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Give your Nexus 4 some wood

There's a lot of talk about Motorola taking their sweet time to make the wood backs for the Moto X available, but if you've got a Nexus 4 and are a little bit handy you can get some wood right now.

Leland Sindt, A.K.A. proprietor of thinWood on Etsy, has designed some incredible looking wood replacements for the back glass of the Nexus 4, and you can get one of your own for $20. Choose from tiger-eye, burlwood, curly maple and more; and installation is as easy as replacing a broken glass back — a couple screws and being careful according to our own Andrew Martonik. 

You can see a video of the prototype process, as well as talk to the man making and selling them right in the forums. If the picture above is enough to get your plastic out of the wallet, hit the Etsy page for ordering information.

Nexus 4 Wood Back Replacement


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Treat your Nexus 4 to a sexy wood back


Pretty awesome. And would still fit with the official bumper. Would have been awesome if "Nexus" was laser etched in the wood. Anyways $20 is a good price for this niche accessory.


I guess if you're handy enough, you could etch nexus into it before you put it on.

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EBay buddy... give someone else a chance to enjoy it. Spread the android love man, come on now...

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Nexus 4, sexy, and wood all in the same headline... How can one not get one? LOL

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Looks good and could etch your own design be it the Nexus logo ect hmmm is wood going to be the new trend?

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Any word on how the wood is treated or what kind of impact it has on reception? AFAIK, getting that part right was Moto's biggest challenge... Wood absorbs moisture, water will naturally impact reception... Not trying to be a Debbie downer, just putting out there for anyone who depends on the N4 as a daily driver yet is considering this.

^^^^yeh a very apt question, and most certainly one that most should consider. I say it looks good and wont retract that however would i buy this no or any wood clad phone No... its not a meterial i would be comfortable with.

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Dare I say someone brought sexy back?

I don't get the wood thing. I guess I am not into the Flintstones retro look. I almost prefer the glass back

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I don't really have a preference. I always buy a wallet case for my phones.

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Into this debate again mercdroid cases are ok and its personal preference that said i go case free, the only case i used and stuck with was the S3 since then i have owned the S4 and still have the mega. This is even more prevelent with the Note 3 as i like the faux leather and would be daft to cover it up.

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Haha just a thought seeing we are on this topic-how many would buy this wood clad and then purchase a plastic case hmmmmm lol

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That would be silly. If you have a replacement back then screw the case.

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That my dear friend was sarcasm, but you know thats what many would do, logic in that hells nah but nothing stranger than folk haha :-p

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The one I found has the same kinda back, doubt that for 20$ it is gonna have the same feel though.

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Hmmm you never know some cheap products work out just fine, i will stay put and be extra careful with my note 3 though lol

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I looked at those for the note since I hate carrying a wallet. Didn't like them all that much and had concerns about the screen. Then I found a 20$ sview knockoff that does everything the 60$ one does. Should be here Monday...

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Hey I figure it is only 20$ no real loss if it doesn't work. I have been case less as well for the most part. I couldn't pull the trigger on the s view case even with 50$ from best buy. I just couldn't bring myself to throw 65$ into a case like that

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Yeh my sentiments exactly your lucky $65 that would or should translate into £30ish but no its £60 here in the UK so that would then translate into $100ish so yeh i will pass, have been tempted with a case mainly as yes i want to protect my note 3 however i like the style to much.

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Yeah, my friend just bought the Note 3 and he absolutely loves the feel of it. Samsung should definitely use the same materials for the S5 and Note 4.

Yeah, 100 for a case? No thanks.

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For sure Mercdroid Samsung got it right with the faux leather i must say. I also know why they avoided a metal design one was weight and two keeping the removable back, although that said the Htc one max has the removable back cover hmmm so it can and has been done. That said the max is heavier. There has been leaked pics of the metal frame for the S5 although that seems to be a crap shute as the placements for the camera, headphone jack and the new usb connector are not typical samsung. I think they will stick with the faux leather or a design similar to.

I could be wrong though, and they may opt for a wood clad S5 and Note 4 lol

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The faux leather finish is a definite improvement over their typical glossy finish, I just don't get why they have to try and mock it up with the faux stitching... That bit just looks tacky, least it's not TOO notable.

Improving on their glossy finish isn't very hard though, I dunno why they've clung to it so long... Even PC laptop OEM have finally turned away from glossy, AND Samsung themselves had a good alternative on some of their SGS2 variants.

Some of those SGS2 had that patterned matte back, like the ASUS Transformer OG... It doesn't feel super high end but it's less smudgey than glossy, much harder to scratch, and much nicer in hand.

I'm surprised no one's been making a mint on replaceable for the SGS3-4... One guy on Xda actually did this for the OG HTC EVO, he had various differently colored matte backs and a transparent option that was kinda fun since the phone was red inside.

The guy was even clever enough to put in some small thin rails to lift the main surface and prevent scratches as well as lift the camera slightly.

Well i think Samsung were going for that binary look, it works for me but for some i can see the question Why?

Its a vast improvement to the overall look and feel and still cheap to replace, where the metal design you cant except on the one max. Still that wont be as cheap to replace.

I just shows that if plastic is used in the right way it can have that great look and feel. After now owning the Note 3 and reflecting back on the s3, s4, mega ect the glossy plastic was a bit tacky. However nothing a case wont cure eh wood clad perhaps lol

Yes alot to be said for them Mogans and the Rolls Royce car makers that feature wood interiors, being teak this does provide a quality finnish if your into that kind of thing.

I will still opt for the good ol plastic if designed in now the right way :-)

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Same here,I'll continue too rock my 15 tpu case.If I choose to drop 50-60 on a case it will go toward a Zenus leather case.

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Nice, man. I hope it works out. 60 seems a bit much for a case.

I hate carrying my wallet, especially when I only need my ID's and one credit card. I'm glad that most of the wallet cases I've seen are 10 or less, with the exception of Spigen (which are awesome).

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Was that a reply to me Mercdroid or Almost tempted nexus? Yeh £60 is pricey for the S-view hence why i wouldnt. I never use cases on the basis i buy for the like of the phones existing style and i think most add to much bulk and they just dont work to my liking.

Thats not me saying all cases are pointless or anyone that buys is an idiot lol spidgen do design some cool cases. But the faux works.

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Would be Cool if they made one with the new horizontal nexus logo and maybe an attachable flipcover

Am I the only one that noticed the flash and camera look really weird. The flash is meant to be bigger and have the black border and the lens is meant to be smaller.

I did go to eBay and I checked out some bamboo cases for the Note 3.17.90 is not bad, free shipping.I didn't get it but I might change my mind.

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You know, wood paneling never worked on cars (anyone remember the wood paneled station wagons?). Why are they doing it to cell phones?

Not for exteriors no, but wood trim is still a big thing in luxury interiors... English car makers in particular allow you to choose from a bunch of finishes and the highest end cars feature a ton of hand work.

It's funny how some of these things are more prioritized or valued on a cultural basis. American car interiors are still the equivalent of Samsung in the smartphone world (though low end Japanese aren't much better, if my Honda is any indication their much flaunted QC has gone down the toilet).

Yet at the same time it was Americans who demanded leather and cup holders while European car makers scoffed at the idea. Samsung's design ethic is probably viewed different in Asia...

Frankly I think Apple has fetishsized metal for US consumers... It has considerable disadvantages on a small device: more weight, easier to ding/scratch, pricey for devices with such a short usable life, etc. It made much more sense on laptops where plastic wasn't viable for unibody construction but I'm not sure I see the value on phones.

I think there's a lot of overlooked design cues that go WELL beyond simple material choices. Stuff like angles (back/edges) can be just as meaningful, as well as small details like a recessed camera or a front lip that lifts the display when the phone is screen down... Moto X got a LOT of that right.

I wonder who Moto hired to turn their design mojo around, it's a far cry from the old Droid bricks. The N4/last gen LG designs also seemed to come outta left field.

HTC was flirting with metal on phones even before Apple though. There was that one all metal phone they had out at the same time as the first Nexus, the Legend was it? And even recently, the EVO LTE was like a test bed for some One concepts IMO (despite the fuglu plastic bit).

I can't be the only one who thinks this is pretty ugly, right?

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Nope. It's extremely ugly. But maybe there are woods with a cooler designed grain and color to choose from. Either way, what the phone came with is leaps and bounds better looking than this

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I still plan on buying a wood back moto x when it comes out, but this is also nice. The back of my N4 is cracked, so I just might replace it lol. The problem is I don't like any of the wood backs I saw. I was hoping for a really dark one, like one of the Moto X options, but they all seem too light and ugly imo.

A dark wood back with red trimmings and a black front, God why can't moto hurry up with these backs?

The only thing I would have to do to give a Nexus 4 wood is to show it my Nexus 5

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If they can make a wood back, why can't it be made with comfortable, palm fitting curves like the MotoX?
No offense, but flat sucks.

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