Noted Internet gadget rumor source "evleaks" has posted two new image that he says are of the still unannounced Sony Xperia Z3 Android smartphone, showing off one of its sides and its back.

The side image shows three ports on the side of the smartphone, along with a silver round knob. The other photo shows the back with the phone's rear camera on top

xperia z2

These new images come just after some rumored hardware specs for the Xperia Z3 were also posted by "evleaks". He claims the phone will have a 5.15 inch display, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 quad-core 2.4Ghz processor, 3GB of RAM and 32 GB of storage, along with a 20 megapixel rear camera. As we mentioned on Wednesday, the alleged specs for the phone are very close to the current Sony Xperia Z2.

What is your opinion on the Xperia Z3 based on these image leaks and rumored hardware specs?

Source: evleaks


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Two more alleged photos of Sony Xperia Z3 show off its side and back


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This is basically a Z2s. NO ONE is gonna buy this phone. It's almost the same exact thing as the Z2. Total fail on Sony's part. They should have at least introduced a new design, like they said they were going to. It's thing's like this that will never allow Sony to be a threat to the big boys.

Design is not the only thing that changes with phone updates, besides, there are a lot of phones that don't change designs much each year. Other things to consider:
- Already on of the better designs out there (obviously just my opinion.
- Could have reduced bezels (you can't tell either way from this picture)
- Could offer better internals (805, improved camera software, etc.)
- Could have an improved screen (pixel density is not the only thing that makes a screen great) or other hardware (crossing fingers for better speakers) that isn't shown in these two pictures.
- The rounded sides could have a pretty substantial impact on feel in hand.
- Who knows, it may even be launched in the US in a timely manner (one can always hope)

All that so say, please think about things before you start typing. I want to say that in the nicest way possible.

I agree all your points, but if alleged HW Specs are true as listed, I would suggest to just buy a Z2 for the money. However, this is still just a rumor that people take them too seriously :)

You are very right that the rumored specs are very disappointing, and you are also correct that they are just rumors.
In this case, I have chosen to ignore the rumors because they are disappointing. Haha.
I really will be surprised if the Z3 doesn't have a Snapdragon 805. I really want that Soc paired with a 1080p display. QHD holds no value to me, at least right now.

I don't know why, but I'm oddly attracted to this device too. I'm kinda curious to see if it comes to T-Mobile. A buddy of mine has the Z1s and its pretty nice. I may have to join you and get one too.

I like Sony's phones but if this pans out to be another 16GB $600+ phone like the Z2, it's an instant no-go. I will never buy another phone with less than 32GB onboard. Well, I guess that and their stupid unavailability.

You're right, it is a matter of opinion, but having had several Sony Tablets, a Sony Android T.V., and a Sony phone, I can honestly say that the only thing Sony does completely right is their PlayStation. Also, I can almost guarantee that the battery life won't be as good either. The only phone that beats or the Note 3 in battery life is the LG G2, for now.
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I was holding out for a Z3, but fell in love with the LG G3 and jumped in. Based on the leaked specs I'm happy with my decision.

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There are not three ports on the side. There is one flap covering the microSD slot above the power button, below the power button is the volume rocker and further down is the camera button. You can even see the camera icon next to the button.

Also, comparing the space above the microSD flap to my Z2 this phone is significantly shorter, unless they shifted everything on that side of the phone up toward the top.

Ev-paymefortweets-leaks said it would have the same lame 16GB of storage, not 32GB.
I like the design and I hope the Z3 Compact keeps it BUT if it comes with less than 32GB of internal storage and a micro SD slot, it will be a deal breaker just like it was on the Z1Compact and Z2.

I own a Z2 and this looks like it's much thinner. Hopefully they're able to keep the same battery life. Also, built in Qi would be fantastic if they could include it. Really hoping for a Snapdragon 805 like everyone else but I will say the 801 is no slouch in it's own right. The Z3 compact, if it follows the same formula (same internals with a 720p screen) will be the best compact device period.

I can see that having rounded side edges provide better gripping, but man, those spec better not be true as there is nearly no upgrades from the Z2 lol.

Excellent specs! Bad on the software updates... Wtf Sony? Consumer demand, do they learn nothing?

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I have a feeling this is going to be a carrier brand phone either t mobile or verizon

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I'm waiting for the new Z3 compact which will be thinner and lighter and faster than the existing compact. Unless you carry a purse, who needs a 5.5 inch phone?

Me. The G3 was great. The 1520 was even better. G3 was no taller then the m8 and fit back pocket no issues what so ever. As with the 1520. Between on screen use and reading.

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Portability isn't my issue with 5.5" phones. A G3, or even a OnePlus One would fit just fine in the pockets of almost all of the pants I wear, but using a phone that large one-handed is a pain in the ass. That's the primary reason that I really hope the next Moto X retains the 4.7" screen.