Trillian for Android

Fans of the Trillian IM client should know that it looks like the beta period has ended (you can no longer download the app from Trillian's website), and it's now up in the Android Market. It'll run you $4.99. But is that too high a price to stay in constant contact with your friends be they on Astra, AIM, Yahoo, ICQ, Windows Live, MySpaceIM, Google Talk or Jabber? Depends on the friends, we suppose.

Anyhoo, download links are after the break. Enjoy! Thanks, Jason!

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banksj17 says:

It was nice while it lasted.

sandplasma says:

How come my market doesn't look like that?
Oh wait...because I have a Galaxy S. Thanks TMobile.

KwietStorm says:

Your market doesn't look like that because thats the new market. T-Mobile and Samsung have nothing to do with it.

Mattykinsx says:

Trust me, you're not missing out on anything.

ARich91 says:

My vibrant has that market. All it involves is downloading and installing an apk

JagoX says:

*IF* you can install it that is. I can't seem to get the thing involved on my DX w/ Rubix Focused v1.9.

Skeezy#AC says:

It's kinda weird there's no announcement of it being out of beta on the Trillian forums or blog. Hell, I'm impressed it came out of beta rather quickly.

Guessing there's no benefits for Trillian Pro users in this case?

Oh well it was like 97 when I used trill

coraphise says:

I'm guessing we should ask Cerulean Studios about benefits for Pro users? They're probably going to have that answer quicker than Android Central. :)

markied85 says:

Too bad it's really the only good (free) Live Messenger app.

Thanks for rubbing the new market in my face over and over Phil lol. Still waiing for that update on my EVO.

As for Trillian. I don't even use any of those services. I use Google Talk app already and there isn't even Facebook chat support from what you're saying.

brak014 says:

from using the beta, Trillian for Android does support Facebook Chat, unless they removed it from the final release, which would be really weird

bucky716 says:

As long as the beta version doesn't mysteriously self destruct i'll just keep using it.

Hi everyone,

This is Scott from Cerulean Studios. We have no plans to disable the beta versions so if you've been helping us test Trillian feel free to continue using the beta. There were no major changes between the last beta and the market version.

We are also looking into ways to reward Pro customers on the desktop side with free versions of our mobile clients, as many customers are requesting a "single purchase" option. Thanks for your support!

Skeezy#AC says:

That's real cool of you CS guys.

So dumb that they charge 4.99$ for this app. Lawl, although their desktop client is quite nice...

Mobius360 says:

I happened to install the beta a couple days ago, glad I did so.

NeoteriX says:

Did you really not think they were smarter than that? ;) Your beta is time-capped; it will likely expire in the next few days if not a week or so.

We have no plans to expire the beta. While we won't update it with new features, it's not going to self destruct. You can continue to use it for as long as you'd like!

Skeezy#AC says:

CS is not making the beta time capped. If you have the beta you have the full app.

Skeezy#AC says:

^^^ What Scott said.

Mattykinsx says:

Is it really a lot of money for a client that can do so much?

Especially if they keep updating and adding IM clients, I don't think it's as steep as people on here are trying to suggest.

Seems we are all too spoiled with free apps.

sehnsucht says:

It's a lot of money seeing as eBuddy (amongst others) does exactly the same thing, and is completely free. Perhaps you can recommend a replacement for me for the following software products I use daily:

dolphin hd

Is it really so much to pay a few hundred pounds a year on non-free versions? Yeah, when it's christmas, in a recession, when you've got kids and bills to pay.

Firespyer says:

Someone should tell them, there android page still lists beta

JeffDenver says:

Tried to buy it, but the market will not let me download it. Refunded. Might consider buying it once they fix this. The app is not much use to me if I cant download it.

Morenicano says:

If you've already installed the beta version you need to uninstall that one first and then go back to the market. It doesn't like trying to overwrite an app that was already installed outside the market.

Gee says:

Trillian is the best IM client on Android. Simple to use, simple nice design, push notifications, and not a battery hog. I'm still on the beta but as soon as the Market app gets a decent upgrade, I'll be ready to buy it.

igobytony says:

now all we need is for them to add text messges to this. or handscent to add all the IM clients. i'm so sick of having to switch between two apps for text and IM... i know... wah wah... :p

Daedalus says:

See I do not see a benefit of trillian over something like ebuddy, if someone wants to explain that to me feel free to but did not use it on my computer and have not touched it since it came out of beta for windows some time ago.

meccariello says:

Too expensive. Any app more than a buck or two is too much...even $1.99 is annoying unless its really good. $5 is like outrageous cigarette prices lol

ro1224 says:

Personally Trillian for $4.99 is not worth it. Doesn't look like they support Facebook, Foursquare, Twitter, etc, which are - um - the most utilized social networking apps around. This products was relevant when I was on the Windows platform, but not any more. NEXT!

I have been a Trillian user since before they went 1.0 on the PC. And I have got to say that $4.99 is nothing for this app. I purchased it on the BlackBerry when it first came out and have not looked back!

Yes, Trillian does support FaceBook IM... It's probably the most useful feature on the app.

sookster54 says:

Bought and refuded quickly, can't adjust font size and the text is way too small to read during chats.

pcm2a says:

Ebuddy does not support c2dm push. That's why it drains the life from your battery. Trillian and Beejive both support this.

Nelimungous says:

Now if they'd could just convince RIM to let them integrate BBM I'd be happy with it. LOL Yea right! I too have been a long time trillian user. Current Astra user. I did dl the beta and using that for now until maybe they offer us users a deal or something. And no I am no longer a BlackBerry user. Phones are dated hardware and OS is crap, and yes I used a BB for MANY years.