Clean lines and a larger display than most for $279.99

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Toshiba today ahead of CES in Las Vegas unveiled its first foray into the Chromebook market. Simply referred to as the "Toshiba Chromebook" (which perhaps is better than some made-up name anyway), this guy's essentially what we've seen (internally, anyway), from the Acer C720.

The $279 Chromebook sports a 13.3-inch display with a 1366 x 768 resolution, which isn't going to win any awards anytime soon. It weights a mere 3.3 pounds, is powered by a Haswell-based Intel Celeron processor and rocks a couple gigabytes of RAM and a 16GB solid-state drive. Plus, you get 100GB of Google Drive storage. It also has a pair of USB 3.0 ports, a full-size HDMI port, SDcard reader, Bluetooth 4.0 and Wifi a/b/g/n.

The Toshiba Chromebook will be available starting February 16th.


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Toshiba unveils its first Chromebook effort at CES


That's a good looking machine. Now, do I want to sacrifice the touch screen (C270p) for more screen real estate with the Toshiba?

I don't understand the appeal of a touch screen on an OS that isn't touch based. But that's just my opinion.

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This will probably be the Chromebook I buy since Asus didn't announce theirs today (they said early 2014). Anyway, I like the looks of this one and it has the specs I'm looking for except for 4gb of ram which apparently doesn't matter much anyway. The great size is an added bonus, I suppose.

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According to recent market research, 20% of laptop buyers last year.

There's a reason Microsoft is waging a negative ad campaign against Chrome OS...

It couldn't be to inform the less well informed people could it by any chance.....

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Needs more Ram Believe me I've seen chromebooks stutter with 2 GB with like 4 tabs open its kind of weird how an web only OS needs more than 2 GBS google might just need to work on optimization

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My Acer doesn't stutter with 2 GB's even when I have an HD video playing with more than 4 tabs open...

I hear you but that's four tabs if you have an internet OS I would want to multitask with 8 or all the way to 14 with email and videos and attachments in each considering that's the focus of this OS

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Can this Chromebook, or any of the recently released ones (HP), cast tabs using the Chromecast extensions and dongle? The FAQ still only indicates the Pixel.

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It looks like Toshiba did a really good job with its first Chromebook. In fact, I like this design better than a few that are currently on the shelves. Too bad about the display resolution, though. I'd be willing to pay a slightly higher cost for 1080p. And it sounds like others would, too.

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