that shipped with the Sensation XL last year -- and 10 free tracks per month from Vodafone Music.
  • T-Mobile: Matches Voda's prices of £41 per month for the One X and £36 per month for the One S. T-Mo UK, though, offers unlimited data as part of the "full monty" plan. The network says it'll launch both devices online and in stores tomorrow.
  • ​Orange: Says both devices are "coming soon."

If you're planning on picking up a HTC One X or One S on launch day, hit the comments let us know whether you're going down the carrier-subsidized route, or if you're stumping up the cash to buy one outright.


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UK networks prepare to launch HTC One series


The courier just delivered mine (well, my fiance's).

It's sitting on the bed now, still in it's box, waiting for it's new parents to get home from work.

Tick ... tock ... tick ... tock.

I've decided to save a fortune and ditch Orange in favour of Giff Gaff and pre-ordered a SIM free HTC One X from Amazon. I wish I had switched earlier as Giff Gaff's unlimited internet seems miles faster and dependable than Orange's and coverage seems to be far better.

No more £10 / 100MB surprises at the end of the month which the One X would have no doubt eaten into with ease.

I've got mine pre ordered on an Orange £31 pm contract for free along with a free media link HD from Dial-a-Phone, unfortunately it won't be delivered till the 11th but I felt the deal was worth the extra few days. Can't wait to replace my original Desire:)

Scratch the 11th date, I've just received an email stating its just been despatched. Whoop and indeed holler :)

When will the U.S get the HTC ONE Phones???

America should be getting phones first as there is a larger population and more economic opportunity....

It doesn't make sense that Europeans receive Phones before the U.S

Touch of the sour grapes there by any chance? ;)

Anyway I wouldn't worry about it too much, by the time you guys get it we'll have worked any bugs out of it for ya.

Also you're very much factually incorrect, Europe as a whole has a much larger population than America as it comprises of many countries rather than just one large one (look it up, research is your friend). Other singular countries have a higher population as well, so why you think the U.S should get mobile phones before anyone else is beyond me.

Blame your carriers is all I'd say. EU might be made up of lots of countries and regions but its GSM from one side to the other making it easy to release phones.